Albany could charge for garbage by the bag, state to consider privatizing assets, cops in dispute over shot of Jagermeister, buzz and grumbing about EMPAC, Weathervane closes

The City of Albany could be moving toward a "pay as you throw" arrangement for garbage collection -- that is, people would be charged by the bag for their trash. (Trash pickup is currently not a separate charge for residents.) The proposal is part of the city's draft plan to the state DEC for its dump, which will be full by next year if it's not expanded. [TU]

David Paterson is setting up a commission to study ways the state could form public/private partnerships to help steady its finances. One such idea would be privatizing the state lottery, which reportedly could bring in as much as $4 billion up front and $200 million annually. [NYT] [AP]

The Albany gun buyback program has been extended to Schenectady. (Earlier on AOA: The Albany gun buyback: buyer's remorse?)

Niskayuna's town supervisor has proposed a five percent tax increase for next year. He says the money's need to cover increasing costs for materials such as asphalt and road salt. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

The Fair Campaign Practices of the Capital Region commission slapped both candidates for 105th Assembly District on the wrist for their campaign behavior, though Democratic candidate Mark Blanchfield was scolded a bit more for his out-of-context use of a statement by incumbent Republican George Amedore. [Daily Gazette]

That first sound you hear around EMPAC is buzz about the new building and people drawn to Troy because of it. The other sound is grumbling about the cost. [TU]

An Albany police union official has been accused of spitting on an officer because of a misappropriated shot of Jagermeister. By the way, if you don't know what Jagermeister is, the TU helpfully includes an explanation: "a strong-tasting alcoholic beverage popular with, among others, college students.") [TU]

The Weathervane Restaurant on South Broadway in Saratoga has closed. Its parent company says shipping seafood from Maine has gotten too expensive. [Saratogian]


By the way, if you don't know what Jagermeister is, the TU helpfully includes an explanation: "a strong-tasting alcoholic beverage popular with, among others, college students.")

This is why I could never be a reporter. Other descriptions that come to mind:

"An excellent vomit inducer in case of poisoning."

"Common bait in hunting half-dressed sorority girls for sport."

"Everything your mother warned you about."

"70 proof; 100% proof that god has a sense of humor."

"Often used for shots, with Redbull as a Jaegerbomb, or to strip paint."

"Hell in a bottle."

I wouldn't spit on a police officer for anything less than Jameson.

If you open up that sealed envelope, you will see that I had predicted Lola's above comment would be featured on the right hand side of the page. BOOM! I should run for office. I'd totally predict stuff.

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