A Dinosaur for the Capital Region?

Dinosaur Barbeque Syracuse

The Dinosaur in Syracuse. It's a real joint -- in the best way.

The Daily Gazette reported today the owner of the Dinosaur Barbeque is scouting locations in the Capital Region.

OK, consider us already hungry.

The Dinosaur makes awesome barbecue -- like, I'm-kind-of-stuffed-and-shouldn't-really-but-can't-stop-myself barbecue. From a few reviews:

+ "The food here is not good but amazing." [RoadFood]

+ "Okay, so I've been to the New York Dinosaur BBQ twice in the last month. Okay, twice in the last two weeks really. Why? Cause it's damn good." [Hot Sauce Blog]

+ "Dinosaur BBQ is about the only redeeming quality of Rochester." [Chowhound poster]

The Dinosaur already has locations in Syracuse (the original), Rochester and, more recently, Harlem. We're glad to see the injustice of skipping over the Capital Region is finally being addressed.

According the to the Gazette, one of the locations being considered is the old Fresno's on the river in Troy.

Earlier on AOA: Trying the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que from the supermarket

photo: Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik


Dino @ the old Fresno's? Say it isn't so! That place has been the kiss of death for years.

Anyone who's ever been to the original knows part of the charm is the dive location the Dino is in. They need to go someplace with character, like the old Quintessence, or Jumpin Jacks or .

The Dino in a former chain location...Please no!

Hmmm... Dinosaur BBQ looking for a big ol' empty space in the urban heart of a city, with tons of foot traffic by day and adequate parking by night, within walking distance of a number of other arts and dining attractions?

The defunct Skyline (nee Big House)??!?

C'mon Jerry... the heck with the Convention Center: get this thing rolling.

I hope they have better luck in that location than Castaways and Fresno's. With the past few years demonstrating Troy's resurgence, perhaps they have a chance.

I'll be there on day one.

I think Sandor might have found the prime spot. Get this man a finder's fee (and some barbecue)!

Fesnos closed because it was filthy. I went there on a Sunday night because my friend and I couldn't find any other place that was open in Troy where we both could eat. (He's a staunch vegan and I at the time was a carnivore.) We didn't feel like driving all the way to Latham or Albany. Anyway, the place was filthy and when our food came out there were about 4 or 5 flies on our plates. And all through dinner, we were swatting various bugs away. And while this was mid-summer, that many bugs - one landed in my beer - is unacceptable. When we said as much multiple times through our meal, nothing was done. So we walked out without paying mid-meal.

If the Dino BBQ can keep the place clean and bug free, I'll be there!

I cannot endorse the former Skyline location for a Dino BBQ, only because I will spend my entire paycheck on lunches there.

Please, somewhere outside of walking distance from Broadway, and ideally off the bus lines.

Is there please a petition we can sign? 'Cause the Dinosaur in the Fresno's location would be perfect. Troy's the right place, with the right mix of people. (Quintessence would be a good neighborhood, but that place is way too small, and parking gets harder and harder.)

@ komradebob. I heard quintessence is opening back up....

how bout at jackbits?

Have been to the Syracuse location several times, very good indeed. Biker place nearby seemed to interject lots of bikers; but no problem, everyone was cool. Waitress was kind of a biker herself; and was fun, in a language give and take kind of way.

"@ komradebob. "I heard quintessence is opening back up"
True! I walk by there all of the time and a crew is in there renovating the place.

Bar on the corner of Madison & N. Scotland, used to be "Ralphs", also changed hands and was renovated and has just opened under a new name.

Sandor deserves a finders fee and more, and to the best of my knowledge, he is one of the areas premiere bbq experts.

Fees are fine, but my brother just confirmed he's bringing up some Dino for Thanksgiving "warm up" eating... so I got that going for me.

Put it on lark street. I say we kick Bombers out - let's get some real food going on in that building! Who's with me?!?

Let's face it that owner knows what he is doing so anyplace he goes will be great, but I agree with others that the Big House location sure sounds like a winner. Is the Ballinger's building too small? They do have 3 floors plus the basement with that beautiful bar.

Someplace with PARKING! Sure way to kill a new restaurant in this are is to put it on Lark Street or at Ballingers and make all the suburbanites worry about parking and the hassle of just running in and picking up dinner. Parking lots are necessary for a place like Dinosaur!

That said, I hope it goes someplace with personality. Fresno's would be great. Right on the river. Brown's is always packed, and it can't just be the beer (while its tasty). People like places that are big, noisy, with parking. Pump Station is usually crowded as well...

The Syracuse location does not have parking and there is wait everytime I've been there!

Parking? Really? Remember the into to The Flintstones? They just drove through and got their brontosaurus ribs delivered right to their car. Dino BBQ doesn't need parking. Just carhops on skates that can carry 65 pounds of triassic meat. Judging by last weekend's rollerderby bout, I think I can suggest some staff who can take care of that.

Dino in Rochester and Syracuse are both on buslines located downtown.
Dino in Rochester has no on premise parking,it is all on street,metered mostly until 6PM.
Syracuse has lots all around it and no on-premise parking spots.Maybe room for 15 motorcycles outfront.
Not sure about Harlem Dino location,never been there.
Fresnos would be a good spot even if everything there has failed before.Ample parking,room for bikes,close to 787/Alt 7,87/I90 access.
Wooden building with a Roadhouse charm if done right.
Or a warehouse district close to Albany or Troy.
There are plenty of empty old buildings in Troy that could be fixed up and renovated to accomodate Dino BBQ.
A mixture of indoor dining and performance stage space along with outdoor /patio dining.
I think it could work out ok at Fresnos.
I hope it works out somewheres,we need Dino BBQ in this area.

I'm thinkin some place in downtown Albany - North Pearl, Broadway - one of the old factory buildings. Fresno's just doesn't make it. No parking lot, you park on the street, and when you find a spot you consider yourself so lucky. It has to replicate the other great locations.
Fresno's would be like putting it in Colonie Center... ughhhh.

@ Jac: "No parking lot, you park on the street, and when you find a spot you consider yourself so lucky."
You mean like on North Pearl or Broadway? ;)

Seriously though, that area would be good, but I would like to see it in a different part of downtown, so everything wasn't condensed on the same strip (I'm thinking expansion). Therefore, I'm leaning more towards Broadway between State and Maiden, or perhaps even lower Sheridan or Chapel near the Hilton (you get the idea).
I would just hate to see it end up on Wolf Road or Upper Central Avenue.

Thought I read here on AOA a couple of weeks ago that Dino was opening at Fresnos by mid-April. Walked past there during Troy Night Out last week and I see NO changes inside since the place closed down. Doesn't look like ANYONE is planning on moving in there any time soon. What a shame, cuz it is truly a wonderful location.

On a related note, the Pig Pit will be moving very soon now to a new location along 787 in Cohoes. Pretty sure they are closing the old place, but the new place (which used to be a little ice cream shop) looks bigger and is certainly going to be passed by lots more people.

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