Kosher for Passover Coke

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The price is the same as last year.

Soda snobs rejoice! Kosher for Passover Coke has started arriving in local supermarkets.

What's the big deal? Well, normal Coke is made with high fructose corn syrup, which makes it not kosher for Passover. It also, according to soda snobs, makes Coke taste not quite right. Kosher for Passover Coke, on the other hand, is made with cane sugar (like Mexican Coke) and is said to be smoother and have a cleaner finish. (Pepsi is reportedly trying to capitalize on the soda snob market by launching a product made with cane sugar.)

Here's where we've found Kosher for Passover Coke so far...

Price Chopper
+ Slingerlands has a lot of it. They got the first shipment on Saturday.
+ Rt 50 in Saratoga
+ Guilderland on Western
+ Westgate says it's coming soon
+ 1892 Central Ave (Colonie) is stocked up (Thanks, BL!)

None of the Hannafords we've checked with has it, yet. But they say they will be stocking it.

If you go looking for it, keep in mind that it's often stocked in the special Passover sections and not with the regular sodas.

How do you know if you're getting the good stuff? Look for the tell-tale yellow cap. And check the ingredients, which will list "sucrose" instead of high-fructose corn syrup.


So where did you find it??

Editors: Urp. Fixed now. Thanks.

Cool, I think I'm gonna have to try it out of curiosity.

Oh wait, PC on Delaware isn't carrying it? ..shocking.

Last year I got this, and was amazed with the flavor! I'm going to stock up this time around. I was sad when my good coke was no more, and haven't touched the regular stuff since. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (har, har)

I don't think it makes one a snob to find the sick taste of HFCS off putting. It just means you have properly working taste buds.

Woah, I had no idea this was a thing!
This is the most exciting news I've heard all day, which might make me kinda lame. I'm going to stock up too.

Beware, it doesn't keep until Passover of next year. Unless you don't mind it going flat. The CO2 eventually outgasses through the plastic.

I've only ever been able to find it in 2L bottles btw.

But I'm a connoisseur, not a snob!

Given the huge outpouring of support for Kosher Coke, you'd think that the Coca-Cola company would actually listen to us and make this stuff year-round.

Actually, double blind taste tests have proven time and again that there is no taste difference between HFCS and other forms of sugar. HFCS is however, not good for you whether you care about Kosher or not.

sweet! i'm definitely getting some. it's fun to have taste tests (like the fierce cola wars that long ago almost split our country in two) between kosher and non to see if you can taste the magic. down with hfcs!

I wish they would make the switch to sugar permanent. Then I might drink it more often. Oh wait. That's not good either is it?

FYI for soda "snobs" or connoisseurs that want non-HFCS year round: Most Mexican sodas are made with sugar. Go to the Hispanic aisle and try out some Jarritos! There are also some interesting flavors (tamarind, strawberry).

I'm all over it!

who cares? all soda is nasty.

@Mr. Reality Taste tests or not, I totally notice a difference. And that's all that matters to me.

Mr Reality, maybe those blind people were drinking from the wrong cups or something, not to mention the doubly blind ones. I don't even know how that works, and I think you're just making up fancy terms to confuse us into thinking you're all smartified.

FYI, the cane sugar Pepsi and Mountain Dew coming out next month (called Pepsi Throwback / Mtn Dew Throwback) isn't Kosher even though it uses cane sugar:

Link to information about it.

5. Are these beverages Kosher? Are they the same as the Kosher for Passover versions of Pepsi?

We had previously speculated that since Pepsi Throwback was arriving at around the same time as Kosher for Passover Pepsi, that maybe they were the same product… just rebranded.

However, per Pepsi, "neither product will be Kosher. The Throwback formulations are not the same as the formulas used for the Kosher beverages." So there you have it. They aren't the same as their Kosher brethren.

Soda (er, "pop") in Canada is all made with sugar as well. I know this as a raging Orangina addict.

The reason soda is made with HFCS here in the states is one of supply. Corn is subsidized by the federal govt. so that big agribusiness will have a constant cheap supply to make processed foods with. (Admittedly I have read Omnivore's Dilemma 300 times)

My favorite sign at Price Chopper says "We sell kosher and non-kosher food." Every time I see it, I think, "That pretty much covers it, doesn't it?"

Lucy, good to know! So am I correct in assuming the States are the only place with hfcs in soda? That's so crazy to me!

So have I Lucy, so have I!

kosher coke is awesome!

some folks may not be able to taste the difference between HFCS and sugar -- and I am sorry for them

but on the health level --
watch a movie called King Corn!

Lucy is right. The Coke in Europe has real cane sugar in it. The EU probably bans hfcs.

They also have a lot of the Passover Coke at the 1892 Central Price Chopper. That happens to be the store that has the largest Passover selection in the capital district.

Lucy- In which store did you find Jarritos? It's probably right in front of my face, but I never found it here.

@Carrie: I think the Chopper on Central in Albany carries Jarritos -- it has a pretty big international section now:

aside from it's general chemical nastiness, why isn't HFCS kosher?

It's the Holy Grail of Coke products. Second only to TaB in my love of cola!

@ Carrie: The big PC definitely has it but there is also a little store on Morton across from Lincoln Park called Frank and Geovanni's that has quite a few flavors. They also carry a lot of Hispanic food items that are hard to find around here (Spices, peppers, produce, frozen).

@rebecca: As I understand it (as a non-Jew), corn is generally kosher, but it's usually not kosher for Passover because it resembles grains that are definitely not kosher for Passover (wheat, spelt, barley, oats, and rye):

At least according to one interpretation, corn syrup could be kosher for Passover in certain cases:

If anyone has more background on this, please share.

Adirondack Naturals is also made with cane sugar. It's also delicious.

I'm not Jewish, but is it really appropriate to call someone who, based on their religion, can't eat certain foods a snob? Granted, they might want to do without certain foods during this time (rather thasn replace with other versions) to actually make a sacrifice, but this is just me.

Related, I find it silly when during lent, families get all excited about going out for cheese pizza or fish on fridays since they can't have meat... what are you really sacrificing here?

Less related: I am now singing the McD's Filet o Fish song in my head... love it!!!

@Lucy - I completely adore Frank and Giovanni's.

Seconding the Adirondack Naturals for non-HFCS soda. Jones Soda also doesn't have corn syrup in it. Plenty of non-corn syrup soda out there, which is why I don't understand the love for passover coke, unless its purely a taste thing.

@Katie Vorwald: Since Jones also gets a serious markup, it's also a cost thing. Or it was until the Adirondack Naturals came out, anyway =)

I think for many of us it's also a nostalgia thing, since this is how Coke used to be made in the first place. Of course, it also used to be made with cocaine, but I'd wager that degree of nostalgia predates just about anyone able to read this.

Jones soda goes for about $3.99 a 12-pack at Target. Good stuff...try the berry lemonade! Made with cane sugar, they made the switch about a year ago.

I can reliably say that no soda I have encountered so far in Europe has HFCS. It's nothing short of glorious. I have also been drinking far too much Coke here because of it. Stock up now, trust me. It's totally worth it.

European (at least Danish) downside: That soda tax Paterson was championing? It's completely real over here. I'm shelling out at least $2.50 for a can of Coke. A *can*. Same goes for candy. Kit-Kats are running at about $1.75. Consider yourselves lucky in that department.

Thanks a LOT KMG!! "give me back that filet o fish!"

KMG: the snob in this piece is referring to those who are looking for HFCS-free coke for NON religious reasons.

I was in Mexico City last week and had a few (glass) bottles o' Coke. I had heard about Mexican Coke tasting better but was skeptical. Believe it - it definitely tastes much 'smoother' and sweeter.

I miss it already, and I'm not a big soda person. I'll be looking for this Passover Coke.

Does anyone know when LA will get it?

Double blind taste tests just show that most people have no taste buds. (Just like the Pepsi challenge. Who couldn't instantly tell the difference?)

Years ago I was in Canada and orderred a Coke in a bar. They handed me a shorty glass bottle of Coke. When I noticed that it tasted considerably better than the Coke at home, I looked to the ingredients list. Lo, it listed sugar rather than HFCS. Definite difference. While I was going there regularly I made it a practice to bring cases of it home. I've been missing it since and regularly drink Jones, Boylan, Virgil's, etc. Sugar all the way baby and no lousy mouth coating aftertaste!!!!

BTW - the reason we use HFCS is that the quotas and tariffs in the US maintain the price of sugar at twice the world level. This is supported by the midwest states who want a market for their corn products and Florida who has a politically connected family that is the biggest producer of Sugar in this country.


Double-blind tests? Conducted by....???? Gee, I wonder. I can tell. Always have been able. If Coke wants my $$$ to go to Mexican bottlers, so be it. If they manage to block imports somehow, I still won't drink their domestic swill. I will manage on other sugar-sweetened sodas like Jone's, etc. Even the Winn Dixie natural cola is better than ANY HFCS-sweetened soda IMHO. I'll pay the extra cost for sugar-based drinks, or I won't have them. Maybe that's not the way the majority feels, but niche markets can be very profitable (just ask Apple). One truly wonders what Coke USA's problem is. Just start making the stuff and all is forgiven. Not only that, you kill the import market without even trying. It's a win-win, but only if you get your corporate heads outta your collectives A**ES!

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