This isn't going to help your supermarket envy

wegmansConsumer Reports has released supermarket rankings based on a survey of thousands of its readers (you need to be a CR subscriber to see the whole list). And the results are going to cause people in the Capital Region with already-established supermarket envy turn even a few more shades green.

(Paging Bruce Roter!)

The top supermarket in the survey: Wegmans

The #2 supermarket: Trader Joe's.

Both Hannaford and Price Chopper did pretty well for themselves. Hannaford ranked #21 and Price Chopper #27, though they both had essentially the same score.

Wegmans claimed the top spot with high marks for service, perishables and cleanliness -- which apparently contribute to a highly "satisfying shopping experience." TJ's scored on service and price.

Whole Foods, which some commenters have mentioned interest in previously, ranked #8 -- it got seriously dinged for price (no surprise from a place with the nickname "Whole Paycheck").

One other interesting ranking: Aldi -- which is owned by the same German company that owns Trader Joe's -- ranked #14, largely for its low prices. We have a handful of Aldis here in the Capital Region. When we checked their prices last year we found them to be even cheaper than Walmart.

Oh, yeah, speaking of Walmart -- it ranked #56, fourth from the bottom. CR readers dissed its service, perishables and cleanliness -- but gave it high marks for price. Based on our research, we'd have to agree.

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I lived in Wegman's territory for years. They were wonderful, clean, innovative, wide-ranging stores. But as a 20-something on an hourly wage, I couldn't afford to shop there.

Page Bruce Roter no longer! Here I am. I became aware of this survey several days ago, tipped off by several of our members. Tthis just confirms what we in our group already know--that Trader Joe's is fantastic grocery store! By the way, many of our "WWTJ" members are also fans of Wegman's, which is also a great store! So why aren't these stores here? There is no good reason! We are a fantastic, progressive, hard-working community that deserves the best--especially when the best means delicious, health-conscious products at reasonable prices! That's why we're advocating for a Trader Joe's here in the Capital District and that's why our membership continues to grow (3,000 in all and we're just 14 members shy of 1,000 on Facebook). Join us!

Bruce Roter, President
We Want Trader Joe's in the Capital District

I am seriously considering registering the domain name Because - wait for it - THERE'S NO APOSTROPHE IN "WEGMANS"!

I still miss Wegmans. I lived in Ithaca for 12 years. No food store before or since is quite like Wegmans.

@LB At least I have yet to see any mention of "Walmart's". Every time I see an eastbound CDTA bus drive by me on Hoosick, a little part of me dies.

I think you who cry out for more chain market presence might pay more attention to some of our local independent gems. What about joining a CSA? Patronizing one or more of our area's many farmer's markets? What about Honest Weight, Roma Imports, Cardona's?

We have outstanding food resources in the Capital Region if you think outside the big box.

@KM While I agree that we do have outstanding food resources (which I try very hard to frequent) I do like to have a quality market to do my basic shopping in. Plus, it's not always easy to get around to all the different places. I try to pick one each Saturday and get what I can there but then I have to go to a regular grocery to get the rest. I've lived near Wegmans and they have great products, food and service. I love shopping at the independents but it would be nice to have a quality supermarket for the rest of the time.

First, Trader Joe's is NOT a big box outfit. One of their hallmarks is that they create a very small footprint. Secondly, Trader Joe's has an excellent record of complementing the types of local businesses you mention. To those who believe that if it's not local it's not good, I would say: Yes, I want the brightest people and the best products from the Capital District to remain in the Capital District. But, I also want the brightest people and the best products from outside the Capital District to be part of our community as well. We deserve the best of both worlds and there's no reason why we can't have it!

Bruce Roter, President
We Want Trader Joe's in the Capital District

Hey look, you guys. I live way up in the Adirondacks and I'd settle in a heartbeat for a TJ's and/or a Wegmans in the Capital District. Even a 1 1/2 hr. drive beats the current situation. We get to Wegmans only when we visit our daughter in Rochester. We have a seasonal neighbor here on the lake who lives in CT and brings us TJ's stuff when she comes up, but that happens all too infrequently. I'm all for trying to get these stores here ('course, I'd prefer Saratoga or Glens Falls - we could share the driving time?) but I fear it will be a tough sell. I have no idea what criteria TJ's uses in deciding where to locate. I can't believe that our area doesn't meet their needs. With Wegmans, my cynical side asks, "Could there be unofficial territorial 'deals' between outfits like Wegs and Price Chopper and/or Hannaford?

I've lived in Baldwinsville, Clifton Park, Manlius, and now Halfmoon. I can say that I have had plenty of experience shopping at Wegmans, Price Chopper, Honest Weight, and Hannaford.

First, we try to grow our own organic produce here on our land. We have the space and we have the tools to do so. During other seasons when we'd like fresh produce we primarily shop at Hannaford. Reason being is that it is closest to our other errands, has better organic produce than Price Chopper, and we save on gas/impact on the environment.

I will say that when I drive to Albany for an appt. I do shop at Honest Weight. I would love to support Honest Weight more but it's just too far.

When I drive back to the Syracuse area to visit family I do bring a bunch of coolers. I have my reasons why. They have the best selections, prices, they treat their employees really well, and overall it's just a really enjoyable shopping experience. Since food allergies are a primary concern for me I am thankful that Wegmans has what I need.

I think Wegmans does have a market here. Many of us have been transient over the years and are already loyal Wegmans shoppers.

I must say that if there is a gentleman's agreement between Wegmans and Price Chopper then I submit that Danny Wegman must be some kind of gentleman. Wegmans and Price Chopper are both in the CNY area and I feel that there is no competition really, Wegmans is superior in all areas. I can see how Price Chopper benefits from not having Wegmans here. Excuse me if I am short sighted but I fail to see how Wegmans benefits from this.

I have seen some improvements from Price Chopper and Hannaford but if they desire to keep other companies at bay they REALLY need to step it up. A few aisles dedicated to organic and natural foods is just not going to cut it.


Agree with KM. You morons were probably crying 15 years ago because there weren't enough Wal Mart stores here and then ten years ago because there weren't enough Supercenters. We don't need your stupid chains to come in and drive out our local stores.

Bruce- get a life. Find a new hobby.

We appreciate the fact that people feel strongly about supermarkets because we do, too. But the comments in this thread have gotten too personal and we're closing it off.

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