Capital Region Wi-Fi Map

Uncommon Grounds

Our favorite wi-fi spot is Uncommon Grounds in Albany.

Check it out: we've put together a map and listing of free wi-fi spots around the Capital Region.

Know of a place we missed? Share in the comments please.

This is sort of a first draft of this map. If you have suggestions about how to make it better, we'd love to hear them.

Thanks to Liz Paola for her help in compiling this info.


The special suggestion link isn't working, so I'm afraid I'm resorting to a regular comment.

A few more:
_The Bread and Jam Cafe, 130 Remsen Street, Cohoes.
_Keeler Honda, 1111 Troy Schenectady Road, Latham
_Miss Albany Diner, Broadway, Albany
_Armory Detail Center, 926 Central Ave, Albany,
_Mocha Lisa Cafe, Clifton Park

MochaBlend Cafe. 720 Hoosick Road. Troy,
Country Corner Cafe, 165 High Rock Ave, Saratoga
Hotspot cafe & lounge, 122 4th street, Troy

A) Awesome resource!
B) the Y in Clifton Park (1 Wall St, I believe) has free wifi

Jack's Pizza
52 S. Pearl Street, Albany (directly across the street from the Times Union Center); 518-462-9313

All of the Schenectady County Public Libraries offer free wifi:

The Apple Store in the Crossgates mall!
Unlimited, just connect and go.

So what are we in Saratoga County, chopped liver?

I’m all for places having free Wi-Fi, but can I just ask that the next time I go to Miss Albany Diner, would everyone please turn off your computers and eat quickly? Because if I have to wait for you to finish your game of Minesweeper before I can order my garden omelet, I will come over and sit on you. And I’m a spiller.

Schoharie Free Library
103 Knowler Avenue
Schoharie, NY 12157

Saratoga Springs Public Library

Why is there no free wi-fi at the Capitol? Talk about dysfunction.

Rensselaer Public Library, 810 Broadway, Rensselaer, NY 12144

Supposedly also at the Amtrak station, though I haven't tried it:
525 East Street, Rensselaer, NY 12144

Can you please change the listing for "Superior Laundromat" to "New Scotland Laundromat? It is the same physical address, but a totally new place. I bought out the old owner and built a completely new store - all new machines. Free Wifi, and from what I am told, it is the cleanest Laundromat in all of Albany. 19 New Scotland Avenue - between Albany Med and Washington Park. Next to Valentines. Also, the phone number is now 432-0301.

Thanks for all the suggestions! We got all of them added, except the libraries -- we'll get them added on Wednesday.

@PlanetAlbany: We've heard that there's open wi-fi in spots around the ESP concourse. Can anyone confirm this?

@Alice & Greg; to my knowledge it is true, in fact all of downtown Albany is supposed to have 1 hour of free wi-fi. Based on reports however, the service is sketchy at best and it's difficult to connect (and stay connected) to.

@ Mike Jones: Saratoga County may not be chopped liver (I grew up there), but this blog is named All Over Albany. From my experience, the vast majority of the people concerned with it live here in Albany, so it makes sense that coverage on a given issue would be comprehensive here and spotty elsewhere - and as an Albany resident, that's my preference.

I have (sometimes) gotten wi-fi on the concourse (near McDonald's), but it should be available in the Capitol itself.

Java++, next to RPI
1527 15th St
Troy, NY 12180

I'm pretty sure it's free at the airport too.

Please add the Waterford Public Library to your list of Free Wi-Fi hotspots. Users just need to check in at the circulation desk. More library info available at webpage.


Wolff's has free wifi at 895 Broadway, even though it's right next to Miss Albany and falls under one of the Freenet hotspots (it's a separate access point called "wolffs" or something similar)

Albany Public Libary's main branch on Washington Ave. has free wifi too.

I'm also pretty positive that both bombers and the gateway diner have free wifi.

The food court in Colonie Center used to have wifi, can anyone confirm?

My understanding is that the River Front Park in Troy is supposed to have "free" wi-fi. You are supposed to be able to use it for 1 hour each day for free, or pay a fee each month for unlimited access. I know, it sounds impossible, but that's what I heard. Can't find anything about it on the troy ny website.

Slightly farther out, but the Stephentown Memorial Library has free wifi available. You can even use it when they are closed, from the parking lot.

Bethlehem Public Library located at 451 Delaware Avenue in Delmar has free WiFi.

What about libraries. The Troy Public Library has wifi. That's at 100 Second Street in Troy.

Free WiFi is available at Voorheesville Public Library

Please add the Sand Lake Town Library to your free w-fi map. Users just need to check in at the circulation desk.

Poestenkill Library has just added wi-fi as a service to the community. It can be accessed from the parking lot and from our great front porch!

The Albany Pump Station has free Wi-Fi. Look for SSID "chevans".

The East Greenbush Library offers free wi-fi service during our operating hours. Wireless printing coming soon!


Free WI-FI at El Loco Mexican Cafe-465 Madison Ave-Albany,NY 12210 518-436-1855 Just ask your server!

Juicy burger guilderland has wifi

747 Madison Ave. Albany

The New York State Library is open to the public and has free WiFi available. Location - 7th floor, Cultural education center, 222 Madison Avenue, Albany, NY 12230

Albany-Rennsaeler Station should have wifi in keeping with many other Amtrak Stations in the country. Nearest wi-fi is across the river.

Regarding free WiFi on the Concourse, I tried it today and, while there is a network with a very good signal, I was unable to get an IP address. Kept telling me the connection was bad.

I work in THE technology agency in this state and can't get WiFi anywhere near the Plaza or Concourse. It's a bit ridiculous.

Is Albany FreeNet still in operation at all? Last year I tried to log my laptop onto it and got nothing.

All Hoffman Car Wash locations with lobbies, and all Jiffy Lubes have free WiFi available. for locations

Reel Seafood Co. at 195 Wolf Road, Colonie has free WiFi.

16 Handles in Glenmont offers free wifi.

I suggest more albanyfreenet coverage in Pine hills.

Hello All, I am new to the area.l've been here just 3 weeks. Is there a public (free) WiFi in the Washington Park area? Thank You in advance, C.V.

I would suggest that an Albany Freenet hot spot be added to Morton Ave in front of the two large public housing buildings. When you consider the target audience who needs this service it would target a large number of individuals with only a single hot spot. There are three public housing buildings plus a significant number of row-houses. With only a single hot spot you would provide service to a significant number of Albany residents who are likely unable to afford internet service.

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