State is monitoring swine flu situation, murder in Schenectady, Angelina makes shows up, baby born on Thruway, Fountain Day draws record crowd

David Paterson says the state is monitoring the swine flu situation, but doesn't see "any real danger ahead." There have been eight confirmed cases of swine flu in Queens. (Some perspective.) [Fox23] [NYT] [NYT]

The 911 call in which an off-duty Schenectady cop followed an allegedly drunk off-duty Albany police detective driving through Albany and Delmar indicates that the APD may have held off on pursuing the detective. According to the off-duty Schenectady cop's comments on the call, the APD detective could barely stand and almost hit cars coming in the opposite direction. [TU]

"Several" Albany Common Council members tell the TU that Jerry Jennings' executive assistant has been trying to convince them to drop the council's investigation of the ghost ticket scandal. [TU]

A man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a State Street topless bar in Schenectady Friday night. The SPD has identified the victim as a Schenectady resident. [TU] [Daily Gazette] [@schdypolice]

Scott Murphy said Jim Tedisco concession was a "very gracious" end to the special election. With about 700 ballots still uncounted, Murphy was up 399 votes on Tedisco Friday afternoon. Murphy got a congratulatory call from President Obama. Republicans, wondering how they lost again in a district with more enrolled Republicans than Democrats, pointed to a lack of party unity and backfiring negative ads as contributing factors to Tedisco's loss. There's speculation now that Tedisco could be on his way out of the Assembly. Murphy wouldn't say on Friday whether he plans to run again next year. [Daily Gazette] [NYS BoE] [Saratogian] [TU] [Daily Gazette] [PolitickerNY]

Angelina Jolie was in town yesterday to shoot scenes for Salt (video -- pics of the crew and shot setup). It seems locals can't get enough of gawking at the scene. Apparently the paparazzi prefer NYC, though. Oh, Brad Pitt was not here -- he was in Niagara Falls. [TU] [TU] [CBS6] [Troy Record] [TU] [Telegraph UK] [TU] [Buffalo News]

David Paterson has been reaching out to New York State Democratic party officials, notables and fundraisers in an attempt to convince them he's not toast in 2010. He's also launched a new campaign web site. Meanwhile, Paterson and Malcolm Smith are reportedly fighting with each other. [NYT] [NYP]

Attorneys for Joe Bruno are asking the feds for an extension so they can go over the 43,000 documents that are part of the former state Senator's indictment. Bruno was on the radio Friday with Fred Dicker -- and he dropped a curse word, dropped a curse word, causing the station to dump out of its delay and go to a few seconds of silence. Bruno also said Eliot Spitzer needs therapy. [TU] [LoHud]

There were warnings two years ago that security was not tight at the Colonie warehouse from which a state Department of Taxation and Finance employee is accused of stealing taxpayer info. [TU]

A former local CSEA president was arrested on charges she robbed the same home in Schodack at which Steven Raucci is accused of planting a bomb. [TU] [Daily Gazette]

The Schenectady PD deployed a K-9 unit to track a suspended SPD officer after they received a report that he violated an order of protection. The officer was suspended after he was charged with taking his girlfriend's car without permission. [Daily Gazette]

The majority of outside firms that submitted proposals about how to address the Albany landfill problem have advised setting up a waste incinerator. [TU]

A 20-year-old was charged with DWI after he allegedly drove the wrong way down the Northway in Clifton Park early Saturday. [Troy Record]

Schenectady's new scourge: illicit basketball hoops. [Daily Gazette]

The org renovating Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs say it's raised $2.5 million -- and says it needs another $2.5 million to finish the job. [Saratogian]

Saturday's high temp -- 88 degrees -- broke an 94-year-old record. [TU]

Don't whine about this economic downturn until you've eaten muskrat. [TU]

A baby was delivered on the side of the Thruway near Exit 24 yesterday (map). The parents were on the way to St. Peter's for the delivery, but the baby decided it didn't want to wait. [Troy Record]

Yesterday was Fountain Day at UAlbany -- or, as the media might call it, The Day to Ogle Scantily Clad College Students. Officials say there was a record crowd of 10,400. The university has taken steps in recent years to make the celebration safer -- one person was hospitalized this year. (No word if Blue Pants made it out alive.) Here's a Flickr stream with a handful of good pics. More photos and video of the "wet debauchery" from the Albany Student Press. [Troy Record] [TU] [Daily Gazette] [getshattered]


Re: The Schenectady Hoops....Don't you think the parents of these kids would stop the games if they thought they were in an unsafe area? With all the complaining that kids don't get outside, are overweight, and can't make real social connections, don't you think that this is a refreshing way for kids and neighborhoods to socialize? Shame on the City of Schenectady!

Regarding Tedisco. I'll agree that the negative ads turned me off from his campaign early on.

We were on the Thruway headed west yesterday and saw a car pulled over with a lady's legs sticking up in the backseat and a cop pulled up behind them and HOPED there was a delivery going on, and not something more....disturbing?

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