Gnomes over Albany

Blue Pants at ESP

Could Blue Pants now be hiding somewhere around the ESP?

Blue Pants has been found!

Margie plucked him his hiding spot on the UAlbany uptown campus. She reports:

We are having a day or two of adventures around Albany, taking plenty of pictures, and then I will re-hide him somewhere in the city for another to find. I have attached a picture for you. More to come...

We're looking forward to hearing about Blue Pants' next adventure.

Sadly, we've yet to hear what's come of Blue Pants' gnome comrade, Red Pants. We can only hope he's found a nice garden somewhere.

Earlier on AOA: Have you seen these gnomes?



oh heeheehee, i cant wait to see where blue pants ends up. i think I MIGHT go searching for him this time!

whoever did what to red pants...all i can say is, i hope his ghost haunts them forever.

Haha smallbany! I got a cryptic text from Margie earlier this week about running into an AOA gnome.

@Lucy: that's great!

(We should mention that Blue Pants and Red Pants belong to Kim and Sebastien.)

Sounds like he's having a good time...look forward to hearing and seeing more about his adventures.

Have time.

Will search for gnome.

Pants optional?

@abby: pants off, but safety first :)

Fun fact, there is apparently another blue pants gnome in Center Square, hanging out on a window ledge. It was spotted by a friend, who sent me a picture from her cellphone. We were close to organize a rescue mission, but received Margie's email a few days later; she had found ours.

Two gnomes? Evil twins? I don't know how this will end, but if you have seen Highlander, I have two words for you: sword fight!

Please. I don't relish seeing headless gnomes all over albany. Just ask them which one is the real Duncan Mcleod.

There can be only one...

Blue Pants has been found again! Pictures sent to Albany Gnomes....

Hint as to where he was found: "Why seek ye the living among the dead?"

Very clever!

Thanks for your email and the photos Crystal, I've no clue how you found it without any hint, you are good! Or do you happen to know Margie? :) In a few hours I'll update the Albany Gnomes Collection on Flickr with Blue Pants new adventures, before you snatched it. Kim and I are looking forward the rest of your pics, and his final location, but no rush :)

Before I found Blue Pants, I did not know about him and his connection to AOA. A gnome enthusiast and defender of their rights, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to find him in the cemetery (and I wasn't even looking for the little guy). I immediately came home and googled Albany Gnomes and found the blog! You won't believe what he has already done today - his picture has been taken with two local celebrities! I will send you those pics soon. I know for sure - Blue Pants is going to have a great week!

I dreamed of Blue Pants last night. I'm not even kidding.

Blue Pants gets more action than me. Sad.

haha, what was the dream about??

I dreamed that I found him in Center Square, and I was sooooooo happy about it. Nothing crazy; I was just strolling down Hamilton street and there he was behind a bush.

@Kim D. and @Summer....not sure I want to know! Ha!

Any word on what's happenin' with Blue Pants?

@Summer: we got an email from Crystal this morning actually. She kept Blue Pants about 2 weeks. I've the feeling you would like to give him some love, so here is a hint from Crystal (good luck with that): "Over the past two weeks, Blue Pants practically partied his little blue trousers off! But, all good things must come to an end, so he has left to explore other parts of the world. Given the summer season is close at hand, he decided to check out the Spa City. His new home is guarded by two devils and two ladies, and he has a sundial very close at hand if he needs to know what time it is. This hiding place has a name that evokes both politics and the ultimate sex act – isn’t that just like Blue Pants?! He settled into his new home this morning around 8 am. I will be sending you pics of his new hiding place this evening."

Saratoga?!?! Blah.

Nothing against Saratoga, I just never get up there. I'll have to see what I can arrange...

the ultimate sex act? hmm, that could be different for different people i suppose, soo that clue isn't helping me figure out where B.P. is hiding. or maybe i just don't know enough about saratoga to connect the two. im stumped!

Should be a beautiful weekend to visit Saratoga if you have some time for a little drive up the Northway. If the sex act clue doesn't do it for you, think politics. In fact, think national politics...

You would think this goes without saying, but don't Google ultimate sex act. Some of us learn the hard way.

I totally know the answer. Now I just need to get up there...

haha ok, i just googled it and got a range of results. now im extra super curious about where BP is hiding - AND what everyone else considers "the ultimate sex act." this is the clue of the century! hmm, im racking my brain...could BP be hiding in *a spa* in the "spa city," where he plans on spending a relaxing day and receiving a *facial?* maybe, but seeing how i dont actually consider that to be the ult. sex act, i guess probably not. trying to figure out the politics clue isnt going to do it for me either, not at 10am on my day off. :)

basically, this is a long convoluted way of saying: I dont want to think about it, i just want to know!

ultimate sex act?? ask 5 diff people and you'll get 5 diff answers! according to "brother jed" on youtube, the U.S.A is "having sex with your husband or wife." come on, throw me a freakin' bone here (pun intended).

So I'm sitting here, typing a response to "facials" that includes references to all kinds of real and imaginary terms for other boudoirian activities, when I realize that any phrase can describe some kind of sex act once your mind goes there. Really, just roll the words riding a fiberglass horse around in your head for a while, and then conclude that you're a filthy pervert.

Well, I had my fun with Blue Pants but if you know SS even marginally, I think this location is pretty easy to solve. At least, I'd know where to start my search!

Are we going to see photos of BP's two weeks of debauchery with Crystal?

I tried to keep the public shots of Blue Pants relatively wholesome, but it was difficult. The little guy has some interesting proclivities, but in the interest of promoting Gnome dignity worldwide, I am only sharing a select few pics and keeping the rest for me to enjoy privately. I would hate for Blue Pants to be known as the Gnome who besmirched the reputation of his veritable race. I think Sebastien will be posting new pics soon. I plan to check to see if he is still in his new home tomorrow. I'll let you know...

crystal - you forgot to attach the new pics to your email! please resend! we want to know where the little guy is. ;)

The attachment is now attached :) (I do that too often.) I checked yesterday morning early and he was still in his new home. Another hint: He's SPITting distance from a sundial, that is where he's SPAT.

You may think I'm making this up, but I'm not: I just woke up from a nap (isn't life wonderful ? :) and outside my back door was a twelve pack of Corona Lite with a note taped to it that says, "From the Gnomes." Now this is getting a little weird.

Blue Pants must have sent it to thank me for the great two weeks! Good luck finding him, Kim! I just might go back and get him and keep him all for myself forever and ever.....

I went to the spitters the spatters and the devils no sign of the gnome either assume he's been snatched


Yeah I went up to the park and followed the clues. No gnome maybe the park caretakers found him or something i spent a couple hours looking for him. I was at the fountain and the sundial. I spent so much time peeking into trees and bushes and rocks. the people at the park must of thought i was crazy. is there a photo of his hiding spot? that might help if BP is still in the park.

He's gone. I checked a couple of weeks ago and BP was not in his hiding place. Someone has him! Please let us know his whereabouts! I miss my little friend.....

Gnomes do roam.

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