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Update: So, apparently we somehow missed an absolute wonderland of vacuums. Be sure to read the comments.

It's not exactly the most fun purchase, but at some point we all need to buy a vacuum cleaner. And thanks to ample fur produced by the office dog, that point came for us last week. Oh, the excitement.

In our search for a new vacuum, we didn't end up going all over town. But we did look a few places. And we feel pretty confident that we found one of the best (if not the best) places to buy one.

And that place is: Sears.

Of course. It all makes sense when you think about it (Sears = not exciting = vacuum cleaners). Actually, we don't think of Sears. Ever, really. But after Consumer Reports recommended one of Sears' Kenmore vacuums, we were off to Colonie Center.

Here's why it ended up being a good place for this purchase:

Sears easily had more than 20 different vacuums from which to choose -- both uprights and canister vacs (we didn't know people even used these anymore). The line-up also included five types of Dyson (we had considered one of these but apparently you're mostly paying for the rather convincing Scandinavian guy in the commercials).

Test drive
Sears lets you plug the vacuums in and try them. We didn't expect to have that chance, but hey, why not.

We were pretty much sold on the Kenmore model CR had recommended -- even more so after giving it a test drive. The helpful sales lady didn't try to sell us on anything more expensive. She just ran through all the features of the vac and how to use them. She even told us we could get by using the cheaper vacuum bags.

We didn't do a careful cost comparison, but Sears' prices seemed to be as good or lower than other places. And it has a 15-percent-off sale on Kenmore appliances until September 12.

Here's the model we ended up with. So far, we're happy.


Yeah, vacuum cleaners rank up there with irons and refrigerators as one of the least interesting purchases to make. Reminds me of the time a Kirby guy came to sell us a vacuum when I was a student. Needless to say, his offer to vacuum our living room was welcomed by us. But, poor guy only had the demo model with the little see-through dirt catcher. Took him an hour to clean our carpet. And cheapskates that we were: no sale! But is fairness, we told him up front that we didn't have money to buy a Kirby. He insisted!

Wow... I almost didn't click to see where you went because I was so sure it would be Lexington Vacuum. Did you check it out? They're friendly, helpful, won't sell you more than you need, they've got a big selection -- especially of higher end brands not found elsewhere -- and best of all, they are LOCALLY OWNED. Their vacuums suck big time! (in a good way)

I adore Sears! Yes, that's right. I said it. Where else can you buy a bathing suit, a circular saw and a sweater that lights up for Grandma.

@Matt: We had never heard of them. Thanks for mentioning them!

never heard of Lexington Vacuum???!!! and you call yourselves "All Over ALBANY"!!

I second matt's endorsement of Lexington. They also have reconditioned used vacs. And they are vacuumologists--know everything about vacuums. They service all brands and are reasonably priced and REALLY helpful.

Lexington is on Central Avenue in front of the Home Depot. They do really great repair work, too. I had to take my power head there recently after I tried to fix it myself. Not such a good idea!

@rebecca: Obviously we have a trip to make now.

+1 on Lexington. My family goes way back with them. (I obviously have no personal need for a vacuum yet as a slovenly college student.)

after perusing Lexington Vacuum pick up some food at the Thai place next's pretty good! mmmm...vacuums and Thai food...

So do today's modern witches shop at Sears for vacuum cleaners when their old flying broomsticks break down?

We got our Kenmore at K-Mart. Don't forget, they're the same company with Sears.

OHMY. I thought this post was going to be about Lexington Vacuum too!

After years as a loyal Sears vacuum buyer - I had to stop by Lexington Vacuum to pick up some bags for someone else. I was on my way to Sears to buy a vacuum anyway, but decided to check them out.

Within about half an hour I walked out with an amazing vacuum. AMAZING. Plus they're the mom&pop type of great shop that's really losing ground in this country. Friendly, helpful, awesome, do repairs/maintenance, and just plain rock.

If I could love a place that sells vacuums, this would be the place.

Compare prices at KMart first. I have found their prices are lower than Sears for identical items.

I want to be a vacuumologists

Oh Lexington! YES! I brought my student canister vac (purchased in 1970 from Lechemere Sales in Cambridge) there this summer and YES they fixed it right up! Then I brought my Mom's upright (circa 1975) that I inherited over and now that one works like it was purchased new yesterday. And hmm maybe they sell reconditioned vacuums - worth an ask.

I actually thought the post was about Capital Vacuum (1593 Central Ave.) where I bought my vacuum. They are great on sales and service. And I'd like to add that while you don't have to splurge on a Kirby, buying a good quality vacuum with good suction is worth the money. I've had too many vacuums over the years that sucked, or rather didn't suck.

A little late--but I just found this article. We are Lexington Vacuum and we're thrilled with the comments about our store. It is our mission to provide quality products and service and we have been doing this in Albany since 1946! Yes, we are a "Mom & Pop" business with a full time staff of 5 "vacuumologists"!! that can handle all your vacuum needs.
Please stop in and visit us at 997 Central Ave.

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