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Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.

Updated with new +/- suggestions!

As part of the giveaway for the Minus the Bear/Phantogram tickets, we asked people:

What's one thing you would subtract from the Capital Region?
What's one thing you would add?

There were some good answers. So we thought it would be interesting to pull all the answers together into a table, to see them lined up right next to each other. The table's after the jump.

Got some to add -- and subtract? We hope so. Post it in the comments. We'll add it to the table.

And congratulations to jenkins -- his comment was randomly drawn as the winner.

The comments have been lightly edited for space.

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Whataburger photo: Flickr user strangelv


I'm shocked. Not one vote to add a Wegman's? Nor one to remove a Price Chopper?

Shocked I tell you...

There's nothing wrong with Albany's music scene... there's quite a few great shows coming up in the next few months.

March in particular has Mike Gordon @ Rev Hall, Keller Williams @ Northern Lights, and The Disco Biscuits at the Egg... and that's just off the top of my head.

I'd like to see more dinosaurs in Albany. Not Dinosaur BBQ, dinosaurs. I think the downtown architecture is an idea pterodactyl habitat. I would also like to see more people stopping me on the street and complimenting my impeccable taste, while also possibly offering me large sums of cash.

I would like fewer work days, and fully support the "Add Monday, Thursday, and Friday to the weekend" movement. Also fewer police scandals.

+ a lively, bustling downtown Albany with more permanent residences and shops

- out-of-towners (day and night) taking up all the parking spots in Center Square

+ I wish the graffiti on our buildings and signs was at least interesting to look at (allowing us to debate whether it's art) instead of just scribble.

- Segregation which seems to be on auto-pilot in Albany.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw the Whataburger sign. Nice. Add Rosa's cafe (a west Texas tortilla factory and restaurant) to that list.

Minus? Maybe this is just a Troy thing (because in the other cities/states/countries I've lived in this NEVER happened), but parking in private driveways while you visit the owners neighbors. I'm tired of not being able to get out of my own drive! Get off my lawn!

Are you sure Pete wants more "brutalist architecture like the state offices" and less "name recognition for the Capital Region?"

Erp. Fixed. Thanks

+ Subway system with park and ride locations in the suburbs to relieve congestion and reduce the environmental footprint of thousands of state workers arriving daily along with the CDTA buses.

- Parking situation, trying to get a cab.

Are you freakin kidding me? Somebody wants MORE state jobs? Why not flush what is left of NY State down the drain

+ More good jobs
- Potholes, and people running red lights

+ I hate to add another restuarant because it seems so insignifgant compared to real problems in the area, but I've been thinking recently that there are no Beligum restuarants in the area! Mussels, Pomme Frites, and a big Beligium beer list with appropriate glasses! And Chicken and Waffles!

- Like to see fewer potholes (doable) and one way streets (probably unchangable at this point).

There are Korean restaurants in the area:

Ginza Japanese & Korean RestaurantAddress:‎
231 Wade Road Ext
Latham, NY 12110-1855
(518) 783-3800

there's also one on RT 7 in the Peter Harris Plaza and another in Clifton Park

Need Wegman's and Tim Horton's, Need Less People thinking the Capital District is a large Metropolitan Area.

1.Instead of a light rail system, how about a dedicated bus lane on 87 with express buses. Would cost less and be more flexible. Buses could also drop people off in major traffic areas rather than at the train station.

2. We have a great grocery store with Price Chopper. They are local, dedicated to the area, and they locate in city centers (something the others do not do). They listen to input from the community (they came to our neighborhood association meeting wanting to know how to better serve us). Their foundation does huge amounts for the area. What recent large event have you been to that was NOT supported by Price Chopper? People should support this local business! They are exactly what the Capital District needs more of, businesses that are truly invested and truly care about the area.

Here's my +/-

+ Development of Albany's Lincoln Park. It could be as nice as Washington Park.
+ Shades of Green reopening.
+ Ethiopian food, yum!

- People complaining about how bad Albany, Troy and Schenectady are, but never actually exploring any of these cities, and never doing anything to make them better. Personally, I

Anyone excited about the NEW FIVE GUYS on Western Ave opening?

Capitalism = competition; bring in Wegman's and Trader Joe's to keep Price Chopper prices low

A monorail, like that in Disney, is a FANTASTIC idea!! If it ran from Saratoga to Albany, think about what that would do for congestion on the Northway. It's electric (great for the environment), quiet, air conditioned in the summer, and would be great for bringing the Saratoga crowd to downtown Albany businesses. Makes cents....

Cato--I doubt anyone is not taking the bus due to the bus's carbon footprint. A subway system would cost an unimaginable amount of money to build in the region and would probably get little use compared to the cost.

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