Barber poll: B'yond Style

b'yond style exterior

It's in the strip near New Scotland and Manning in Albany.

AOA Greg was in a long-term haircutting relationship for the better part of the last decade. And then he wasn't. Suddenly unattached, Greg was at a loss for where to get his hair cut. So he asked the AOA crowd -- and it had a bunch of good suggestions. Now he's playing the field, in search of a new shop.

The shop up this time around: B'yond Style on New Scotland in Albany, across from St. Peter's. And, wow, did they have their work cut out for them -- my hair was a mess.

The before and after pics after the jump...

Stylist: Cody

Recommended by: Albany Jane and Meg S.

The cut -- just before and right after
barber poll byond before after

The shop
B'yond Style isn't a big shop, which -- along with its warm palette of earth tones -- makes it feel kind of cozy. And I could walk there -- so +1 for that.

I have no doubt that guys get their hair cut here -- in fact, Cody told me about some of her male clients. But the magazine selection appeared to be all Cosmo and the like.

The stylist
Cody was nice and very professional. She took a few minutes in the beginning to ask how I usually get my hair cut and what I was looking for.

She was also easy to talk to. We joked about how someone should open a combination salon/therapist business.

$20 -- that seems reasonable to me. It also included a pre-cut wash with tea tree shampoo, which tingled -- and I gotta say, I kind of liked.

It's short! Probably a bit shorter than I was hoping for. I attribute a lot of that to this being my first visit -- and the incredibly bushy state my hair had been in. It had been something like 10 weeks since my last cut.

That said, the cut is perfectly fine. And, really, most hair cuts need a few days to grow out/adjust.

Mrs. Greg's take
"Short. But it's good. I like it."

Would I go back?
Sure. The cut is good. The price is right. Cody was cool. And I can walk there.

Find It

B'yond Style
573 New Scotland Ave.
Albany, NY 12208



Apparently they gave you a botox injection, too! What a deal!

Hey, I go there.

Looks good and the price is right. Good info for me since that's also in walking distance for me and I've never tried them.

But here's an idea for your next cut. Why don't you try one of the beauty schools ($10 cuts by supervised students) and report back. There are 3 in this area: Orlo Beauty School and Mildred Elly in Albany; Jean Paul's Hair, Nail, and Skincare Institute in Latham. Might be risky, but worth it as an experiment.

@chrisck: Good idea! I'll add it to the list.

Your hair was great before!

Yes, a little on the short side. It's a nice cut for you. Amazing how a new haircut can change your outlook(thus the facial expression). Post a pic after the grow out/adjust period please?

Try Christopher at Townsend.

I get my haircut far less often than I probably should. I feel that makes splurging a little on Townsend worth it.

If you like the tingle, try Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap. Just be sure to dilute it well!

Check out Dominics Barber Shop, 488 Albany Shaker Rd. Everyone there does a great job & it's only $14!

My hubby is partial to John at Absolute Hair.

I agree with Summer. John at Ab Hair is fab! Free parking as well.

This is my sister's preferred shear house, and she's really happy with everything she walks away with, although she's very much on the trendy hipster end of the fashion spectrum. I've been considering checking it out (I've been moving in that direction myself lately; probably all the time spent in Brooklyn) although the proper-English geek in me has been put off by the, er, unfortunate name. Might need to swallow my pride at some point on this one.

Have to second Jess on Christopher at Townsend. My absolute fave.

i have been going to b'yond style since i moved to albany. and i will continue to go to b'yond style until i move from albany.

Rumors at 594 New Loudon Rd is amazing. Great atmosphere and great people.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Did you get a glass of vino too?

I agree, it's a little on the shorter side, but still looks nice. Then again, well, you know I have a preference for long hair. I think the before picture looks like a good 'after', too!

I went here about a year and a half ago and will never go back. My hair was long and I wanted to go short (like chin-length) and add bangs. I wanted long-ish side-swept bangs and found a photo in a magazine there to point out what I wanted.

The cut went fine until the end when the stylist went for the bangs... and then kept going and going. My bangs ended up WAY too short and took months to grow out to the point where they didn't look awkward.

Haven't gotten my hair cut since then because I've yet to find a good stylist in the area. I'm liking it long again anyway...

Cody has been my stylist for the past 2 years and I absolutely LOVE her. She's so easy to talk to and really cares about her clients. The more she got to know my style, the more I didn't have to tell her what to do. In fact, most of the time she tells me and I trust her. Every time I leave I love my hair more. My last hair dresser was terrible and totally ruined my hair. It was a long process, but Cody got my hair back to being both beautiful and healthy!

I used to go to Byond Style... Katie is the only stylist who cares about her work and her passion shows in my amazing hair. I can't go ANYWHERE without people stopping me to admire my hair. The other girls are very unprofessional and seem like a shabby college party crew.

Katie left there and is doing hair at Joli Salon and Spa in Colonie Center. Go see her! She is especially awesome with color!!!

I have been going to Byond Style for two years and normally see Bridget (the owner). She does the best cuts on my hair that I have ever had! The color is fabulous and it looks so natural. I have referred many of my friends and family to Byond Style and I have had all great responses. I like all of the ladies that work there. They are very friendly and many of my friends see the other stylists too.

I would follow Bridget anywhere if she ever moved but I can't see that happening. This location, across from St. Peter's hospital is the best! I live in Slingerlands but work in Albany. I find myself on New Scotland Avenue all of the time so this really works for me.

I will never change.

After moving to Albany 3 yrs ago I have tried several barbers and stylists--at least 6. I only go 3 weeks between cuts because of my job in the military; it cannot be over the ears or on the collar. I've been going to Eric's Men's Hair Styling in Scotia for a couple of years now. Eric and Paul are professionally trained barbers and they are very good.

The atmosphere is...Ok, it's a men's barber shop with sports on the big screen and Maxim on the magazine rack. They both welcome everyone that comes in with a hearty, "how ya doin'" and you can tell that they're having fun and enjoy what they do. The conversation is nothing like work which is great for me. Cost $15 for a cut that includes a straight-razor neck shave and a detailed cut. Definately, worth the money, the time, and the cut. Rick

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