Delish Deli: lunch from... a gas station?

Delish Deli sign

You won't believe what you'll find in here!

By Jessica Pasko

Gourmet grub from a gas station?

Sounds like a Top Chef quickfire challenge, doesn't it? When users started praising the Delish Deli at the Mobil station in Delmar on Yelp, other users were quick to dismiss.

Really, who goes to a gas station for lunch? I mean, unless your concept of a meal consists of Twinkies and those rancid-looking hot dogs in glass cases? I don't.

Well... I didn't.

Delish Deli isn't your normal gas station. From all outside appearances, it's a Mobil. Inside's another story.

It's a full-on deli with yummy-looking selections like stuffed roast pork and eggplant rollatini, along with an entire selection of higher-end grocery products like fancy mustards and tapenades.

Delish Deli 2.jpg

Delish Deli 4.jpg

I even found gluten-free spaghetti there, much to my great surprise. The chip selection also contained some fancier-looking choices, like sweet potato chips and guacamole-flavored ones that looked imported.

Clearly the owner has a sense of humor. The business's slogan is "Great food in a crazy location!"

Delish Deli 1.jpg

Delish Deli 3.jpg

The selection changes, but includes items like three-cheese, seven-layer lasagna, muffaletta, grilled veggies and chicken marsala. That's in addition to a full line of scrumptious-sounding sandwiches, panini, salads and wraps. A cubano? Yes, that features slow-roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, sweet pickles and dijonnaise drizzle. California Dreamin' is made with monterey pepperjack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, olives, red onions and mango chutney on a whole-grain wheatberry bread. Prices seem pretty reasonable too -- most sandwiches are around $6.99.

They even had boxes of frozen chocolate-covered bananas on sticks. Paging George Michael Bluth.

The little deli in the Mobil station even does catering.

I tried the tarragon chicken salad with pecans and grapes. There were nice chunks of chicken and just the right amount of mayonnaise. I loved the crunch added by the pecans. Unfortunately the salad wasn't quite as tasty as I'd expected. It needed more seasoning.
But I did like the multicolored potato chips -- blue, regular and sweet potato all in one, and
I'm definitely hoping to try some of the other entrees soon.

So yes -- I'm officially a convert to the belief that good food can, indeed, be found in a gas station.

Find It

Delish Deli at Delmar Mobil
317 Delaware Ave.
Delmar, NY 12054

On Twitter: @DelishDeli


There is a Papa Johns (pizza place) located in a gas station on Troy Schenectady Road in Latham. Good stuff.

Oh, THAT's where it is! For some reason I kept thinking it was the one on Delaware in Albany. I was trying to figure out where they'd have all the space for anything.

Next time I'm in the mar, I'm checking it out. Thanks, Jess!

Also comes to mind, Oliver Pickles in the XTRA Mart in Saratoga -->

There are no reviews or details at the link, but it's actually an off-shoot of Roma's on a much smaller scale. Simple subs and wraps, but kind of fun to see in that context.

The food looks great!

"Delish", however, is NOT a word, despite what Rach tries to think...

Much like the sudden overwhelming desire of everyone to plural possessive the hell out of everything (ie, Walmart's), there's little need to chop off that last syllable, despite the extra nanosecond it takes to spit it out. Sorry, personal pet peeve.

This food actually looks really good. I'm surprised. I wish I could bump into places like this when I go on road trips.

you can find chocolate covered bananas on sticks at price chopper too. yum.

you can also grab a decent bite at the Mobil station in Menands

There's always money in the banana stand.


"Delish" is bothersome but "Rach" isn't? :P

Though, as a surprise to me:

1920! Can that be right?

Hey thanks for the kind words!
Next time you stop in come seek me out. I am usually there on Thursday and Friday.
(BTW, thanks for the heads up on the tarragon chicken salad, I have to check out why it was not spiced enough)
Anyone who comes into the deli and mention your blog is welcome to a small free side salad with the purchase of lunch or dinner!

This place has a great selection and the food is quite "delish"...but both times I have been there the amount of time it took to make the food was WAY too long. The first time I was there only one guy was working, so he had to make each sandwich then ring out each person. This time, there were issues with the cash register. I would really recommend the food...just allocate some extra time to get it!

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