Bear in Delmar

CBS6 reports (with photos) that a bear has been on the loose in Delmar today. The Post-Star reported there have been bear sightings in Ballston Spa recently, too. From last year: Foxes and fishers and bears, oh my!


I was totally joking with my neighbor about us potentially seeing a bear after all these possums started moving in. I guess we're not too far from actually seeing one...

Earthquakes, Bears in Delmar...what's next, mountain lions? A tornado?

On a side note...I have heard numerous accounts of panther sightings in the hill-towns and Adirondacks over the last several years. Anyone else see/hear anything like this?

earthquakes, wild beasts on the streets... aren't these the first two signs of the apocalypse?

Since no one else has said, let me be the first. This could be an unbearable situation. (sorry)

> earthquakes, wild beasts on the streets

United States 1 : 0 Algeria

Saw a bear approaching the west-bound lane of I90 yesterday between Springfield and Lee, MA.

Hide the pic-a-nic baskets.

@ Jonathan - I'm bearly able to contain my laughter!

@Ryan - Stop that. You're embearassing yourself.

@Ryan and G, Least I am not the only one that can come up with some punishing comments on this situation

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