Gillibrand one of Capitol Hill's "most beautiful"

Senator Kirsten GillibrandKirsten Gillibrand ranked #3 on the The Hill's 2010 list of the "50 Most Beautiful People" on Capitol Hill. That's the highest of any elected official (a staff aide and a lobbyist took the top two spots).

From the KG profile:

After adjusting to motherhood, Gillibrand seems to be back into her exercise groove. ("Most of us are not Heidi Klum and Angelina Jolie, who look great the next day" after having a baby, she said. "For me, it took a good two years.") She co-captained the female Congress members' softball team, plays tennis and squash when she can, fits in jogs here and there and is hoping to run the New York Marathon again (she's run it twice before).

[via DNAinfo]

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I got a letter this morning saying that I was #51. I blame Gillibrand!

wow. it's 2010 and we are still focused on how good intelligent, succesful, changing-the-world women look? sigh. how depressing.

You’ve heard of the expression beauty is only skin deep. Well, that’s what this column is all about. The latest news story yesterday on someone who I will be opposing in 2012 for US Senate is all about this topic. Kirsten Gillibrand, the Governor Paterson appointed Senator of New York, was voted the third most beautiful person in Washington, DC. Of course there is bias in anything I write here, but hear me out. My first thought was, please, someone get me an airline nausea bag. Who cares?
Well, let’s go back in time to Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm. I will mainly reference an article as follows and make the following comments. Congresswoman Chisolm, who passed in 2005, was influenced by the last Chabad Rebbe in Brooklyn to help poor women and children. He influenced her to make the appointment to the Agriculture Committee worthwhile, which she was depressed about. Not only was she able to accomplish a monumental feat, but she credited humbly, this achievement to the Rebbe from Brooklyn. She didn’t pat herself on the back and take the credit all to herself. Read this article please; then see that beauty is meaningless on the surface. Kirsten might be attractive physically and Shirley Chisolm might never have made it to Project Runway. Read the entire article and smile.
Scott Noren DDS
US Senate Candidate 2012, NY

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