Loko legislator

Much like a drunk and caffeinated college student, Four Loko is the story that just won't quit. State assemblyman Felix Ortiz arranged with the NBC affiliate in NYC to record him while he drank 2.5 cans of Four Loko.

The assemblyman was also monitored by a doctor. At 60 minutes into the experience, the station noted "we have to stop filming as Ortiz begins vomiting." (Also, the restorative powers of pizza are mentioned.)

Despite his (impressive? daring? bizarre?) performance in this case, Ortiz's legislative resume reads a bit like Assemblyman Buzzkill. He's sponsored legislation that includes the infamous "no salt for restaurant meals" bill, a requirement for skiers to wear helmets and a bill that would added a $10 surcharge to "sexually oriented businesses."

(Thanks, everyone!)

Earlier on AOA: We also tried Four Loko, though not to the same degree as the assemblyman


This must've been conducted after his liquid lunch and complimentary 8-ball.

I'm very curious what his readings would have been after drinking an ordinary alcoholic drink, or alternatively a few cups of coffee. I have a sneaking suspicion we'd see some similarities.

What an absurd ban.

This is the guy who wanted to ban salt... he's obviously got a lot of time on his hands. Kudos to him for figuring out how to drink on the job!

I bet he could have had 4 FourLokos. He was so coherent.

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