Cesar Millan coming to The Palace

cesar millanCesar Millan -- "the Dog Whisperer" -- is coming to the Palace March 27 (that's a Sunday). Tickets go on sale January 14 (a week from this Friday). They start at $35.75.

Millan has become a huge star from his TV show, books and various whatnot. But we're not exactly sure what "An Evening with Cesar Millan" entails. The press release we got says "Cesar will touch upon his life experiences, and teach the attendees at his live show how to apply his techniques in the training and rehabilitation of their own dogs." Millan talks a lot about "rehabilitating" dogs and "training" humans. So maybe he'll train some audience members on stage. Tsch!

(We've often thought Millan's success comes from the fact that he's just a person who's naturally -- and freakishly -- good with dogs (not necessarily the same thing as knowing about dog psychology or whatever he calls it).)

Chances are the audience for this event will have to wait outside the theater until Cesar arrives, so he can enter the door first. It's a dominance thing.

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photo: Alan Weissman


I'd rather see Victoria Stilwell (and I CAN'T see her since Time Warner took Animal Planet off the basic cable lineup)

Can I bring my pit bull? ;)

LOVE the last paragraph!


Now Karen Pryor coming to the Palace would be exciting.

I love him..he is great...I recently moved from LI, New york to upstate Cambridge, New York and have been in the process of trying to rescue dogs. I have 6 of my own and have farm animals could use Ceasars help..., hey tell him to stop by...Boxer, 2 Boston Terrors, 3 Chihuahuas....But seriousy looking foward to the show...will see him there!!!! :)

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