That zesty Kosciuszko

kosciusko mustardThaddeus Kosciuszko: Revolutionary War hero, ace engineer, bridge namesake, McDonald's commercial name check... and mustard. What can this guy not do?

We spotted this jar on the shelf at Hannaford. It's made by an Illinois company called Plochman, "the true Mustard Lover's Mustard." The "Kosciusko" mustard (no "z") is described as a "spicy brown mustard with the zesty old world taste." Mmm... the zesty old world.

We can only imagine the focus groups for this product: "I love this mustard, it's so spicy. But I can't pronounce the name of it for the life of me." Or the tagline for an ad campaign: "You'll go krazy for Kosciusko!"

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We've got a huge Polish population here in Chicago so you see the name Kosciusko everywhere. There's a park and a statue, roads/streets throughout the state, and a county in nearby Indiana named after the late great TK. Oh and I saw a statue of him outside the Wawel Castle in Krakow.

Somehow I was born to the only family with a short, easy-to-pronounce Polish name. Go figure.

I've been eating this stuff for years. I didn't realize it wasn't well known that the man named bridges and mustards.

Plochman's mustard has been around for decades. I wonder why they made this particular mustard.

That's my go-to mustard.

That's my favorite mustard. It has been around for a long time. Plochman's is the company that makes the mustard in the bright yellow 'barrel' packaging with red lettering. They also make a Kosciusko Beer Mustard that I would love to try.

I have been eating this mustard for years. I was told there was horseradish in the ingredients. Is that true?

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