Traffic? That's not traffic.

albany metro congestion by day 2010 inrix

"Travel time tax" by hour and day of week in the Capital Region in 2010

The Albany metro area has nation's 80th most congested traffic, according to the annual rankings compiled by a company called INRIX. Or, as people from most major metros might describe the findings: we don't have traffic here.

The Albany metro scored its #80 ranking despite being the 58th largest metro. This area has just one percent of the peak period congestion as the #1 spot on the list, Los Angeles. INRX figures that congestion caused trips on the Capital Region's major roads to take just two percent longer in 2010 than they otherwise would during free flowing traffic (compared to the 10 percent national average).

INRIX didn't identify any congested corridors or bottlenecks here. (The most congested corridor in the nation: the Cross Bronx Expressway.)

The worst traffic time of the week? Friday between 5:15 and 5:30, where trips take a whopping 7 percent longer than they otherwise would. Yes, you better call ahead to let them know you'll be a little late.

The survey only covered metro area's major highways (I-87, I-90, I-787, I-890, Route 7). Here's more on the methodology.

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graph: INRIX


Finally! Hard data proving that I am justified in raising an eyebrow when people complain about "traffic" in Albany! Albany knoweth not traffic.

Will this also end complaints about parking in Albany? You can't have parking problems if there aren't enough cars to create traffic problems. We are seriously spoiled here, - oodles of good parallel parking spots in this town.

On a side note, drivers here in Albany always seem so hostile. What exactly are they upset about, again?

One of the many reasons I like living in the Albany area is the relative lack of rush hour traffic. And by relative, I mean in comparison to both Washington D.C. and New York City/ Long Island. Yes, the stories you've heard about the Cross Bronx Expressway are all true.

Seven percent?
Not true.
When I had a 8:30 am class it took me 30 minutes instead of 15 to get to work.

The Cross-Bronx is congested at 5am on Sunday

That big spike at 4AM must be due to the bars closing?? I can't think of any other explanation. From the looks of it you would think that 25% of the population stays at a bar until 4AM every night.

Why is I-690 included but not I-890?

Editors: Because part of Greg's brain must still be stuck in Syracuse. Fixed. Thanks.

I agree with Jen- having grown up the #4 most congested (DC metro area) and been in LA a lot, I can definitely agree that Albany has no traffic.

As an aside, my parents (who spent 15 years living in LA area) used to joke it took 45 minutes to get anywhere in LA, even if you were driving around to the corner to a friend's house. LA traffic is insane.

Now I just need to get my Mam to read this study. She seems to think the traffic around the VA and St. Peter's are awful...just awful at 3pm. (sigh. moms).

Take THAT, folks who think we should add another lane on the Northway and Thruway!

@CAD: The survey only looked at major routes such as I-90. And I can say from first-hand experience that traffic does back up in those spots in the late afternoon -- though I'm not sure I'd go so far as to call it "awful."

That said, it's hard to go against mom.

@CAD-Mom's kind of right. It's not unusual for it to take me 25 minutes to travel 1/4 mile.

("I can't complain/ But sometimes I still do/ Life's been good to me so far")

I find it so ironic that the Cross-Bronx Expressway is the most congested roadway in the nation, since Robert Moses destroyed entire neighborhoods in order to build it, and convinced the powers-that-be that more roads like it were needed to alleviate traffic!

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