Video of the Albany kegs and eggs riot

The clip above is video from the scene of the kegs and eggs party/free-for-all/riot in Albany's, ahem, education district Saturday morning. It was posted by YouTube user yz125motoracer. [TU]

Albany police say they arrested six people (three for charges including "riot"). Five, one of them a bag piper, face felonies. Crowd size estimates ranged from a few hundred to a thousand plus. People allegedly threw bottles at cops. [CBS6] [TU] [YNN] [Fox23]

There are a few more clips after the jump. Keep Albany Boring has tagged a comprehensive round-up of clips with an apt phrase: "brocial media."

Many of these clips include language you might not want blaring from your computer speakers in an office.

Another angle on the car smashing (there's music with this clip) - posted by YouTube user kuraibankusu:

More smashing, this time a different car -- posted by YouTube user j2cass3:

This clip gives a sense of how many people were there (about 1,000 looks like a good guess) -- posted by YouTube user jc727638:

Keg stands and whatnot -- posted by YouTube user mscottyg12:

Later on AOA:
+ Scanning the reaction to the kegs and eggs riot
+ Albany police post images of alleged kegs and eggs rioters


I cannot begin to express my disappointment in the people who conducting themselves this way. Drinking and partying can certainly be a typical part of the college experience but outright rioting and senseless destruction of property and other people is outrageous. Convicting those involved in actual crimes is imperative. But this kind of behavior seems to go far deeper than any one jail or probation sentence can remediate. This begs a bigger question: how did we get to the point where this could happen, and what needs to change in the community and the universities they attend(ed?) to ensure this disgraceful, regressive and frankly animal-like behavior never happens again?

Well said. Unfortunately, this (or any occasion to drink; i.e.: Giant's winning the Superbowl; Oktoberfest; Tues-Sunday) is why 1/2 of these "students" attend "college". Everyone is trying to not just emulate 'Animal House' but out-do it.
Go home! Albany's better in the Summer.

This was a microcosm of what was all over Albany, drunk women flashing CHILDREN, I almost got intop a fight 2x with girls who were 5'2" trying to take a swing at a 230 lb man like myself and rudeness all around.

Albany, everytime I go there, it's hedonistic in one way or another

Disgusting and shameful.

This is why we can't have nice things in America. You can have a couple thousand people guzzling steins at a German biergarten or tens of thousands watching a soccer match in Western Europe and there's no trouble.

But here? Give us a few plastic cups of Bud Shite and we'll vandalize the heck out of anything and anyone we can see.

I'm guessing the above poster hasn't heard of soccer hooligans.

Stay classy, Albany.

My previous snarky comment aside, seriously people. On the other side of the world, they are rioting because of financial woes and oppression by the government. We are rioting because we're immature twits. No wonder nobody likes us.

I remember my first beer too.

My sister and I spent the day in Albany, and pretty much steered clear of anything that looked like it was going to end up like this. Watching groups of drunk college-age guys screaming obscenities in each other's faces at 12 noon while families with little children walk by, was a pretty good indication of the rowdiness that was going to ensue later on.

It's sad (but not surprising) that some people need to use a holiday like this to behave badly, and maybe next year you won't even be able to have this event because there will be police everywhere and restrictions and curfews. Hope everyone involved remembers (yeah right) why the cops are keeping everyone from having fun when that time comes.

I really hope APD is able to ID some of these Morons off the video and make some arrests.

Behold, the future leaders of America!

Note the "USA USA USA" chanting. Didn't know that drunken rioting was an international competition.

Let's not confuse Albany with it's college students. Out of the 5 or 6 arrested for felonies, only the bagpiper is from Albany. The other 5? Hold on to your seats folks...they're from NYC and Long Island.

I really can't put enough emphasis on this but...please stay down there. You ruin our city.

Why do the students feel like they can get away with this type of behavior? Would they behave like this at home? Words cannot explain how disgusted I am by this past weekend's destruction. Instead of enjoying the St. Patty's festivities I stayed at home because I couldn't stomach to walk through my neighborhood and see the garbage and destruction caused by these disrespectful & disgusting human beings.

Great example of mob mentality. Only small cojones needed to get excited over seeing a TV thrown from a balcony.


Only 5 arrested? Ridiculous, there were easily 15-20 individuals involved in the vandalism that could be identified from the clips. I hope the APD and DA's office are pouring over those videos and soon will be wweeping the neighborhood and getting rid of the trash. Total assholes!

I'd love to hear the reaction of the owners of those cars. Were I an owner, I'd be going after each and every one of them with some hefty lawsuits against them and, possibly, their parents. Unbelievable how many idiots stood around and watched. I was glad to see a few guys in there fighting the vandals off, if more had taken that stance, the situation would probably have ended without so much damage.

Morons, til the end.

I am appalled... and thankful I do not live in that neighborhood. Ugh.

SUNY Albany is a joke

Next time some administrator starts begging fore more funding from teh state to provide a base for growth for "our future", remember that half of SUNY Albany are mouth breathing retards whose future is being a manager at enterprise rental car in Islip if they're lucky

Remember when people had shame? Ah, I miss those days.

It's people like this that give rioting a bad name.

This makes the McDonald's fight video look like study hall.

It's ridiculous, but you can't judge ALL OF ALBANY and it's residents for this. So none of this "stay classy albany". Because what's funny is .. most of these kids are college students from NYC, LONG ISLAND, JERSEY, ETC. So do us a favor and stay down there. And lets keep our minds open, because these kids are not just from Albany. Yes i'm sure some reside here, and go to school here, but in reality - most of those kids are from downstate NY. That neighborhood is the student ghetto filled with kids living in housing for St.Rose, UA, etc. It's sad to see this one day they decide to act like fools, but once again i say, it's not just Albany kids. I'm from Albany, and go to UAlbany, and I'm offended anyone would try to assoicate me with those kids.

I had the misfortune of cutting through Ontario at 10:00 am Saturday morning on my way home - only to find a piles of glass, a sea of drunken "green" students and cops galore.

But, hey, it ain't just our problem, the whole US has gone stupid:

(34 St. Patty's Day Parade arrests in Hoboken.)

I feel sick to my stomach watching this. I want to rent a blow up theater set it up in the street in front of their houses and play these videos over and over again. I don't know if they feel any shame for what they did but I think they should be called out on it now with all of their family and school administrators there to witness it. At this point I don't think there is anything that the law can do to the kids who weren't arrested but if the school had any balls they would make an example of these frat houses, shut them down and expel them all from school. I am utterly disgusted. I wish I had some sort of resource to call all these kids out on what they did.

In case anyone was wondering, this is what Thomas Nashe was referring to when he coined the term "Lion-drunke".

Why not go ahead and turn Albany County into a 'dry' county, yes, prohibit all alcohol sales, both package and restaurant/bar. Sure, it would hack off the Catholics and the Irish, but this alcohol abuse can only be dealt with the same way the government deals with heroin abuse, methamphetamine abuse, marijuana abuse and cocaine abuse: BAN IT! Why should the police allow people to drink whiskey and beer, when they absolutely won't let people inject heroin or smoke cocaine? What is the deal with legal alcohol? Maybe any government which allows alcohol sales deserves alcohol abuse.

"At this point I don't think there is anything that the law can do to the kids who weren't arrested" - Bender

Police regularly use YouTube videos of vandalism to make arrests after the fact - it's basically the same as security footage. Youtube is also pretty helpful in regards to providing removed video to law enforcement. A lot of the people caught on camera are going to wish they weren't.

Answer: close Suny Albany frats and put up a blockade just north of Westchester.

Idiots...assaulting police officers? Give me a f******* break!

My bet is that nothing will change in the City, the student ghetto (Education District) and the University at Albany because of last weekend's incidents, even despite the abject violence and destruction. Who would like to wager?

I am student at SUNY Albany and this behavior is shameful and unacceptable but I don't want the City of Albany to feel that all students act this way and are completely out of control or that all young adults from downstate NY behave in such a manner. There is no excuse for this type of behavior and as a student I know how crazy some of my classmate can get with Alcohol in their system. That is why i don't participate in events such as this, but for the record it wasn't just SUNY students acting out there were plenty of Albany locals participating as well. However to say SUNY is joke is very upsetting because there are students such as myself who portray themselves with class and dignity, and work extremely hard to get their degrees.

I wonder what the parents think of their kids, personally if this was my child I would be appalled. This is totally unnecessary and uncalled for. I also hope Suny is getting a good look at the destruction their students caused and are taking appropriate action for the stupid stunt.

This isn't about drinking ... alcohol didn't do anything but loosen their control on their inner A-hole. But I think most of us realize this, and that's what's so frightening about the mob.

What I found sad was a comment on Marshall's TU blog ( from a student who sounds like she'd like to feel like a part of the larger community. I think she's right about the disconnect between students and the city having a role in riots. Albany should be leaving a better impression on these students, instead they're going home w/ tales of the "student ghetto". Ugh. FAIL.

What boggles the mind is that most of this took place before NOON while most people were still having breakfast. I do hope that the police go after EVERY student on these videos, even the dumbasses standing by. So, they aren't from Albany - might explain a lot about their sense of pride in their surroundings - but I wonder if there isn't a law pertaining to riots that anyone standing around providing an audience can at least get a misdemeanor fine. If there isn't, there should be. As long as there is a crowd cheering the scumbags on, and plenty of scantily clad co-eds to impress, they have all the motivation they need. Anyone can make excuses for these morons - what needs to happen is that the city takes a zero-tolerance stance against it happening, even if it means banning events like this. They've proven they can't handle their beer.

Arlene, I believe you're looking for section 240.08 of the NYS penal code:
§ 240.08 Inciting to riot.
A person is guilty of inciting to riot when he urges ten or more persons to engage in tumultuous and violent conduct of a kind likely to create public alarm. Inciting to riot is a class A misdemeanor.

There is also unlawful assembly:
A person is guilty of unlawful assembly when he assembles with four or more other persons for the purpose of engaging or preparing to engage with them in tumultuous and violent conduct likely to cause public alarm, or when, being present at an assembly which either has or develops such purpose, he remains there with intent to advance that purpose. Unlawful assembly is a class B misdemeanor.

And of course disorderly conduct. I don't know that the APD would find it worthwhile to pursue charges against anyone not taking physical part in any of the damage. Also, while there is a LOT of video available, ask yourself if you could positively identify many of the people in them. I would also like to see as many people prosecuted to the fullest extent possible...

I hope the schools take an aggressive stance here too, I'm a fan of second chances but wanton and reckless destruction of personal property...

And while alcohol definitely had a role in this it's not the primary factor to blame. Events like this are a predictable and well-known sociological phenomenon. Here's a good, if long, read that explains a bit. Solutions? I don't know. A heavy police presence can help prevent the kind of critical mass that sparks this kind of riot, but that takes a lot of resources. I think there are some great ideas being tossed around about getting students more involved and invested in the community, and as some have pointed out that's a two-way street. If all else fails, bring in the fire breathing pterodactyls.

@Jeremy "soccer hooligans" are a stereotype of the past. American Idiots, unfortunately, are a fact of the present. I wish we'd follow others' leads and clean up our act.

So folks are driving up from NYC for this? I guess that means our riots are more stupid than theirs. Stand proud, Albanians.

I'm posting this so all my Facebook friends back in San Francisco can see what we do for amusement in the Cap District.

I know I would never hire or rent an apartment to anyone I saw in these videos.

It's not a NYC thing or a Long island thing or a upstate thing or even and Albany thing. It's not our generation.. because people have been rioting for years upon years. This is just an example of children who haven't fully left the care of mommy and daddies nest. They don't know too much about the real world... They don't understand consequences for actions. They feel that they are invincible. I'm 22 and I've learned that this ins't the case, the hard way. These kids (along with man others) are in for a rude awakening.

So there were hundreds of students trying to flip cars, throwing furniture, breaking windows, and throwing beer bottles at officers?(according to fox23 news)

Why only 6 arrests then? 100-6=94, but with hundreds being plural, there should still be at least another 94+ left to be arrested and prosecuted with § 240.08 Inciting to riot of the NYS penal code.

Also, please don't force us taxpayers to pay for damages due to these "children" acting the way they did. Force themselves, their schools, their parents, whomever, to foot the bill. We (the taxpayers) should not have to pay for their idiocy and childish behavior.

And how about next year, get more police out on the streets, doing patrols and whatnot, to ensure that problems like this don't arise next year. And a curfew would be a great idea as well.

People we are dealing with strong island here and jersey. Anyone that's seen mtv's jersey shore knows these people are morons. SUNY albany needs an enima.

I find it hilarious that they've scheduled the clean up day almost a full week after the actual destruction. Are they secretly hoping someone else cleans it up before then?

I've been reading the news stories about this, but this is the first time I've seen a video. It makes me sick. There was no reason for this whatsoever.

I just graduated from UAlbany in December, and I'm ashamed that I went to school with such idiots.

Framing this conversation around ideas that Albany's crime is the product of "long island & jersey" transplants is absurd. A large portion of Albany's low level felonies and misdemeanors can be attributed to inebriated college students, but major crimes such as violent assaults are committed by both students and local residents. I spent four years in Albany and lived in the supposed "student ghetto," as I have seen it mentioned here, and anyone who has lived there can attest that the problems that arise are more than college student conflicts. Much like other towns in upstate New York, such as Troy, the political socioeconomic lines are sharply drawn. The "student ghetto" is highly segregated along racial and financial dimensions and Albany reflects the plight of most blue collar cities that have seen their status decline in a post-industrial society.

I do not absolve individual participants of their deplorable actions. My belief is that mob mentality, diffusion of responsibility, and general disregard for others, allows such cowardly acts like these to manifest. My hope is that the individuals in the video are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but individual arrests does not get to the deeper roots of this dilemma; the mechanisms that permit such actions to occur. It has always been my belief that if the city government wanted to eradicate these types of episodes they could, but for some reason they refrain. Much of this problem could be combated with stricter law enforcement concerning underage drinking and increased presence of the state liquor authority. I’m familiar with the typical bar scenario of Keggs and Eggs, there is traditionally an officer stationed outside the front of the bar to assist in crowd control as countless underage drinkers are herded into the establishment under their watchful eyes. Additionally, several landlords in the area care little about their properties and tenants further contributing to a culture free of responsibility. If no one cares, no one will. This incident took place on Hudson Street, one block over from Elberon, which bears greater resemblance to a third world nation than a United States city. During my tenure, Elberon was home to multiple drug related shootings.

I understand that this thread has digressed somewhat from the episode in question, but I always find the scapegoating of Albany’s problems with a drunken student defense ridiculous. I wasn’t stabbed in Albany, by college students. I was stabbed by residents in the area with no avenues for employment and general self-improvement. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t brutally assaulted by “fraternity guys,” she was attacked by a man who was raised and resided in Albany.

In closing, I hope the police arrest and prosecute the individuals in the video who have demonstrated no respect for themselves or others, but please don’t identify University students as the impetus for the city’s crime high rate (at one point, Albany was the 12th most violent city on a list of cities with less than 100,000 residents). These issues go deeper and, solutions exist, but demand action and accountability.

3 Huge police vans were parked on Quail & Hudson this afternoon - looks like they're rounding them up.

So many fraternities in that area have been terrorized and suspended in the last decade that it's actually driving the party into the streets, where it clearly doesn't belong. Outdoor riot parties are not an Albany tradition, so maybe if they just left the fraternities alone, the parties would be safely contained and out of sight, like they have been since the 1700s. You can't take away their party spirit, but you can take away their safe haven.

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