It's kickball season

kickball ballLocal kickball leagues/games are starting up again:

+ The World Adult Kickball Association league season starts April 28 (with a pickup game tonight).

+ The local Premier Kickball league starts May 3. (This league says you don't need a team, you can just show up and you'll be placed on a team.)

+ Those first two leagues have fees. There's also a free pick-up kickball game Mondays at Hoffman Park in Albany.

We get the impression these are a lot like softball leagues. You play (not necessarily too hard), and then everyone goes and has a drink.

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Dammit. Same night at Ultimate Frisbee and Collins Circle.

Loved playing with Premier Kickball ... great fun ... they are a bunch of fun people. They are playing on Wednesdays in Albany ...
check it our --

I did try WAKA -- 1/2 of your team never gets to play .. they have stacked teams -- lots of fighting and lot of drama -- not for me...

I would definitely recommend Premier Kickball ...

I was on the Spring League with Premiere and hated every minute of it. This league is filled with nothing but drama. I joined to have a good time, but instead had to deal with the owners starting fights, changing rules in the rule book half way thru the season, kicking people off of teams, and changing the schedule to shorten our teams games. It was also extremely unprofessional when the owners blocked our entire team from any emails that were sent out, as well as premieres Facebook page. This way our team wouldn't know about any last minute changes or any parties that were being held for the league. Our team was treated as the outcast and was constantly getting dirty looks and snide comments from the owners. Kickball is supposed to bea good time after work, but instead added more stress to the work week. I have joined a different league called waka, and recommend others to try it out. It's a huge league and is a blast.

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