What ever happened to...

flabby tabby king kong croppedWe're starting to plan an upcoming theme week called "Whatever happened to..." It's exactly what it sounds like: a series of posts about people or things that have left or are no longer in the spotlight.

For (a silly) example: Whatever happened to the Flabby Tabby? Did he lose the weight? Is he still living large? (Please let there be a cat wearing a headband on treadmill somewhere.)

So, what are some people or things upon which you might like to see some follow-up?

We'll try to follow up on some of them. And if you're interested in writing a post for the week -- pitch us at editors |at| alloveralbany |dot| com.


Whatever happened to decent concerts at the Times Union Center (you didn't think I was going to give up that easy did you?)? :)

Once I get my Flabby Tabby update, I think I'll be all set.


But seriously, how about an update on some of the organizations in the area that have won the Pepsi Grant Challenge?

What ever happend to Darwin and Cat?

whatever happened to that creepy but loveable Resnick's Mattress guy?

@Rebecca: Unbelievable. Just this morning I asked my husband that same question. First time I'd thought about him in years.

Um... That Resnick's Mattress guy was NOT loveable. Pure creepy.

What ever happened to Pop's from the TU series last year? He was the homeless man from the south end in Albany. I have not seen him in awhile.

Resnick's? Something about bait and switch, 10 years ago. After that the places disappeared:

whatever happened to - was his name Howie? - the nice elderly crossing guard at school 16 in the mid 80's? and the great lady mail carrier in the same neighborhood at the same time? They were both so good to my kids. The mail lady even brought them back souvenirs from Disneyworld when she went on vacation.

What ever happened to...
-the Albany convention center - is that still on the table?
-Honest Weight's new building - are they still moving there?
-the group of state workers who won the huge mega millions jackpot at the end of March/early April?

I have another one. I found this post this morning: http://alloveralbany.com/archive/2008/07/16/about-that-state-surcharge-on-albany-parking-ticke

while looking up the city's parking violation fines. Does the city still add on this $15 surcharge? Is that legal?

@shannon - Having recently received a parking ticket (on May 3 to be exact) for an expired meter, I can tell you that the fine portion no longer says it includes the surcharge. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist any more but my was $45 or $65 after 20 days.

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