Albany's water is in the top 5

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The City of Albany's drinking water was recently named one of the five best-tasting in the nation. The designation comes after a blind tasting by a panel organized by the United States Conference of Mayors.

Albany's tap water will now compete against the H2O of Denton, Texas; Racine, Wisconsin; Rochester, New York; and Pembroke Pines, Florida for the national title. Albany and those other four cities were named finalists from a field of 77 entries.

Albany's drinking water took the top spot at the New York State Fair last year. It also took that prize in 2007.

So where does Albany get this great-tasting water? Answer: Coeymans. The city has two reservoirs near there -- the Alcove Reservoir and the Basic Creek Reservoir (which is in Westerlo). (The Alcove Reservoir was created in 1928 by damming the Hannacroix Creek, which flooded the village of Indian Fields.) The system delivered about 6.6 billion gallons of water last year.

A city press release with a few more details is embedded after the jump.

Albany Water Among Five Best Tasting


If those aficionados on city water taste say we have one of the five best tasting waters in America, then by gosh we do!!

PS Is that a typo in the memo title? Should it be Tasting not Testing?

Albany water tastes like chlorine.

I live and work in Albany. I notice that the water has much more of a chlorine taste at work than at home. At work we have to run it through a filter to make it taste decent.

I find it hard to believe that any city water from Florida would taste better than anything outside Florida.
Every time I've been to Florida, the tap water tastes so bad. Not bad enough for me to require only drinking bottled water, but just not a very good experience from drinking a glass of water.

Right on, Olivia. I cannot stand the taste of Albany water, and have not gotten used to it in the 10 years I've lived here. I am continually shocked when it wins awards. Blech.

No disrespect, but Olivia and Mandy have never had water that tastes like chlorine, apparently. Or maybe you folks live really close to wherever they chlorinate the water.

Albany's water is amazing. I have visited many cities and towns in the US, and Albany has really, really great tasting water.

I was born in Albany and lived there until 1977 when I moved to west palm beach. When you are brought up with the worlds best tasting water, anything else is sub-par. From the day I moved here until today: what do I miss most? THE WATER. When we moved to Colonie for a few years as a 5 year old I was the only one who noticed the difference. In my 5th grade class in old School 4 when there was the 1964 drought I remember our teacher Miss Cove telling us if the drought continues we might have to drink Hudson River Water. Whenever I come to visit, the first thing I head for is the water fountain. I even have dreams about it.

Recently moved to Albany. Great friendly people; real nice pace.

I just read an older article (2011) that was about Albany having made the top 5 for cities with the best tasting water. Yeah! I thought so, too.

Question: are there levels of Chlorine, chloride or cloramines in our water? I'm not a water zealot, just curious, and I couldn't find this out online?

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