Capital Region Swimming Pools 2011


We want to go to there.

Update: Here is the information for 2012!

The last couple of days were just a taste of the upcoming Capital Region summer. And there will be more of that before you know it.

Don't get us wrong -- we're happy to have the warm weather. We just like it better when we're lying next to a pool with one of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them.

We still have a few weeks until most of the public pools open, but there are a few places in the Capital Region where you can beat the heat right now.

After the jump -- a list of Capital Region swimming pools and when they open this season.



Lincoln Park Pool
Eagle Street and Morton Avenue
Open: Starting June 24
Hours: 12-7 (closed from 4:15-5)
Cost: Free

Mater Christi Pool
New Scotland Avenue
Across from Holy Names Campus
Open: Starting June 24
Hours: 11-7 (closed 4:15-5) adult swim 3:30-4
Cost: Free

Krank Park SprayPool
65 First Avenue
Open June 24
Hours: 10-6 daily
Cost: Free

North Albany Spray Pool
North First Street
Open June 24
Hours: 10 - 6 daily
Cost: Free

Sheridan and Dove Spray Pool
Sheridan Avenue and Dove Street
Opens June 24
Hours: 10 - 6 daily
Cost: Free

Swinburne Spray Pool
Clinton Avenue and Manning Boulevard
Opens June 24
Hours: 10-6 daily
Cost: Free

Upper Lincoln Spray Pool-
Morton and Delaware Avenue
Opens June 24
Hours: 10-6 daily
Cost: Free


Bozenkill Park Pool
Gun Club Road
Open: June 18-September 5
Hours: Weekdays noon-7pm, Weekends 10am-7pm
Membership/Cost: $2 per person (5 and under free), $40 individual seasonal swim pass, $100 family of four seasonal swim pass ($20 additional family member), Free senior seasonal swim pass (62+). Free parking for Altamont residents, $10 parking for non-residents.


Lansing Park Pool
Bevan Rd.
Open: June 28 - mid August
Hours: Noon - 7 daily
Membership/Cost: Free for Cohoes residents (must show proof of residency), $5 for non residents.


Mohawk River Park Pool
71 Schermerhorn Rd.
Open: Saturday, June 28-last week in August
Hours: noon-7 pm, seven days a week
Membership/Cost: Residents $3 adult, $2.50 for kids 5-12yrs, free 4yrs and younger , 62 yrs and older $1; Guest $7 adult, $5 5-12 yrs
*There is also a parking fee of $2 for residents, $6 for guests, $1 for seniors


Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool
Second Ave. and Thirteenth St.
Open: No firm date yet
Hours: Not established for the year

Spray Pools:

Seventh Street Park
Seventh St. and Second Ave.
Open: No firm date
Hours:not established

Clinton Park
Clinton St. and Ave. A
Open:No firm date
Hours:not established

Brotherhood Park
Twenty-fifth St. and Sixth Ave.
Open:No firm date yet
Hours:Not established

State Parks

Thompson's Lake State Park
Opens: June 26
Hours:10-6 Thursday - Monday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
Cost: parking $7 per car, swimming is free



Knickerbacker Pool
104th St. and 7th Ave.
Open: July 5-late August
Hours: 1-5, closed from 5-6, Weeknights 6-8
Cost: $2 adult, $1 children, Children's seasonal pass available

South End Pool
Tyler and 4th St.
Open: July 5 - late August
Hours: 1-5, closed from 5-6, Weeknights 6-8
Cost: Public; $2 adult, $1 children, Children's seasonal pass available

Prospect Park spray pool
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Until 8 pm
Cost: Free

Frear Park spray pool
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours:Until 8 pm

State Parks

Grafton Lake State Park Beach
Open: Now through Labor day
Hours: Friday through Tuesday 10-6. Closed Wednesday and Thursday
Cost: Park entry fee $8 per car. Swimming is free.


Clifton Park

Barney Road Pool
1 Barney Road
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Noon to sunset
Membership/Cost: Membership (application required)
Fees--Individual $120; Couple $190; Family $255; Babysitter $55 in addition to family fees; call 371-6667 for application details
Bonus: Many an awesome diving board at all pools

Country Knolls Pool
9 Burning Bush Blvd.
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Noon to Sunset
Membership/Cost: Membership (application required)
Fees--Individual $120; Couple $190; Family $255; Babysitter $55 in addition to family fees; call 371-6667 for application details
Bonus: Many an awesome diving board at all pools

Locust Lane
5 Locust Lane
Open: Weekends only from now through mid June. Daily from mid-June - Labor Day
Hours: Noon to Sunset
Membership/Cost: Membership (application required)
Fees--Individual $120; Couple $190; Family $255; Babysitter $55 in addition to family fees; call 371-6667 for application details
Bonus: Many an awesome diving board at all pools

Saratoga Springs

East Side Rec spray pad
Lake Avenue
Open: Now through labor day
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free

West Side Rec spray pad
Walnut Street
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free

South Side Rec spray pad
Vanderbilt Avenue
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free

Geyser Park spray pad
Cady Hill Blvd.
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Cost: Free

Spa State Park

Peerless Pool
Open: June 25th through Labor Day
Hours:10-6 Wedesday- Monday. Closed Tuesday
Cost:$2 adults, $1 kids but there's an $8 charge to enter that section of Spa State Park

Victoria Pool
Open: June 25th - Labor Day
Hours:10-6 Daily
Cost:$8 for adults, $4 for kids. No parking charge on that section of the park


Waterford Town Pool
Ballston St.
Open: June 27 - August 12
Hours: Monday -Friday 9am-3pm through August 5, August 8-12 10am-2pm,
Closed Holidays
Cost: Daily: $2 adult resident ($4 non-resident), $1 children resident ($2 non-resident), $.75 senior resident ($1 non-resident); Seasonal Pass: $70 family ($225 non-resident family), $40 single ($100 single non-resident).


Moreau Lake Beach
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours:10 - 6 daily
Cost: Park entry $8 per car, Swimming is free.



Central Park Pool
Central Park
Open: July 1
Hours: Noon- 7 Daily
Membership/Cost: Public; free

Front Street Pool
Front St.
Open: June 25
Hours: Monday - Saturday 9- 7, Sunday Noon - 7
Membership/Cost: Under 17 $1.25 for children, Adults $3.00

Hillhurst Pool
Campbell St.
Open: July 1
Hours: Monday - Friday Noon - 7
Membership/Cost: Public; free

Quakenbush Pool
Forest Rd.
Open: July 5
Hours:Monday - Friday 12:30 - 7:00, Saturday Noon - 6:00
Membership/Cost: Free with membership to the Boys and Girls Club


Niskayuna Town Pool
Aqueduct Rd.
Open: Now through Labor Day
Hours: M-F 12:30-7:45pm, Sat & Sun 11am-7:45pm
Membership/Cost: Resident-only membership; Daily ID Passes- $4 adult ($6 guest), $2 2-13yrs ($4 guest), free 65yrs and older; Seasonal Passes- $185 family, $135 couple (same household), $120 Single parent and child, $75 adult.
Bonus: Residents are encouraged to ask about pool parties.


Got the scoop on one not mentioned here? Please share!


I was wondering what pool the one in the picture is? Im guessing one of the Spa State Park pools, but wasnt sure which one. Thank!

I know you can buy a pass to swim at Lake Myosotis at the Hyuck Preserve, but they don't make it easy. You have to already be a member of the preserve, and THEN you need to pay an additional fee to use the beach, and it's not cheap. I get that it's to deter crowds and also raise money for a worthy cause, but yikes. On the flip side, it must be a very peaceful place to relax, and I know how beautiful it is there.

The pic is of the Victoria Pool.

+1 for the caption!

Thanks, guys!

Ok so we have an article about swimming pools now, can we maybe get one about good swimming holes/lakes/creeks for the more outdoorsy people of the capital region?

Does anyone know more about the "Mater Christi Pool"? I'm confused about the location because the Academy of the Holy Names is on New Scotland Road (not Ave) but I'm not aware of any pool around there. Mater Christi church and school are on New Scotland Ave (at the corner of Hurst Ave) - does the pool have any relation to that?

Mater Christi pool is adjacent to the NYS Dept of Corrections training facility on New Scotland Rd. The building was formerly the Albany diocesan minor seminary and its name was Mater Christi Seminary.

Huh, I had heard rumors of a pool in that building near the Corrections training facility, but this is the first confirmation. Neat!

I love lake swimming and the list here is missing many public lakes. I'd submit a list of all the public lakes I've found in the Capital Region if someone would show me how to post an article. Lakes I go to in Rensselaer County include Snyder's Lake, Reichard's Lake, Crooked Lake, along with Grafton State Park. Collins Lake in Schenectady County has only a shallow swimming area but is a short drive for people in Schenectady or Scotia. Mostly I go to Snyder's Lake because of the convenience to Albany, but Crooked Lake is prettier. I have lots more information, just ask me about it.

Does anyone know of any 50-meter (olympic distance) pools in the area? The Cohoes pool only lets "outsiders" in during the weekend and charges $7 and the pool in the Saratoga Spa State Park never sets up for olympic-length lap-swimming. If it helps, I live in downtown Albany. Thanks!

i was wondering is there any special rules for lincoln park pool.

Mater Christi pool closed two days after it opened - the liner ripped on June 26th and who knows if or when it will be fixed before the season ends. I say let's walk across the street to the Mayor's house and take a dip in his pool!

@Sean: actually even if the Peerless Pool (which is my fav in the area) was set up for Olympic length it would not be practical/usable since it slopes from 3 feet back to 0 in the last 10 meters or so in that direction (to make entrance easier for kids). If you find one though, I'm interested too.

Hey Eva, please email the admin and give them all your info, I am sure they can find links and write up an article

Quick note about Thompson's Lake State Park (10am-6pm, closed Tuesday and Wednesday, parking $7 per car). It was hot as hell in Thacher Park last weekend so we pushed to Thompson's Lake, a few minutes west. If you are looking for a quick dip when it's "closed" and don't care much for sand anyway, there is free (as in free) access across the beach, on the other side of the lake. Cedar Lane is the "hidden path" that leads to it.

@-S, is it legal? We won't be driven out like a horde o' hooligans?

@summer: as much as I like trespassing, yes this seems legal. Makes me sad people consider lakes as "private" but in that case no issue, just follow Cedar Lane and stop your car where I marked it, I think it was an old boat access. The lake bed is a bit rocky and weedy but hey, it's not a pool, right? Nobody bothered us.

does grafton have a pool or just beach? did it ever have one?

I thought I'd try the Albany Lincoln pool today. I live in Albany and I love to swim outdoors in summer. I'm a lap swimmer and this pool is awesome. First, it was almost empty, so I had plenty of room. It's beautiful to look out at the huge pine trees in my peripheral vision. At first I thought the water was too cold, but it was fine once I was in and very refreshing. IT'S HUGE! I'm betting the diameter of the deep area is over 50 meters. Easy in and out. Close parking, lockers (bring a quarter or your own lock) and it's free, open 7 days a week. Very friendly atmosphere, marble showers, classic!

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