Graeter's at the Fresh Market

graeter's at the fresh market

It was as if a heavenly light emanated from the freezer case...

We were poking around The Fresh Market in Latham this past weekend, casually scanning the frozen foods section when we stopped dead in the aisle, mouth dropped open: The Fresh Market carries Graeter's ice cream

What is this Graeter's you speak of?

Graeter's is some of the best ice cream you'll ever eat.

The Cincinnati company has been making ice cream using the "archaic" French pot method for about 140 years. The method gives the ice cream a terrific density, yet it retains a remarkable plasticity (it's hard to describe). Add in fantastic-tasting ingredients, and you have great ice cream.

Sure, you can believe us -- or you can believe Oprah. As a billionaire quasi-religious figure we're reasonably sure Oprah can have pretty much anything she wants. If there are monks making amazing ice cream from yak milk on a mountain in Bhutan, Oprah could have it delivered. Of Graeter's she said: "This is the best ice cream I ever tasted."

Until recently the only way to get Graeter's was to go to greater Cincinnati (including such northern suburbs as Dayton and Columbus), or have it shipped. But the family that owns the company opened its first new plant since 1934 last year, increasing capacity 4x. That new supply is now headed all over the country.

A Graeter's pint at The Fresh Market is $5.49. Expensive, but it's a quality item. And it's about half the price of having it shipped.

Oh, and get the vanilla chocolate chip. Yep, just regular chocolate chip. It's unbelievable.


When I want the best ice cream on the planet I'll go to the Snowman in Troy, like God intended

Having grown up in Central Ohio, I will agree that Graeter's is awesome ice cream. Maybe without the variety of flavors of Ben and Jerry's, but much better tasting. And if I recall correctly, the Graeter's ice cream shops back home served it Cold Stone/Maggie Moo's style.

That said, Columbus is far from being a northern suburb of Cincinnati. It's actually the largest city (though third-largest metropolitan area) in Ohio and has a nice small-big-city feel similar to another state capital we know.

Great news! I know that makes a couple of ice cream lovers in Albany very happy. Yes, when it is all said and done, Graeters has lots of tasty flavors. However, chocolate the flavor that you come back to. Enjoy!

YAY!!! I haven't had Graeter's in ages because every time I go to Columbus I pig out on Jeni's - but it is good, good stuff. I wonder if the packaged variety has the absolutely huge chunks of chocolate you'll find at the store. I do have to second Dan - Columbus stands all on its own!

@Dan, Green: Yep, you're totally right about Columbus, especially over the last decade. It's become the first city of Ohio. The suburb thing was just a joke.

Don't get me started on Cleveland.

Have to try that shop, and ice cream.
When i was young nothing beaat Howard Johnson's ice cream.Chocolate chip,mocha chip so heavenly!

Hooray! As a Cincinnati native, Graeter's is by far my favorite ice cream. The black raspberry chip is probably the most popular, and my personal favorite.

Graeter's is yummy, but, if you really want a unique ice cream from Ohio there is nothin' better than Jeni's in Columbus. Lavender and salty carmel are two of my favorites! Amazing flavors and so tasty!!!

ice cream is great, but the make your own six pack is still the best feature of The Fresh Market.

This is bullsh1t. First the vanilla taste is not that great. Second and most disturbing of all is the chocolate in the chocolate chip ice cream is soft chewy and taste like artificial chocolate coating. Bryers is better and friendly chocolate chip is far better . I don't care if its made in gold bowls. This ice cream is very disappointing and a rip off at $5.99 a pint. Again if u buy something or like something simply because Oprah does ur retarded and deserve to pay 6 bucks for lackluster ice cream.

I agree this ice cream is VERY disappointing. I bought the chocolate chip based on the recommendations of this post and commentors, but threw out almost the whole pint. For the price you pay for this, stick with Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Das. The chocolate is poor quality and the vanilla flavor is too strong and artificial-tasting.

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