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The 2011 edition of the Tournament of Pizza will soon be here. The selection committee is currently assembling this year's field. And we need your help.

This year's brackets will include:
+ The two finalists from last year -- Marino's in Schenectady, DeFazio's in Troy
+ Four selections made by judge emerita Renée McAllister. (Does this mean we have a new judge this year? Suspense.)
+ Six selections by the committee -- four in each bracket, plus two for the (sadly) non-returning bracket champs (Pasquale's in Albany, Nunzio's in Saratoga).

That leaves four spots in the tournament, which will be chosen by crowd voting. The pizzeria with the most votes in each bracket will get a spot in the field.

The ballot for this year's field is after the jump -- as are Renee's picks.

Renée's picks

Albany: Pie Hole Pizzeria - Albany, Hurlbut Street
I want to check out this place based on the awesome name.

Saratoga: Mama Mia's - Saratoga, Route 50
I've read great things about this place on Twitter and have been wanting to try it out.

Schenectady: Mario's - Niskayuna, River Road
I've heard great things about this place over the years (non-Twitter communication).

Troy: Joe's Tavern - Cohoes, Division Street
This place used to have amazing pizza years ago. They changed owners a few times and I wonder if the current owners are bringing back the magic.

Crowd ballot

If the survey isn't appearing above, try taking taking it directly.

Results from the TOP 2011 start in October.


Where the ())_^ is Capriccio Saratoga in the Saratoga bracket? Another new place, Pizza Works, made it in. Why not this much more ambitious establishment?

I would be remiss if I didn't let you know about Little Anthony's Pizza, on Central Ave, in Albany. Also, my wife would never forgive me. ;)

Sara Bella is a relative newcomer in Colonie. Probably too new to get enough attention as a write in. I had been meaning to make a recon run out there, but the one yelp review for the place is glowing.

And those Yelpers can be brutal.

Regardless, I'm really looking forward to seeing how the field emerges this year. A TOP without Pasquale's and Nunzio's will be heartbreaking. But at the same time it finally gives some other places an opportunity to shine and compete in the quarter finals and semis.

So glad to see Elias's in EG and Ralph's in Colonie up for the vote.

I wanted to vote for Pie Hole, but Renee already picked them! Lots of love for the Del Ave neighborhood, though I'm not sure they're the type of pizza the judges will go for. Of course, I'm rooting for DeFazio's all the way.

Too bad the spot at Lark & Spring isn't open yet, it looks like they're making some nice renovations.

I heard a rumor that Fireside closed - you might want to double check before it gets too many votes.

As a substitute, I suggest "Our Original Pizzeria" at 1200 Crane St.

There are too many good choices in Troy!

why is a place in Cohoes listed for Troy?

I'd like to see Parma Italia in Clifton Park make it in -- they're highly rated online, and they seem to be pretty good from what I've tasted.

Also, @otisregrets, Pizza Works has been around for ages -- not sure if the Saratoga one is a relocation or an expansion, but they've been in Ballston Spa for years and years.

Homestyles's Tomato Pie!!!!

To B and Renee,

Have either of you ever walked in to the "Pie Hole?"

There are no real ovens, no kitchen and just two lonely, previously frozen, store bought pizzas drying out.

You should check a place out and make sure it's not a drug front before you start a buzz about it.

Dan, yeah I have, multiple times. It's a spot I can grab a bite to eat while I walk down Delaware.

There's a reason I said "I'm not sure they're the type of pizza the judges will go for."

A place for everything and everything in its place. I've talked with the owners and they seem to be good folks, and there's a Ms. Pac-Man machine. If you think it's a drug front you can do more good talking to the authorities than griping on a blog.

Isipo's on Erie Blvd in Schenectady is worth everyone's consideration. It's up toward State St. in the former Quiznos.

A Tournament of Pizza without I Love NY would be ridiculous. There are a lot of places in the area with the same name, and I don't really understand if any of them are owned by the same people, but use the 1825 Central Ave location - accept no substitutes.

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