A fourth ShopRite

shoprite sign thumbnailA shuffle of land parcels in the village of Colonie has opened the way for a new ShopRite there (map). That brings that total of actual stores/planned-if-not-officially-announced stores/rumored stores to four (Niskayuna, village of Colonie, Albany Central Ave, Slingerlands). [Biz Review] [AOA] [TU] [TU]


I hope they put a Shop Rite at that vacant shopping center at the corner Route 4 and 43 in North Greenbush. I'm not necessarily an advocate for that sort of gentrification of our suburbs, but *something* needs to go in there. That space is just a creepy, empty retail parking lot.

Please build in either Cairo Greenville or Catskill. It is like a reunion when we drive over the Rip Van Winkle to shop in Hudson. Always see neighbors from other side of river......Think about it Please no major chain store. Hannaford suppose to come to Cairo. Might as well be another mom and pop store with their prices...THANKS

The Times Union piece made me laugh: "ShopRite pulled out of the area several years ago". Guys, they pulled out TWENTY YEARS AGO.

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