APD chief Krokoff to councilmen and others: Shame!

krokoff albany common council 2012-01-05Albany Community Television has posted the video of last night's Common Council caucus in which police chief Steven Krokoff recounted how the department viewed the events involved with the removal of Occupy Albany from Academy Park -- for example, he explained that department didn't want to all the tent to parade around the streets again, stopping traffic.

And then he went off on a few members of the council. Here's a transcription of part of his statement:

Shame on a very small group of people in the Occupy Albany movement who chose not to take their frustrations to the court, and translate those frustrations into legal action.
Shame on a small group of people who defied common decency and demonstrated a lack of respect for their fellow human beings.
Shame on a group of people who chose to convolute their own organizational message by conducting themselves without dignity and without concern for their fellow citizens.
Shame on councilman [Dominick] Calsolaro, a leader in this city, who lacked the internal discipline to keep from getting caught up in the emotion and frenzy of those moments. When your department needed your leadership, you were not there.
Shame on councilman [Anton] Konev and councilman [Lester] Freeman, who at every turn seemed to be so willing to distort the truth of any situation, no matter how tragic, and use it for their own personal gain. Shame on them for being too weak to stand for the truth. Shame on you both for mattering so little to yourself and your community that you have to create hate and further half-truths just to feel some sense of relevancy. This entire city has seen the content of your character and I pity you both.

It's remarkable to see a public official call out other officials like that during a public meeting. Later in the meeting Konev called Krokoff's remarks "distasteful" and accused him of using "selective hearing." Calsolaro said he had been asked by constituents to be at the park, and he felt like he was doing his job. Calsolaro also said he had been asking people in the crowd to stay away from the police horse. (It was the mounted officer who ended up using pepper spray during the struggle over the tent.)

The whole video includes responses from the council members, and discussion with Krokoff about the events that night. Krokoff's opening statement starts at the 6:30 mark.

(And be sure to read JCE's tweets from the meeting.)

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screengrab: Albany Community Television


I am so confused by this. Not sure how to process it. It's so concise, and frankly, well written.. but yet designed to be inflammatory and not what you'd expect from a police chief. It's like if you and Maya Angelou went to High School together and she started getting in your face and talking crap.

Only in a city like Albany could Calsolaro, Konev, and Freeman be in any type of position of leadership or power. Talk about the clueless leading the clueless. We in Albany again get what we deserve. At least Kindlon will hopefully send Soares back into the private sector...the NYS Republican certainly aren't.

@Betty: Krokoff has an undergrad degree in English from UAlbany. So, not a surprise that he can write well.

This never would have happened in they had only prayed before the common council meeting.

@Greg Well, that explains it. English degrees: the power to tell someone off like a BOSS.

@ nyny55

Ever spoken to Calsolaro about an issue relating to local government? I can assure to there is no better representative of the people that Dominic is.

We may disagree on his enthusiasm of the OA movement, but it does not mean he doesn't have the best interests of his constituents and his city in mind as a representative. Few people are more genuine, honest, and selfless.

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