Sh*t Public Radio Listeners Say

By the way: it's N-e-d-a U-l-a-b-y.

More evidence that "sh*t (insert whatever) say" is the dominant mode through which we now understand modern society: local public radio people Sarah LaDuke, Ian Pickus, and David Hopper have created a "Sh*t Public Radio Listeners Say" video.

And it's funny. Because it's true. Nicely played.

If you sit with the volunteers answering calls during a WAMC pledge drive, you will hear about half of these things in one hour. They'll also tell you that you sound taller on the radio.

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that just made me hate myself!

Nice work guys. Let's celebrate. Here, have a taste of this organic, gluten free, locally produced, lactose-free vegan fig quiche. It's ah-may-zing. And sustainable!

So that's what Sarah LaDuke and Ian Pickus look like.

They sound taller.

this makes me feel like an insider. NPR is a nice big tent. Dakaah! indeed.

I was waiting for the Marketplace music to come on the radio. "Sounds like another down day for the stock market."

I love the WAMC staffers - young and interesting - public radio has a good future here.

"actual tears out of my face" and ian eating pita chips (and drinking wine)...... i love you both. see you at the peace pagoda!!

I am disappointed with the lack (lak?) of Lakshmi Singh.

First time I've ever heard a Morning Edition button sung perfectly in the shower. Makes me want to jump in there with you. You go girl!

BJ (no, not ATC) Leiderman

"I turned on Hearts of Space and all I heard was your fund drive. You're freakin' me out, man."

(paraphrased a bit)

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