Megabus Saratoga Springs

megabus rensselaerThe Megabus will be offering service from Saratoga to both New York City and Burlington, starting April 2. The currently posted schedule has Saratoga > NYC trips leaving at 7 pm, and Saratoga > Burlington trips leaving at noon. Tickets are currently $4 (as with all Megabus trips, that price will go up as date gets closer).

The Megabus website doesn't have a confirmed stop for Saratoga yet -- it says booked customer will get an email. The stop in Burlington is near the UVM campus. (Its website also says its departure stop in NYC will be moving mid-February.)

Megabus doesn't currently offer service between Albany and Burlington, so that's a new local connection on the bus line's map. And as Matthew Loiacono point out today, you can now tour the Northeast from here on Megabus (see his comment).

[via Saratogian]

Earlier on AOA: The last time we ran through all the options for getting to/from New York City, Megabus was one of the best.


This is great news. Does anyone know if there is bus service from Burlington to Montreal?

Apparently, a fully-loaded Megabus weighs mega-pounds. Like close to 40,000 pounds. Megabus, indeed!

As I pointed out on the Twitter:

(incorrectly at first)

bands/musicians with little to no gear can route a CHEAP little week-long adventure using only the Megabus all throughout the northeast:

Saratoga > Burlington > Boston > Hartford > Amherst > NYC > Saratoga

The Boston > Hartford > Amherst situation is a little perplexing, if one were to undertake it by car, but with that blue bus in control, no worries will be had!

One could conceivably even take it further, with NYC being a major jumping off point to Philly > DC > Richmond, VA > Raleigh/Durham > Charlotte > Atlanta > Jacksonville > Atlanta > Chattanooga > Nashville > Knoxville > DC ...

on and on and on!

At potentially $1 - $25 / ticket, this is a crazy good deal.

The main thing would be finding venues / hotels easily accessed by public / cheap transport near the drop-off and pickup points.


We heard that the Wilton Mall is being considered for the Saratoga stop.

Wilton Mall would be great as you can take the 50 bus there.

Yuck....riding a bus sucks.

I prefer the train. The cost provides a nice income barrier which prevents disgusting smelling slobs from sitting next to you. (Apologies to any AoA readers who might be disgusting smelling slobs.)

No offense taken, Tim.

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