Silversun Pickups at Upstate Concert Hall

silversun pickups 2012

Alt rock group Silversun Pickups will be playing Upstate Concert Hall October 20. Openers are Cloud Nothings, and Atlas Genius. Tickets go on sale this Friday (August 24) -- they're $25 ($27 day of).

You've probably heard Silversun Pickups, either specifically or as the background music in something. Their sound is kind of retro -- if you consider something that sounds like 15 years ago retro. (Modern culture has a faster metabolism for nostalgia, right?) The distortion. The loud-quiet-loud. The Smashing Pumpkinsness. It sounds like 1997. (See also: The Joy Formidable.)

The LA band is now on its third album. Neck of the Woods came out this past May. They've been touring this summer. The show is part of a new batch of dates out today.

Speaking of the 90s: Built to Spill is playing UCH August 29.

photo: Autumn Wilde


"Speaking of the 90s: Built to Spill is playing UCH August 29."

So, why not wave Built to Spill's flag before this post? There's no comparison between the two.

you guys entirely missed the figgs story from this past weekend - should have been right in your wheelhouse. you've done a nice job beefing up in other areas, but your music cred has taken a direct hit.

@Jonathan: It was in two separate posts:

That said, we could have broken it out into its own post. And maybe we should have. We always appreciate suggestions and feedback.

Awesome! I love them. I was living in Seattle when KEXP started playing "Kissing Families" all the time and I have been head over heels since. I have been waiting for them to come back this way on tour.

Cloud Nothings are a great band, too! I wasn't that interested in this show till I realized they were an opener.

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