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Does the flux capacitor work?

Brian tweeted this photo to us today. He says he spotted the DeLorean just off Watervliet Ave in Albany. We asked him if he knew the backstory (link added):

Absolutely no idea. People milling around the car had no idea either. No Doc Brown sightings either.

Brian's posted a few more photos on Twitter. In case you're wondering, yes, the car is equipped with a Mr. Fusion.

Some of the streets in the area are reasonably straight, you might be able to hit 88 mph...

(Thanks, Brian!)


I saw one for sale on the side of the road a bunch of years back on the north side of Oneida Lake. Stopped and ogled it for a few minutes. I wonder how many of these are still kicking around?

A DeLorean was spotted at a ValleyCats game this season as well. It may be that one.

The flux capacitor is new:

Huh. I wonder who screwed up something and has to fix everything before the future (or past) is irrevocably altered now?

It has to be Jim Coyne's because he definitely still thinks it's 1985.

I knew someone who had a DeLorean DMC-12 - he said that he was able to keep it well-maintained because most of his engine parts matched up with Mercedes-Benz parts. I haven't spoken to him in about ten years, but I suspect the car might still have some life in it.

I see one parked occasionally near the Vespa store on Erie Blvd. As far as I can suss it doesn't have a Flux Capacitor.

There was one for sale just off exit 4 near Wolf Rd. a couple of years ago, but it didn't seem to be equipped with the Doc Brown mods.

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