A sampling of cooking classes, fall 2012

christian noe sausage class - albany jane

Christian Noe's class on making sausage is back a the Arts Center this fall. / photo: Albany Jane

We've pulled together a list of upcoming cooking classes that look interesting or fun a few times and people seem to like it.

So, here's a new batch of classes for the next few months...

This is not a comprehensive listing. If there's something not on her that you think is worth a mention, please share!

September 18: Home Dairy 101 | The Arts Center
Hands-on demos from the From Scratch Club's Liz Russell of how to make homemade yogurt, mozzarella, ricotta, and paneer. $48

September 19: Canine Treats | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Sloppy Kisses' Melanie Dallas on how to make three different types of dog treats. $45

September 19: Culinary Boot Camp | Gio Culinary Studio
A "comprehensive crash course in the basics of real cooking": knife skills, making stock, taking apart a chicken. There's a second class the next day on braising, sauteing, roasting, and sauces. $90 each

September 23: Bread Baking | Battenkill Kitchen
A full-day, hands-on class on bread baking with Adam Witt. He bakes bread for Max London's and Mrs. London's and helped start, and operate for 10 years, the excellent Rock Hill Bakehouse. $70

September 24: Fermenting Abundance: Preserving Veggies | The Arts Center
The basics of pickling vegetables through lacto-fermentation, with the From Scratch Club's Elissa Kane. Depending on what's available, the the class will make sauerkraut, kimchi, dilly beans, pickles, salsa, or chutney. $53

September 27: The Yin and Yang Chinese Cooking | The Arts Center
The Language Learning Institute's Lin Jie on Chinese cooking, the first of three part series. Dishes in this class: chicken with peanut sauce, and noodles with pork. $83

September 29: Peirogi Hands-on | Different Drummer's Kitchen
A class on making two types of pierogi with Susan Sady, who operated a Polish restaurant in Utica for 19 years. $65

October 1: Beginning Sushi Hands-on | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Yasuo and Kathy Saso on how to properly prepare sushi rolls. (There's an intermediate sushi class with them on November 12.) $65

October 2: Rethinking the Lunch Box, Hands-on | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Silly Goose Farm's Deanna Fox on homemade crackers, fruit snacks, chips, and "kid-friendly lunchtime bento box." $55

October 9: Waterbath Canning for Fall | The Arts Center
The From Scratch Club's Christina Davis on the boiling water-bath canning process. Hot and cold packed pickles, apple butter. $60

October 14: Makin' Bacon | The Arts Center
The From Scratch Club's Erika Tebbens on home curing bacon. $40

October 24: Macaroni and Cheese: 3 Ways | The Arts Center
Nighthawk's Kitchen, Mac-n-Cheese Bowl winner, interesting person Christian Noe on the basics of macaroni and cheese, and how to adapt it. $39

October 30: Mastering Pancakes | The Arts Center
Amy Halloran on making the perfect pancake. The class will make three types of breakfast cakes, and a dinner pancake "improve session" incorporating savory ingredients. $48

November 5 How to Shop, Stock Your Pantry, Dine Out, Cooke and Advocate for Loved Ones with Food Allergies | The Arts Center
The From Scratch Club's Christina Davis on all that, plus recipes for the food allergic. (Christina has a lot of first-hand experience on this topic.) $53

November 7: Gluten Free: Savory and Sweet | The Arts Center
A two session class (November 14, too) with Ann Lapinski. The first session: gluten-free flat breads, tortillas, arepas. Sessions two: gluten-free muffins and quick breads. $90

November 8: Modern Tapas | Different Drummer's Kitchen
Crea executive chef Brian Bowden on making tapas -- he'll demonstrate six small plates. $65

November 15: Beef 101 | Different Drummer's Kitchen
There's no description on the website for this class, but it's with Jaime Ortiz, the chef at 677 Prime. He could probably teach you a few things about cooking cow. $75

December 5: The Art and Construction of Homemade Sausage | The Arts Center
The popular class from Nighthawk's Kitchen's Christian Noe. Class will make basic pork sausage, and more complex sausage -- such as chorizo, andouille, bratwurst. Here's Albany Jane's recap of a class earlier this year. $43

December 11: Chocolate Candy Bars | The Arts Center
DreamPuff's Virginia O'Neill with a hands-on class on making your own signature candy bar. $48

The Arts Center advertises on AOA.


I'm sad I'll be out of town for that pierogi one. Lots of great offerings!

Thanks for including my Lunchbox class. I have two other coming up at Different Drummer's Kitchen:

10/18: Farmhouse Festive (hands-on, we'll be making candied apples, caramel apples, popcorn balls, candy bars, and homemade candy corn). 6:00p-8:30p

11/10: Farmhouse Breakfast (hands-on, we'll be making the best biscuits ever (!!), sausage gravy, farmhouse frittatas, 20-minute table jam, plus learning how to properly care for farmhouse essentials like cast iron skillets and wood utensils/cutting boards) 10:00a-12:30p

And anyone can host a From Scratch Club class for themselves and their friends with the "Class-in-a-Bag" system. We'll bring all materials/equipment to your house, you just supply the friends and enthusiasm! More details can be found on the FSC Academy website.

Thanks again for the love, guys!

We have FREE technique classes every Sunday (10:30 and 12:30) at Williams-Sonoma in Crossgates Mall! This week is learning to braise.

Call to reserve your spot #518-456-0201.

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