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The crowd filled about 2/3 of West Capitol Park.





























This girl is 11 years old -- she said her family were lifelong members of the NRA -- she sang "God Bless America."



Assemblyman Dan Stec, one of a handful of elected representatives who spoke. He represents part of northern Saratoga County, up into the Adirondacks.





Scenes from the rally to repeal the NY SAFE Act

rally to repeal ny safe act new york state capitol 2013-02-28

Thousand of people rallied outside the Capitol Thursday for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act. Among those there: NRA president David Keene (Cap Con/NY Now has video). And Carl Paladino was also there, apparently in low-profile mode. [TU CapCon] [State of Politics]

A lot of the talk from the speakers was you might expect at a rally against a gun control law: a focus on the 2nd Amendment (and other rights), freedom, charges of government overreach, chants of "Cuomo's gotta go." And there were also some of the caricatures you might expect -- both in the people rallying, and in their messages (there were at a few führer references).

But there was also a lot of talk about things you might not expect if you're only familiar with these sorts of rallies via blurbs on the news. And it's the kind of stuff you could easily come across at, say, an anti-fracking rally (or whatever the issue): the importance of voting and voter registration, paying attention to what you're elected representatives are doing, problems with the legislative process and back room dealing.

Here are a bunch of scenes from the rally...

The photos are in large format above -- scroll all the way up.


Hitler references. Gee, who could have guessed.

I must admit, I wasn't expecting jazz hands drawn on a protest sign.

Well, that explains why Staples was all out of Hitler posters.

Such a poor piece of legislature handled in the shadiest way possible. Passed in a day with no public debate, no hearings, and no committee meetings? Shame on those officials who voted in favor of a bill they didn't even have time to read.

My favorite sign is "The Second Amendment is not negotiable". I love it because it fails to recognize that we've already negotiated the scope of the amendment and determined that gun control is acceptable. Don't believe me? Go try and buy a tank, bazooka, fighter jet, etc.

We've all already accepted that controls are allowable under the Second Amendment. What we're debating is a question of degree - how far should gun controls go? If gun advocates would recognize that, we might be able to stop the hyperbole about freedom and tyranny and actually discuss the matter at hand.

(@Basset Lady - Meh, you get Hitler references from both sides. I'm sure there were plenty of times where Bush got the Hitler 'stache. Hell, I may have even done it.)

While overall it is depressing, I have to take my little bits of enjoyment where I can get them.

A bunch of tea party people chanting that cuomo needs to go when Cuomo got a bunch of money from the Koch brothers, who were apparently instrumental in starting and funding the tea party.

Ever feel like you've been cheated?

Whether it's pro-second amendment, anti-fracking/environmental demonstrations, the upcoming "save public education" rally....the ANTI-cuomo sentiment is the same. Interesting - he has a lot of haters on the right AND the left.

Where were all these "principled conservatives" when the Bushies were trampling all over the 4th, 5th, 6th, & 8th Amendments?

Wait...that's right. Back then it was treason to question the president during time of war. Their response was, I believe: "If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."

It's time for Cuomo to man up and fix what is an obvious mistake. Anyone can make them but it takes a man to correct them. Do you have those qualities? We will be waiting Governor..........

I've long wanted to go to one of these things with a sign that reads, "You Have A Secret Admirer (in Bed!) on the face, with today's lucky numbers on the other side. Just to see who gets it. I get the feeling that the "WILL NOT COMPLY" guy is there in the same spirit.

Great photos. I think they tell a story that words can't quite express.

The Holocaust, Gee, who could have guessed.

I am with you...............Keep going..............We've got to win !!!!

Great signs, good job.
I haven't heard of this, I came from a link at another site. I live in Florida and I've heard of "pro-gun control" marches that had twenty or thirty marchers in them in the news but not this.
Great pics, great signs.

It is sad that elected officals can not make good on their own oath of office. Does that invalidate their legiticy of their positions in goverment.

Thank All Of You! Thank you for showing up and taking a stand against this travesty called "The Safe Act" that was forced upon the law abiding citizens of New York. We all Call for our Governor to do the "right thing" and fix this mistake.

No matter what side of the issue you stand on, everyone should be appalled by the process of this legislation. The sword cuts both ways and this law should be opposed on principal for how shadily it was rammed through. Remember, next time it might something you care about. This precedent should not be allowed to stand for the sake of EVRYONE'S rights and issues.

No, Kevin, you've got to pass it first so you can know what's in it. That's how it's done now...

And where was Mr Cuomo during this demonstration? Thousands on his front lawn expressing their concerns? He was two hours away, in Brooklyn, skirting around the issue.

The People in attendance were all calm, cool, and collective; but make no mistake they are pissed-off at what was done to them! Every person there represents ten more that think the same way.
For those in Office that voted for the un-SAFE Act: you'd better brush up your resume, and those who voted against it; you'd better be working damn hard to get it nullified, else you'll be needing a resume too.
Those in favor of the act: even if you're for gun control, you should be appalled at how the law was passed, allowed unchallenged sets a new standard, one that can be used against YOU or your passion.
BTW: The Hitler, communism, and dictator posters are highly appropriate: READ the history, as those who've forgotten it will endure it again; it CAN happen here, but won't as long as theirs a rifle behind every blade of grass.

This was the whitest protest group I have ever seen! I've lived a block from the capital for decades and seen a lot of folks gather to hoot complaints at the gov.

The hunting gear- camo and orange - made an interesting statement.

The signs stated they were law-abiding. They chanted they would not abide. So I wonder if they will pay all the many parking tickets I saw on trucks and cars downtown.

@FP1201 - "it CAN happen here, but won't as long as theirs a rifle behind every blade of grass."

I love this mentality. If the government decided to do what you're so scared of, your little rifle in the grass will do nothing. Maybe it can stop a deer, but I don't think it will help fight the government's drones, tanks, helicopters, etc.

If you're worried that the SAFE Act takes away your ability to resist a potential government takeover, then I'm sorry to tell you you're far, FAR too late.

Can someone please tell me what these people were even protesting? From what I've read the Safe Act is basically a ban on military assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips. I will agree that the clip capacity being changed from 10 to 7 seems pretty pointless, but I don't see anything about taking peoples rifles or even pistols away.

Sorry if the orange and camo bothered some people.. the warmest clothes I own are my hunting clothes. And as I was out there for hours trying to support everyone's rights under the constitution I thought it would be smart to try and stay as warm as possible. Its more than just about magazine capacity, or "assault weapons". It is about fundamental freedoms. This law will impose zero restrictions on me personally. But I do not agree with any of it. And I will not stop supporting this movement until it is completely repealed. Everyone should be completely disgusted with a government that can pull this kind of thing off, the way they did. It reads "we the people". We need discussions. Intense debate. Rational thought. Fact based decisions need to be made. Not emotional ones. Repeal this law now, and lets do this the right way. The Democratic way. As "we the people".

Josh, I was not at the rally, though I wish I could have been. The point of this rally is that Coumo took away people's choice without due process. To be a citizen of this free country lays great responsibility on each and everyone of us. A gun is not just for self defense, but for the defense of property and that of your neighbors'. As a responsible citizen and member of this society, I take it upon myself to be watch for my neighbors. I would hope they'd do the same for me. Some people may choose not to have a gun, and that's fine. The important thing is that the choice is there. I am a Catholic, and a member of the Knights of Columbus. -- I am a kind and generous person. While I may "turn a cheek" when swindled for a dollar, I will stand my ground to defend my family, myself, or those around me. Hopefully, you will never be in a position to have to thank a person for standing up for you or protecting your loved ones in your absence.

In the paper Cuomo's spokesman said only about half the predicted 10,000 turned out. That's very strange as the bus drivers say they brought in about 7000 on buses. Add that to the thousands that drove usually a full car load and somehow it doesn't add up to 5000.
Must be the new liberal math I guess???

You see Josh I read the same stuff. I am not against people owning a gun I am against them being dumba**es about it.

They all look so angry, my sign would have read "You Have A Secret Admirer (in bed!) The other side would have had the lucky numbers for today. It would have made as much sense as anything that tossed about words like tyranny, or pictures with Hitler mustaches.

This "fight" for gun control has been going on since the 1980's. This is the 4th or 5th step along the way. The ultimate goal is to ban all weapons and to remove them from society. It is an agenda that has been carried by certain Democrats for 40 years. These laws and these bans have nothing to do with safety. The assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan was the springboard for the orginal assault weapons ban. Sandy Hook was used as a springboard by Obama to implement his plan, and the shooting in Rochester was the springboard for Coumo.

Dianne Feinstein has befen working to ban guns, since the Brady bill. As gun owners and gun advocates, we are protesting the proverbial foot in the door. If they are allowed to pass this bill what will be next? What if the next ban is locks on your doors and windows?

I get a lot of enjoyment from reading the comments posted by the liberal Democrat lemmings. The cities and states with the highest crime rates, deaths caused by weapons, highest taxes, highest unemployment, decaying infrastructure, etc. are all Democrat controlled and have been for years. It is impossible for them to understand that the "well" is dry and spending has to be cut. In January, the Republicans gave Obama the tax hike on the rich that he wanted and he came up with the sequestration idea, along with those mental morons, Pelosi and Reid. Now here we are and they want to not only raise taxes on the middle class, but they want to increase spending. These idiots are ruining this Country!

Thats the problem Josh. You don't see it. Your political and historical ignorance is overwhelming.

This law makes criminals out of lawfull citizens including the police. It was done so fast that they forgot to make exceptions fot police on magazine size. On 4-16-13 will confiscation cuomo have the police arrest themself ? Will they break the law ?

The ONLY deal is REPEAL!!!


People do own tanks as well as fighter jets, don't believe me, just check online. Many years ago, a man piloting a cold war era Mig landed at albany airport; he was running low on fuel.

Bazookas, rocket launchers, and hand grenades are considered ordinance, not firearms. So bringing that old and discredited argument up is being disingenuous.

"Dave N." wrote:
'Where were all these "principled conservatives" when the Bushies were trampling all over the 4th, 5th, 6th, & 8th Amendments?
Wait...that's right. Back then it was treason to question the president during time of war. Their response was, I believe: "If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about."'

Good question Dave but I would turn that back around on the Democrats and liberals who don't ask that question about the current occupant of the White House. Hypocrisy with a side of indefinite detention anyone?

The February 28 Albany NY pro gun/repeal the "safe" act rally was the largest protest ever of any kind at the state capital. We shouted so loud that Governor Cuomo could hear us from the rock he was hiding under down on Long Island that day. Web search "Appalachian counties" and you will see that Schoharie county NY is part of Appalachia, and Appalachian folks from North to South don't take kindly to those who take away our RIGHTS. On March 16th at 1PM the village of Schoharie NY will host the WE THE PEOPLE pro 2nd amendment rally that is expected to make the Feb. 28 Albany rally look small in comparison. We're gonna shout so hard that the gun grabbers' ears bleed. SPREAD THE WORD. BE THERE.

Once upon a time I was a Cuomo follower. He seemed to be able to get both parties together to get things done for the first time in years.. As many were taking office for the first time, he sprung this Safe Act vote on them. For the newbies, it was political suicide not to back him on this Bill. Hopefully these pawns are rethinking how they were played. He tried to use this "Safe Act" as a spring board to the presidency. It looks like we'll be stuck with him in NY. No presidency for him!!!.

I was very happy to see people out in great numbers being angry, honest and fighting for what we all should be fighting for. It's been too long, actually since Glen Beck's rally in Washington. that we have come out in protest.
I thought the messages on the signs were fantastic.
We need to do alot more of this. There are so many people that have no information about major things that are going on under this administration and they need to know before it's too late.
Evolution mama, don't you make a monkey out of me.
God Bless.

We seem to be at the very edge of an armed revolution. For those who believe this is inevitable, act soon before there is a civil army to go against you.

It would appear the basic argument revolves around protection and fundamental freedoms. I guess you're ignoring the fact that a gun in the house is more likely to be used against a member of the household than against an intruder.

If you're talking about fundamental freedoms, I wonder if you believe healthcare is a fundamental freedom?

And to you John, I guess you were to overwhelmed to offer any other information than how dismayed you are. I hope you're not referencing the peasantry of Europe not being allowed to carry swords because that would just be sad.

I used to live in Ulster County in New York State now I live in Arkansas where its in my new states constitution like the U.S. Constitution that its my God given right to own guns! I am proud of my New York Friends who stood up to a tyrant he's just like his old man. I couldn't take it any more. I had a concealed carry in New York it was good only in NYS. My Arkansas concealed carry is good in 19 other free states!! Andrew stepped into it this time, he had a dream to be president and now its Andy's Nightmare he's lucky if he can get a dog catcher postion!!!
Michael & Karen Walkerwicz
Christian American Patriots and Proud Gun Owners

The crowd was very orderly and courteous, BUT unhappy that their rights have been infringed. Would the critics have been more persuaded if the attendees all wore suits and had their signs printed professionally? A basic human right is at stake. FREEDOM.

@Chris - So, you don't mind having your ordinance taken away? Am I really to believe that the simple difference in words is supposed to dismiss my argument?

Regardless, I wish you'd have focused on my first comment about the fact that we're actually debating the degree of gun control, not whether or not there should be gun control. Please explain why you all were t up in arms about your freedoms when you were no longer allowed the freedom to own a fully automatic firearm?

I've been a pistol packing Momma for over 35 years and will NEVER give up my gun...this is a stupid law....why don't you ask the BAD guys to give up their guns???? (That's just as stupid eh?). This government is so out of tune with the rights of the "GOOD" guys! Hope to see more rallies like this peaceful one in Albany....

Thanks for the new commenters, AOA. Just puked in my mouth a little bit.

Skelos and Curren abandoned there constituents on the gun issue when Como told them to kiss his ring or else..... Now they are back peddling. TOO LATE WITH TOO LITTLE ... no guts to stand up to a tyrant. The must be voted out of office!

I have had a conciel carry permit in NY for 42 years and not one of my guns have ever killed any one My permit reads GOOD UNTIL REVOLKED..Now this dummy wants me to renew it every year.My Kimber's and Remmington's say he'll never get them

Repeal all gun laws, anti religious freedom laws and laws that violate our American freedoms. Plus repeal, impeach, remove Obama, Cuomo, and all other haters of the Constitution. Our beloved Constitution is the bases of our entire American government, our freedoms, and our rights. How many have died to protect these freedoms? How dare they try to bypass it with midnight laws.
Tony Caserta

As a Vietnam Veteran I am well versed as to what an assault weapon is and what my AR15 is and I have it because I want to have it not because I necesarily need it. It doesn't assault anyone and is no threat to anyone who does not try to take the lives of anyone in my home or who might try to confiscate it for the cause of disarming Americans. It is an assault on our freedom that is at stake and the government must not be allowed to strip us of the freedom that was purchased with the blood of Patriots.

I grew up in the area. I was taught how to hunt and be responsible with a gun. I moved to Texas because that is where the work was (and still is). All of you law abiding citizens who think the 2nd ammendment should not be redefined by a bunch of career politicians, come on down. The rest of you should stay where you are....or better yet, merge with Illinois or California. That way all of you can go bankrupt together.

"We will not comply." OK, well you are now one of those criminals you like to talk about so much. I admit that I don't really get the specifics since it doesn't affect me at all, and it just well be poorly crafted policy designed more for political gain than real change. From 10 bullets to 7? Is that going to make a huge difference?

I do know that these protesters lose credibility with their overly simplistic and sentimental talk about the blood of patriots and cold dead hands. How about some substance? What do you suggest in the way of common sense measures to prevent gun deaths from legal guns in this country?

Yes, people kill people. That is why we are trying to prevent military style guns from getting into the hands of PEOPLE who will kill people. Asking PEOPLE to register, submit to background checks, carry insurance, etc. We don't expect the guns to do that themselves!! They aren't actually sentient, despite the emotional Juggernaut that you confer on them. They don't even have legs to go the right office!

Murder after murder happens in this country, many with legal guns. Yes we need to crack down on illegal guns too, but atrocities are being committed with legal guns as well, and it needs to be addressed in a reasonable way.

And for all those who consider themselves strict constructionists (when it suits them) I suggest reading this http://www.timesunion.com/opinion/article/Assault-on-the-Constitution-4303386.php

I agree with Texas - take your guns and move to Texas. You'll love it there. They have plenty of minimum wage jobs. Oh, and maybe if you're lucky, you'll run into the worst president ever.

This is an important topic, and it was good to see a lot of people express their viewpoints. But the conversation is turning back on itself, so we're closing the comments.

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