Area college graduate named host of TV program

fallon leno serenade

Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno serenading each other in a spoof of the situation. Or maybe they're playing baby birds.

In what has been rumored for weeks -- and the subject of New York State budget legislation -- Jay Leno announced today that he's leaving the Tonight Show to be replaced by Jimmy Fallon. The NBC is expected to announce the switch will happen in February, and the show will move to New York City. [CNN] [NYT]

As you know, Jimmy Fallon is a St. Rose alumnus and appeared on a few episodes of a local TV show back in the day. He left school one semester short of graduating in 1995 to go to LA, but returned in 2009 to graduate -- and give the commencement speech -- after the school awarded him credit for work experience.

The Fallon-for-Leno switch wasn't really a secret -- at least, not functionally. When the New York State legislature is debating a tax credit for your show to move from LA to New York -- the "Jimmy Fallon tax credit" -- the cat has gotten out of the bag and driven off, leaving the bag in way back in the rear view. Fallon and Leno even did a skit together recently making fun of the situation. [NYDN]

In other news, Conan O'Brien is recovering from repeatedly smacking his head on a desk.

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Wait, so does this mean he'll take over for a week until Jay Leno wants it back?

Anyone know some good local places to get enough anti-depressants needed to watch this?

Not to pooh-pooh the local boy done good angle, which is laudable, and I understand television programming all comes down to just a certain number of people finding something worth watching. Congrats to him.

But my wife "graduated with" Jimmy Fallon at SPAC and not only did his "graduation" totally overshadow everyone else's accomplishment, his speech wasn't even funny. I'll admit it shook up the usual stodgy order of graduations, but I feel bad for everyone that put in real work just to be background dressing for "film at 11."

Besides, as @shannon said, hope he doesn't get too used to the idea.

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