For sale: time machine

delorean time machine for sale

The listing has more photos.

GREAT SCOTT! You might have seen the local DeLorean tricked out to look like the time machine from Back to the Future. It's now for sale.

From the listing on Craigslist (emphasis added):

Delorean Time Machine that is approximately 75-80% needs to be completed. Mechanically, I have pulled the motor and Trans, replaced all seals, gaskets, injectors, clutch, axels, bearings, shocks, springs, custom Stainless Exhaust......list goes on. Car currently has 37k and is in Storage. As far as the Time Machine Stuff, it has working Fog Machines, led Lights that are powered by 2-12v batteries and a 3000 watt inverter. I have taken some liberties with the replica while being very close in resemblence it is not a 100% accurate movie reproduction, if you would like a 100% can get one and spend upwards of $60,000 from Video Bob in Texas, either way it is scary the amount of attention it gets whether on the highway or at a gas station, car show....basicly anywhere it goes!

Asking price: $25,000 (firm). And it has a flux capacitor.

(Thanks, Olek!)

photos: Craigslist item "Delorean Time Machine Replica"


I'd rather a TARDIS.

When purchasing Delorean Time Machines for my family's use, I'll accept only the real, genuine, 100 percent movie reproduction. Anything less is simply unsuitable for time travel.

When they say that the "time machine" is 75-80% complete - do they mean the replica-type features, or the actual mechanicals? "I have pulled the motor and trans".. I have pulled them out of the car or replaced them?

If everything is in good working condition - and present - this seems reasonable..

Paula stole my comment...

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