Last chances for an Albany Bagel... for now

albany bagel co everything bagel

An everything bagel from back in May.

The startup bagel stand Albany Bagel has just three more Saturdays at the farmers' market at the Crossings in Colonie. From an email it sent out this week:

We're still working on figuring out what the next steps will be for the Albany Bagel Company after the market closes. So while this probably won't be your last chance to try one of our bagels, it certainly will be your best chance in the near future. So come on out and grab a bagel on Saturday (9am-1pm).
As a further incentive: we officially crossed the line into profitability last weekend. We donate 100% of profits to charity, so that means that from now on every bagel you buy will mean even more money being donated to charity (even before profitability we've been donating 10% of our revenue).

ABC has an interesting backstory: it's the creation of Michael Dirolf, a software developer, along with his family and friends. They didn't have any baking experience -- they were just dissatisfied with local bagel options. So they spent a year honing a bagel recipe to resemble the bagels Dirolf had gotten in New York City.

Back in May, shortly after the stand's debut, we stopped by to try a few bagels. And they were really good -- still warm from the oven, chewy, with a crackly outside. We especially enjoyed the everything version, which was nicely savory without the burned garlic flavor that sometimes accompanies an everything (ABC wasn't using garlic on its everything -- just onion). It was easily one of the best bagels we've had in the area.

So, if you haven't tried them, yet -- here's your chance. Three more Saturdays.


The bagels look delicious! Bring 'em down to Albany!


I have not tried their bagel but I have to agree, we have no good bagels in town. Bagel Baron and Bagel Bites were good, but they have long left us. The best we have now is Breugger's. Very sad state of bagel affairs.

Brueggers is not the best, imo and their cream cheese is bleh. Uncommon grounds' bagel beats brueggers' bagels butt everytime.

I can attest to their deliciousness as well. I am from LI and they are quite close to bagels from home - dense and moist - great crust.

So can my dog - he loved them too!

I feel bad - I was so on board for a great Albany Bagel. I signed up for their email list and started following them on every platform... counting down the days until I could try one. Now the summer is almost over and I've still never tasted one. I work directly next to the Crossings during the week and really have no interest in going back over there on my day off... Here's hoping that Albany Bagel comes to Albany (hopefully with a store) in the near future!

They seriously are really good. Totally worth the trip. I may have gone several Saturdays just for the bagel. And I love that they are usually still warm!! so good :-)

These are seriously great bagels---I love the everything bagel! SANDY MITCHELL; Rockville, MD


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