Sprinting across the wall on Central Ave

We stopped by the alley next to Earthworld on Central Ave in Albany Friday to check out this excellent new mural. A handful of photos are post jump.

It's the work of the street artist Phlegm, who's painted murals all around the world. He got connected with Albany via photographer Bob Anderson of Art Geek Studios -- Brooklyn Street Art has great photos of the mural by Anderson, along with some backstory.

We get the impression Phlegm's a bit of a mystery man. Low key. Doesn't like having his picture taken. And he created the Central Ave mural in about two days, working from early morning to night, powered by Sovrana's turkey subs. Almost like he's an art superhero.

"I love looking at it," Earthworld owner JC Glindmyer told us today of the mural. "It just brings something different and special. It what's art does ... it moves you."

Glindmyer said Phlegm was quiet, an "awful nice guy." One thing that prompted the artist to react -- Glindmyer mentioning the work reminded him of Edward Gorey meets Terry Gilliam. "He totally beamed at that."

We stopped into Tintstar, an automotive modification shop next door. We'd heard they'd played a role in helping line things up for the mural. Said D, the guy we talked with there: "Seeing the whole process definitely gives you more of an appreciation of it ... He made it look effortless."

And of Phlegm, the guy: "He was just a genuinely good dude."

[via @missstafford]

Earlier on AOA: Living Walls in action

The photos are in large format above -- please click or scroll all the way up.

Find It

Mural by the street artist Phlegm
537 Central Ave (alley)
Albany, NY 12206


This is great, we haven't had big murals since Living Walls. Like his universe a lot.

How about some of those people running for mayor in this city get a photo op in front of this?

This is the type of thing that when I'm packing up my tent and pulling up the stakes makes me think, "maybe I should stay around this town, it is showing some promise"

I know I'm supposed to be excited about the new Bob and Doug's or whatever the adult video game emporium at Crossgates goes by these days, but I'm not.

This amazing piece of work makes me hopeful about albany. Much more so than the recent eviction of Lord Jennings.

My sentiment exactly banklessy!
I have tried for years to get things to happen in Albany, and it always comes down to who you know, much to everyone's disappointment.
I hope a new mayor will bring about new thinking.
I need to thank Samson for his invaluable passion & introductions, as well as Joshua Geyer & the guys at BSA.
D at Tintstar was crucial in securing this wall I had been eyeing for years, and his landlord for the appreciation. Sovrana's kept everyone fed, and Arlene's Art Supplies for the insane last minute paint order.
As well as Erik Savage & Alicia Lea for hosting Phlegm, a genuinely nice guy and amazing artist! And, if you know of any walls... well, let me know. We're not throwing in the towel on Albany yet!

I can imagine people standing there all day staring at that building - it's gorgeous.

What a masters work offers moves the spirit, Here we have been gifted with a great question, where is everyone going so quickly? is there so much tradgety we need to run? Or think more clearly with what our hearts tell us? Phelgm's skillful draftmenship inspirers characterizations obsolved of urgency yet they move at a real clip. Brilliant work to look at and wonder about.

Do the characters in the mural really need to be described as moving away from something? Could be they're going toward something.

Awesome work!
I agree, I saw it as moving towards something, not away from something. I get a sense of urgency, but not fear. But hey, it's all up for interpretation!

The characters are moving and taking over! Great, great work Bob Anderson and friends.

Not totally related - Someone throw a bomb up over the Living Walls rat/opossum mural. It's been driving me crazy, but I'm not sure if I have a right to be irritated or if that's just part of the game...

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