A good place for boarding a dog?

otto puppy earsAlex asks via Twitter:

Hey @alloveralbany: any Albany locals have any dog kennel recommendations for a weekend in the capital district?

We had a similar question in the past, but it was almost four years ago and things change. So new suggestion could be very helpful.

Got a place at which you feel good about placing your pup for the weekend (or longer)? Please share! Non-redeemable bonus points for a few words about why you like that place?

From Gwennan, on Twitter:


We have boarded our yellow lab at Happy Tails in Altamont several times. He always seems to be a lot happier when we pick him up than at another place we used to board him. Very clean, dogs are allowed to play outside all day with other dogs and the owners are very nice. They don't have a website but a google search will get you to a previous post on AOA asking the same question that has a link to a PDF brochure for them.

We tried this place a few years ago and we were not pleased with how they treated us or our dog.


We are trying this place next week.


We like Liberty Kennels up on the border of Round Lake and Malta...small and very personable place that really caters to the dogs.

I would second Happy Tails in Altamont.

Our dog's home-away-from-home is Altamont Kennels; not sure I want to share that, since they're often fully booked. Our dog is always happy to see his friends there, and the grooming service is great.

We tried Pinebush once, and will not go back.

When we need to leave our dog behind (so hard!) we've trusted the Pet Lodge at Albany Airport. The workers are great, the facilities clean and we love watching the webcams.

I use at at home sitter (Phil) through PRF Pets. It's $20 a visit and I usually have him do 2 visits per day. My dog is a former shelter dog and cannot be left in a kennel for long periods. This is a great solution where she can stay in her home environment which eases her anxiety.

Also the Pink Dog Parlor in Clifton Park does boarding in themed rooms! haha They have a lot of dogs that come there for day care and the since it is a grooming parlor there are lots of dog loving people around. It's probably a little bit pricier than a regular kennel but if you have special needs dog like mine it is worth it.

Hounds on the Hudson, look into their Bed n Biscuit option. Your pup will get walks, food, and lots of love for a reasonable price! My wife and I have been doing business with them for 3 years now and they have been nothing but exceptional towards both our schedules/needs and our dog's.

Altamont country kennels are awesome!!! My brothers and I all board our dogs there. Mary and Carl and staff are fantastic. I have never seen such a clean kennel before, plus they have a double fenced running area.Highly recommend.

Because I got my dog friend at the Humane Society, I prefer to have someone come to my house. It's the same cost and your pets can relax in the comfort of their own home.

Capital Pawsitting has excellent experience and they are fairly priced.


Great suggestions so far! I have had great experiences with Lauren at Hund Days.


We've had good luck at Creekside Kennel in Postenkill. (And we just adopted our second dog through their rescue operation, the Animal Annex of Rensselaer County.)

We have used both Hounds on the Hudson's pet sitting service and Altamont Country Kennels and we love both! It depends what you want, but Hounds is great if you want your dog at home in their own surroundings. They'll come and do as many walks as you want, give meds, and feed your pup.

If you prefer the dog isn't home when you aren't then Carl in Altamont is wonderful! We have never had issues with the type of care our dog has received and she is always tired when we pick her up from playing with doggie friends!

We use Altamont Kennels because our boys are rambunctious and would be crazy at home with only a couple of visits from a pet sitter. Mary and Carl are wonderful with them and, most important (and also somewhat rare) they live on site. I've heard too many horror stories of pets dying in kennel fires when there was no one there at night (yes, a strange paranoia).

The only other place I have used is Milton Manor. They are great, but the price is out of our current budget and the distance doesn't make sense for us.

Another recommendation for Liberty. Our dog has been going there for 10 years and they are the only people who she will allow to touch her other than us (she has issues...) - they are wonderful, kind and professional. I cannot recommend Don and his staff enough.

What better place for your pet to stay than in your own home? Pet sitters will stop by a few times a day to take care of your dog and give them a little TLC. At a kennel your dog won't get that kind of attention, you have to worry about things like kennel cough, and you'll probably pay more.

There are many pet sitters covering much of Capital Region listed at localpetsitters.com.

If you're farther afield, Nassau Vet is amazing for boarding. We also use Paws Making Tracks for dog walking and cat sitting.



I have to repeat the previous recommendations of Hounds on the Hudson in Albany and Altamont County Kennels (obviously, in Altamont). Hounds on the Hudson is super convenient, especially if you plan on doing an overnight trip or long weekend. Additionally, you can leave your dog at home overnight (especially if they stress out over being at the kennel), and HOH is excellent at stopping by for feedings, potty breaks and 30 minute walks. Plus, it helps save a good hour or so on having to drop the dogs off and get back on the road to head out to wherever we are going.
For longer trips, we typically drop our dogs off at Altamont Kennels, where Carl and Mary are provide excellent care (and somehow remember all of their dog guests). It is a bit of a haul to get out there, but great service at a super underpriced value, can make it worth it if we plan on being out of town for more than 3 nights.

Hounds on the Hudson, hands down. They are wonderful!

A second to Milton Manor (which is actually located in Middle Grove). My brother-in-law drives 45 miles down from the Adirondacks to board his dog there.

I also have to chime in on behalf of Hounds on the Hudson--they will come to your home so that your dog can stay where he is and do three walks a day plus feeding and affection. My dog loves when our walker comes around, and they have helped me out when I was unexpectedly out of town. Service is amazing, and they're very communicative by text or phone.

Milton Manor is great - clean, beautifully maintained with an excellent staff. Lots of options from deluxe rooms, with webcams so you can check in, to traditional kennel style accommodations.

We have two bully mixes and have tried a few different places in the area over the years and have had the best results with Pinebush Kennels.
You wouldn't think so by the reviews online and some comments here though.
The kennels are half indoor and half outside so the dogs can move freely back and forth. Heated floors in the winter and cooled in the summer. My pups get pumped up as soon as we pull into the parking lot, and always come out tired and happy.
You may just have to try out a few to get an idea of what kennel/service works for your dog's personalities

I can't say enough good things about Cody's Cozy Pals. Cody used to be our in-home dog sitter and she opened her own kennel a few years back. She is fabulous and loved our dogs like they were her own. Our girls have since passed, but we still keep in touch and when the day comes for us to have a new furry friend we'll definitely be back with Cody. She runs a doggie day care as well as the overnight boarding.

We've used Pet Lodge in Clifton Park and have been thrilled with the facility and the staff. In addition to boarding they offer doggie day care, grooming, one on one play time and nature walks. The staff is great and they really seem to care about the animals.

We have been going to CCP for almost 4 years, we started with a boxer puppy that is our life, and thank Cody herself for helping us rescue another boxer, that had a rough time getting adopted due to being deaf. CCP has helped us with training a deaf dog and both of "the girls" LOVE their 3 days per week at CCP. The staff is remarkable, the dogs OBVIOUSLY love it, and their Daddy and I love supporting a small local business that makes our life so much easier. I recommend CCP to anyone looking to board or daycare their dog! They welcome dogs of all sizes and are super personable! We are from Kansas City, so we also use boarding, and it's not often that your can rest well when the pups that share your bed with are in a different state, but CCP puts our minds and hearts at ease. WE. LOVE. THEM!


I think that new kennel in Voorheesville is awesome if you live to the south of Albany. Daisey's Doggie Retreat is so clean and modern and the owner Ginny is great. They have a great website too with lots of cute doggy pictures. http://www.daiseysdoggieretreat.com

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