Data is from the 2013 American Community Survey 1-year estimates. Data is currently available for places with populations of 65,000 or more.

Albany metro household internet access by type


Dialup and mobile

Two bits about the Capital Region, about what's becoming the past and the probable future:

+ The Census Bureau estimates that .91 percent of Albany metro households -- approximately 3,200 households -- still use dialup as their sole internet access. (Margin of error: +/- .21 points.)

+ The data released by the Census Bureau doesn't include how many individuals in the metro area access the internet via a mobile device. But it did include numbers that indicate roughly 32 percent of households have members who have mobile internet access in addition to whatever fixed access is at home (+/- 2.9). That includes households in which mobile is the only access (or the only access in addition to dialup) -- an estimated 3.5 percent (+/- .5).

All US metros

The Albany metro area ranked 83rd in the nation (out of 382 metros) for highest percentage of households with a broadband internet subscription -- 76.4 percent.


What's not in this table: estimates of the percentage of people in each metro who get online via dialup or via some sort of connection that's not a subscription.


+ Here's a Census Bureau report about the internet access data that includes national and metro area numbers about individuals.

+ Here's a Pew Center quick look at the data.

+ Here's a look at cities with populations of 100,000 or more. [Governing]

How the Albany metro area accesses the internet

cable modem


Roughly 3/4 of households in the Albany metro area have a broadband internet subscription. But almost 20 percent of households don't have any internet access at all.

Those are a few bits from a recent Census Bureau release of data about internet access around the country. Last year was the first time the Census collected this sort of information. So we thought we'd have a look.

Graphs, tables, bits are above -- click or scroll all the way up.


My goodness, from that graph, one could almost infer that we have only one practical choice. Also, as a general technologist, the fact that Fiber Optic is at around 3% in 2014 is just... sad to me.

I guess that's just the optimistic nerd in me who thinks it should be higher... :)

if 75% have broadband and 20% have no internet, therefore 5% have dialup, is that math correct. Yet the chart says less than 1% have dialup. Where are the other luddites lurking?

@Otis: That caught my attention, too. But after reading through some of the details about the Census data, there's an "internet access without subscription" category and the Census doesn't includes those people when figuring the broadband subscription number.

In the Albany metro, the Census estimates about 4 percent of households fall into this category (that's just about the national average). On top of that, about another 1 percent are estimated to be using dialup.

Fun fact for the day: Our cable internet providers use the latest technology to deliver their services to us through the copper coaxial cable, which was patented in 1880.

I call BS (bad science). They completely ignored mobile devices.

Here's a story from the Daily News:

The Pew Research Center survey found 63 percent of mobile phone owners now use their phone to go online. And because 91 percent of Americans now own a cell phone, this means that 57 percent are "cell Internet users."

The survey also found 34 percent of these mobile Internet users use their phones as their primary Internet device, instead of a desktop, laptop or tablet computer.

Those with lower incomes were far more likely to use their phone as their primary Internet device: this was the case for 45 percent of those with an annual income of less than $30,000, compared with 27 percent of those with $75,000 or more.

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