The Empire State is now #4

national state population change 2010-2014 percentage

States by percentage population change between 2010 and 2014, according to Census Bureau estimates. Here's a clickable version of the map.

New York has slipped to #4 in the national population rankings, according to new Census Bureau estimates for 2014 out today. Florida edged past New York to take the #3 spot behind California and Texas.

It's not that New York lost population, it's just that didn't grow as fast as Florida (and many other states). The Census Bureau estimates the Empire State had 19,746,227 residents as of this past July. That's up about 50,000 residents from the year before (about .2 percent). In that same time Florida is up approximately 293,000 residents (about 1.5 percent). The difference between New York and Florida is now about 147,000 in the Sunshine State's favor.

Zooming out a bit and looking at the numbers since 2010 highlights some of the trends. The nation's total population grew an estimated 3.3 percent between 2010 and 2014. But New York's population grew 1.9 percent (roughly 368k people) -- and Florida was up 5.8 percent (roughly 1 million people). The Empire State ranked just 31st in the country for population gain.

So, what's contributing to these totals?

Well, New York is more or less keeping pace when it comes to "natural increase" in population -- that is, the number of residents born versus the number who died. Over the past five years, its rate of increase is pretty much right on the national average (about 1 percent). But New York registered a very small net loss -- about 1,600 people -- in migration. More than 486,000 residents are estimated to have moved out of state during that time. That loss was almost offset by international migration into the state.

But other states -- Florida, among them -- have been racking up relatively large gains in both domestic and international migration. The Sunshine State was approximately plus 917k people because of migration, about 450k of that from other states.

The situation stings for New York even a bit more because it's often losing people to... Florida. Of all the other states, Florida has the highest number of residents who were born in New York. And between 2009 and 2013, New York lost about 25,000 people a year to Florida in net migration, on average (according to Census Bureau 1-year estimates).

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And this is causing problems for us NY'ers that have moved down here....Florida refuses to recognize the fact that NY money and transplants (along with all the Cubans) built South Florida, and without us and air conditioning, South FL would be in the 1960's.

The darned sun sentinel just ran a story proclaiming all the ways FL is now better than NY. Too many of the local rednecks fail to realize just how much NYS education, cash flow and weather has contributed to the state of FL.

That being said, NY's taxes, weather and economy have made us all defect....

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