Albany to Florida fares

These numbers are from the 3rd quarter of 2014, so they're not a great comparison for flights during December. But they're the latest numbers available, and we figured they might be a better comparison than Q4 numbers from 2013.

Orlando and Miami are higlighted because JetBlue will be flying from ALB to MCO (Orlando) and FLL (Fort Lauderdale, which is part of the market grouping for Miami).

JetBlue starting service out of ALB in December

JetBlue ALB service map 2015-04-06

JetBlue's service map for ALB, clipped from its website this afternoon.

Announced today: JetBlue will start service out of Albany International Airport on December 10.

The airline will be flying direct routes from ALB to Orlando (MCO) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL). From there it's possible to transfer for a handful of destinations out west and the Caribbean and South America.

When word first got around last year that JetBlue would eventually be flying out of ALB, officials -- specifically Chuck Schumer -- said increased competition from the service would help keep fares down here in Albany. And the Senator reiterated that idea today.

So, what are some of the initial fares? Some ranges we picked up off the airline's website this afternoon:

ALB-MCO: $258-$470

ALB-FLL: $316-$462

Also: JetBlue is offering a one-day-only $16.86 one-way fare deal for Albany on Monday -- we didn't include that.

Update: For some context, we pulled federal airfare data for flights between Albany and a handful of Florida markets -- let's have a look.


Yeah, that $16.86 lasted for about 5 minutes.

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't figure out how to even get this miraculous one-way fare deal. I can't see any direct flights from Albany. This somehow seems like a great publicity stunt, but not a great deal.

Grabbed the one day fare sale. The dates were very specific but it did work - my coworker grabbed it too.

I too was able to grab tickets on the one day fare sale to Fort Lauderdale. I noticed the direct flights to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale were at $200 before the sale hit, perhaps all the activity of Albany people looking for the sale fares inflated the prices, because now they seem very high.

Tried for the $34 tickets on Monday for a while... it would let me get through the entire reservation (entering passenger info and seat selection) up until where you enter payment, then tell me the tickets were unavailable. Then, back on the fare lookup page, miraculously available again! Repeat, repeat, repeat.

If you're going to do a publicity stunt like this for your introduction to a new market, at least make sure your website works or it will sour potential customers on your company before you even get here. Southwest has a waaaaaay better method of fare selection, with the date grid... just sayin', JetBlue...

I caught the RT trip for like $36. I live outside Fort Lauderdale, and welcome the competition. Changing planes in ATL or Newark is a pain.

How about some routes to places that really matter like Washington DC and Chicago.

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