Spring plant sales 2015

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The garden education day/plant sale at the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Vorheesville is always popular.

As the April rain falls and the grass regains its green, we're thinking about all the things that will be growing soon. And maybe some of those things will be growing in your garden.

Here's a quick list of some upcoming plant sales...

May 9: Fort Orange Garden Club
The annual Fort Orange Garden Club plant sale is May 9 at the Pruyn House in Colonie from 9 am to 2 pm. (We don't know much about this sale, but it's been suggested in the past -- can anyone share an experience about it?)

May 16: Cornell Cooperative Extension - Albany County
The Cornell Cooperative Extension Albany County's annual Garden Education Day is May 16 from 9 am-1 pm at the cooperative extension facility in Voorheesville. Master gardeners will be there for tours and advice, but the big draw is the plant sale.

We've been in past years and it's intense. There are a bunch of high-quality garden plants -- including both vegetables and flowers -- for low prices. And people start lining up before it starts in order to get their pick of the offerings. So, get there early and have in mind what you're looking for.

May 16: Capital Roots
The annual Capital Roots spring plant is sale is May 16 at the Produce Project farm on 8th Street, between Eagle and Hutton at the new Urban Grow Center in Troy (594 River Street). We've also shopped this sale in the past and we were able to score good plants. (It's not as intense as the cooperative extension sale.) It typically has veggies (including heirloom tomatoes), flowers, and perennials.

Of course, Capital Roots is the new name for Capital District Community Gardens.

Washington Park tulip dig/sale
The annual Washington Park tulip dig/sale is typically the weekend after the Tulip Festival -- that's May 16 and 17 this year. But sometimes it gets pushed back because of weather/slow-blooming tulips (that happened last year). Watch the Washington Park Conservancy FB page for details.

If you want your pick of the tulips, the day to go is Saturday as volunteers dig up the bulbs -- for every bag you dig for yourself, you dig one for the Sunday sale. And if you go to the Sunday sale, go early -- the tulips sell very quickly.

May 17: Siberian Iris & Perennial Sale
The Capital-Hudson Iris Society's annual Siberian Iris & Perennial Sale is May 17 from 9 am-noon in the parking lot of Main Square Shoppes in Delmar (318 Delaware Ave). Blurbage: "Siberian irises, daylilies, hostas, and a wide assortment of sun and shade perennials from our members' gardens. The prices and selection will be extraordinary."

May 30-31: Thacher Park Annual Native Plant Sale
The Friends of Thacher State Park Annual Native Plant Sale at returns to the park's overlook May 30 and 31 from 10 am-3 pm each day. Blurbage:

Choose from over 50 hard to find perennials, ferns, shrubs and small trees native to this region. Kid's crafts and face painting will entertain the younger visitors. Join a guided hike, talk with a beekeeper or meet staff from the Audubon Society, NYS Bluebird Society, Landis Arboretum or Friends of Thacher Park.

Saratoga Tree Nursery
This isn't sale exactly, but the state DEC's Saratoga Tree Nursery sells seedlings during the spring. You can order seedlings, subject to availability, through mid May and then pick them up at the nursery in Saratoga Springs. Details are at that link.


Another great one: The Landis Arboretum in Esperance. It is May 15-16 this year, I believe. and if nothing else, go for the views ans scenery.


Albany County Soil & Water District did a tree sale - deadline was April 10th, but look for it again next year: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Albany-County-Soil-and-Water-Conservation-District/183253325078695

Delaware Area Neighborhood Association Annual Spring Plant Sale: May 9th, 9-11:30 in front of St. Francis parking lot (formerly St James), Delaware Avenue.

Bethany Reformed Church (on New Scotland ) sale 5/8 and 5/9.. vegetables, herbs, flowers (annual and perennial) and hanging baskets. Great Stuff http://www.bethanyrc.org/plantsale.cfm

@J -- I'm glad you mentioned Bethany Reformed Church's plant sale. I'm not associated with that church, but will be supporting their sale this year in appreciation of them turning their parsonage into a support center for the homeless.

I have done the tulip dig, but know that most fancy tulips don't rebloom very well. Some varieties will give you a show the next spring, but most will just kind of peter out or take a few years to get their strength back. At $5 for 25 bulbs, it's an okay deal, but you can get 100 top quality bulbs from the same vendor Tulip Fest uses (Colorblends) for $35-40.

Greenbush Garden Club hold their annual plant sale on May 16th from 9 to 11 at the Elks Lodge on the corner of Columbia Turnpike and Greenwood. They have lots of perennials, shrubs, ground covers and lilac trees.

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