River Week drawing: AOA tour tickets, riverside dining at Brown's and Waters Edge Lighthouse

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Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

For River Week, we thought it'd be fun to have a drawing. And here's the prize package:

+ Two tickets for the sold-out AOA Rail, River, Hudson tour this Saturday, July 11. ($130 value)

+ Dinner for four at Brown's Brewing in Troy.

+ A $50 gift certificate to the The Waters Edge Lighthouse in Glenville.

So, that's a pair of tickets for our trip along the Hudson River, plus gift certificates to dine along two different rivers.

To enter, please answer this question in the comments:

What's your favorite river, stream, lake, pond, or other sort of body of water in the Capital Region? And why is that place a favorite.

It could be any body of water around the region, and for any reason -- because of the scenery, because of recreation there, because there was a special moment there, whatever. We'll draw one winner at random. That person gets the prize pack.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 2 pm on Thursday, July 9, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by 3 pm that day must respond by 11:59 pm July 9.

River Week is sponsored by: Albany County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Downtown Albany BID, Dutch Apple Cruises, Harmony Mills, Hudson River Greenway, Nine Pin Cider, Sweet Sue's, and Downtown Troy BID.

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Crooked Lake in Averill Park. So beautiful, and I got married there!

The Hudson River itself. It connects us to other parts of the state and the world! I love watching the rise and fall, ice build up and flows throughout the year. It provides a calming nature whenever you are close to it.

Six Mile Waterworks, because it is a beautiful body of water with fishing, boating, hiking, picnicking, a children's playground and much more. Most importantly, it is inside the city of Albany. Not many cities in the country can boast of something like this inside their city limits.

Dyken Pond in Cropsyville. Great hiking, very scenic!

The Hudson River. Majestic, historic, iconic. What more can you ask of a river?

Round Lake, if you can find a time when its quiet- which is harder now with the new parking layout. If you get into the back channel, its so picturesque

The Hudson - it has its mix of scrap yards and is notorious for its pollution, but it's beautiful, too, and full of historical significance.

I love the Tomhannock Reservoir - specifically, the view you get as you're taking route 7 back towards Brunswick/Troy from VT. It's always so lovely and peaceful, no matter what time of year it is, and it's a surefire sign that home is only a few minutes away.

Moreau Lake. It's so clear and flat, great for kayaking and there are awesome trails. And it makes for great snowshoeing in the winter!

I don't know if this is technically a body of water but I would say the fountain at UAlbany. After a walk or run around campus, it's nice to sit by the fountain and relax. A little oasis in the middle of the campus. Indian pond is nice as well!

Kinderhook Lake, Niverville, NY.

reason: it is big enough to kayak, boat, swim, have fun and never see all of it, yet small enough where the (car, boat, and people traffic) isn't a problem. most days on the lake, it is like a glass top - with no one to be seen or heard in any direction - and the Lake "mascot" 1 tree island is pretty cool too.

Rogers Beach in Bolton Landing because you can see the Sagamore across the lake -- my husband and I got engaged there!

Awesome memories made at Grafton Lakes with family and friends with swimming, beach volleyball, sand castles, picnics, boating and trails.

Had so much fun on the last day of Aqua Ducks Tours on the Hudson River with my family.

We wouldn't be here without the Hudson River!

Saratoga lake- have a lot of great family memories there.

Washington Park lake - a nice oasis in the heart of Albany to fish, watch the ducks, and in the past at least, take a paddle boat ride.

The Hudson River - because of its historic, artistic, social, economic and environmental significance -- past, present and future -- for so many communities and people throughout the Hudson Valley.

Buckingham Pond. Such a nice little park and kind of hidden away. It's part of my daily run.

I love Lake George - the mountains surrounding the lake are gorgeous! Its a big lake - you can be alone in some parts and crowded in other parts!

Lake Luzerne. It's my getaway when life gets too hectic. I love that it's not far and I can rent a cabin and just relax.

I would have to say Nassau Lake. Sure, it has a bad reputation (thanks GE!) but it's where I grew up. Fishing outings with my dad. Ice skating with my mom. It's beautiful all year. You just have to watch out for those three-eyed fish. I kid, I kid.

Buckingham Pond, great place to jog/walk any evening and ice skate in the winter.

Crystal Lake. It's a beautiful lake surrounded by lovely homes.

Bradley Lake in Frear Park, Troy! I grew up on a lake outside the Capital Region and now this is the closest I've got. I love watching it change through the seasons.

Poestenkill Falls aka "The Gorge" -

The gorge is one of the most beautiful and hidden gems of the capital region and it is located right in Downtown Troy! The waterfall itself is gorgeous and the pond below is great for swimming; plus there is hardly ever a crowd.

Lock 7 is a great place to rollerblade

Sacandaga. Childhood memories of swimming and boating.

Grafton Lakes!

Great Sacandaga Lake. Its a poor man's Lake George without the crowds and pretension.

The Hudson!! I just moved here 4 months ago from across the world ad it was almost the first thing that I saw from the plane. I love it!

Snyders Lake in North Greenbush. Such a nice spot for BBQing and swimming!

Saratoga Lake, its very close and easily accessible, even after work. I always have a great time. The weather is always gorgeous with amazing sunsets. There's boating, dining, kayaking and now a beach! I love taking my motorcycle up along the coast. It's also very close to Saratoga springs to do fun things afterwards.

As a former Albanian, I have always loved the Normanskill. One of the five original creeks in Albany and a contemporary landmark for short hikes into nature. Truly a reprieve from the surrounding concrete and asphalt.

Kaaterskill Falls - it's where I got engaged!

Okay, maybe it's a stretch to say it's the Capital Region, but I think Silver Bay on Lake George is the most incredible place. Went to writing camp there back in the day! It was inspiring.

I spend all day looking at the fountains at the ESP. Not too shabby.

I've been running along - and kayaking on - the Mohawk River for years, and I'm grateful that something so beautiful is so close to home.

Buckingham Lake. It's a relaxing place to take a walk and unwind after a long day at the office. I love living so close to it.

Nassau Lake. It's such a nice lake that it's a shame it's in the shape it is.

Burden lake in averill park. Great place to go paddle boarding or kayaking then going to kay pizza after for beer and food!

The Hoosic river which is kayakable (mostly) all the way from North Adams to the Hudson.

Hannacroix Creek and the falls and nature preserve

never busy, easy parking, good walking/hiking area

Nice easy walk to get to the two different waterways and I just like to sit on the rocks and listen to the water run.

Peaceful and ducks swim by...

The Hoosick river. I just started kayaking this summer and our mondays spent on the Hoosick have made my year!

Kinderhook lake.......great kayaking, fishing, swimming, pontoon boating and enjoyment. Views of sunsets are stunning. A majestic great blue heroin flies up and down the lake.......quiet most days and evenings for lakeside meditation watching the water and skies. Wonderful!

The Hudson River - I moved here just over a year ago, and I absolutely love living so close to the river. From walking my dog to taking a canoe ride, I have enjoyed every time I have been near or on the Hudson River.

Buckingham Pond; in the 17 years that I have lived in the neighborhood I have seen the most beautiful things: turtles sunning on logs, sun setting behind the fountains, adorable friendly dogs and their parents, the spring time baby ducklings, kids ice-skating on bitter cold days and one quiet morning when I came upon a lovely group of elderly men and women practicing tai chi. It's the place to be!

Washington Park lake. It's in walking distance from my house and I can see ducklings, turtles and a blue heron there.

The Mohawk. It's history is in my Native American blood.

Washington Park Pond: I spent many quiet mornings there walking my dog. He loved it too.

Moreau Lake. The crystal clear water lends for great swimming and kayaking.

The waterfalls along the Indian Ladder Trail at Thacher. Indian Ladder was my first hike in the Capital Region, and that waterfall is a nice treat along the short walk.

just swim in Lake George and you'll know

The Hudson Crossing Park in Schuylerville,where they hold their annual cardboard boat race. Lots of laughs and fun memories!

Lake George for a day of swimming and exploring.

My favorite would be the confluence of Hudson and Mohawk Rivers where Peebles Island State Park resides. My partner and I went hiking there with our dogs a couple of weeks ago and it was a great way to wind down after a busy work week. The park offers beautiful views of the water and even has a few opportunities where you can dip your toes (and paws) in!

Rensselaerville Falls at the Huyck Preserve. There are just so darn pretty. My alternative answer: the pools at Bethlehem Town Park - good lifeguards, lots of pool options for kids and adults, reasonable price, and a snack bar.

I love having access to Washington Park's pond in Albany. It's 0.7 of a mile of tranquility. Plus, I get to see everyone walking their dogs (and sometimes I catch sight of some baby ducks and the occasional Heron!)

Lake George is by far the most beautiful lake in this region. The scenery with mountains and wildlife are amazing and breathtaking. My favorite place to relax.

The pond in Washington Park because it is my favorite place to run

Schroon Lake. We love to go camping on the lake. Its beautiful, quiet and so peaceful.

Buckingham Pond! We live within a mile and love going for evening walks in the summer when the fountains are on

I'm a big fan of the Plotterkill. The waterfalls there are world class.

The reflecting pool at Empire State Plaza - was there for Jazz last night! I'm not condoning the construction of the plaza, but it's there and the reflecting pool enhances its presence. Very vast and full of duck families!

The Crossings. It was the first park I went to when I moved here. I love walking around or sitting by the pond. The fountain adds a nice touch. It's very peaceful and beautiful.

The Sacandaga lake! Nice boating & Beautiful surroundings!

Definitely Hannacroix. I wasn't going to mention it until I saw someone else had. It's an easy hike in, a lovely series of small pools and little waterfalls, and easy to get to from Albany. Plus bonus, near Yanni's Too.

The Mighty Mohawk. The river that inspired a hairstyle.

I have always enjoyed walking by the Normanskill, just a short walk from my house, I suddenly feel like I'm far from the city!

Poestenkill. Plenty of history and a variety of settings, including some incredibly picturesque spots up on the plateau.

Saratoga lake - because its in my home town!

Buckingham pond.

That place is a 3 years old's paradise. We can ride our bikes there, it has swings, geese, slides, ducks, turtles, fountains, and giant orange koi fish chillin in the shallow waters.

The bit of the Normans Kill behind Tawasentha Park. Very relaxing and a nice spot for bird watching.

I'd say the lake in Washington Park. Its a central location in the city, many wonderful events happen there. There's the Park Playhouse, Tulip Fest, and so many others where people celebrate Albany. But then, there are times when I go there alone to think, or cry, or just to look at the ducks and the people.

Grafton Lake. The drive to get there is breathtaking through Renn. County, and there is a lake house and facilities. But most importantly, a sandy lake bottom makes for some great wading and swimming. You see all ages there, having some fun. It has helped me not to miss the ocean.

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