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Version 3 front


Version 3 river side


Version 2

These were released in June.




Version 1

These were included with the application to the state Gaming Facility Location Board.

Rivers Casino Schenectady original renderings front cropped


Proposed design for the Schenectady casino #3

rivers casino schenectady rendering v3

There are larger, uncropped versions after the jump.

Rush Street Gaming -- the company that will be operating Rivers Casino & Resort at Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady -- released a new set of renderings for the casino project today, and says it's submitted the designs to the Schenectady Planning Commission.

A statement that accompanied the new design, from Rush Street Gaming VP of operations Joe Scibetta:

"Today we submitted to the Schenectady Planning Commission an updated design of Rivers Casino. We put forth a tremendous amount of effort and energy to incorporate the feedback we received from city officials, planners and the community. What we are proposing is a world-class facility, much like our other casino projects."

The new design follows some pointed criticism from the public about a design released in June that was a significant aesthetic departure from the design included with the company's proposal to state Gaming Facility Location Facility Board. The first design had been a sleekly modern building clad in glass and white. The second was much less modern and prominently featured brick, which the company said it thought would "reflect the look and feel of the Schenectady community." A designer for the company told the city's planning commission later that month that they had maybe gone "overboard" in changing the look. [Daily Gazette]

Rush Street released two renderings today -- for the front of the facility and the river side. The new design appears to keep the same shape of the project. But the brick has been swapped out for lighter colors and paneling.

Have a look...


They've above in large format -- click or scroll all the way up. We've included the previous renderings for comparison.

Job and vendor fair

Rush Street is holding an event for potential vendors July 17 at SCCC.

And it has a job fair scheduled July 18 from 8 am-3 pm, also at SCCC. The company says the event will be an opportunity to hear about what sorts of jobs will available -- but it will not be accepting applications at the event.


Make up your mind, Schenectady. We seems somewhat, um, indecisive? Or, ehh, hesitant. Mmm, maybe, I don't know, nervous??

Just put it in the empty Ground Round already.

Will all the women be tall and in high heels at the actual casino?

That's actually pretty promising that they listened to the criticism. And I think it's a good design now. The 2nd version looked EXACTLY like the Fownes factory in Amsterdam, an outdated building that looks like it's crumbling. I'm glad they reverted to the more modern look.

Meh - not impressed. Better than the last but nothing fabulous. What a disappointment. Maybe the inside will be gorgeous?

@Barold I agree. Was this design meant for a casino in Russia? I'm pretty sure the only person in that drawing who actually lives in the capital district is the creeper in jeans standing in the shadows of the Audi R8.

Rush Street Gaming should be shamed for projecting the wrong body image message to women.


This is actually a multi-media artist rendering. "Legs" by ZZ Top is supposed to play when the first drawing is shown to the Planning Commission.

Why don't they stick to the original design plans that they won their bid with? Are they trying to cut costs already...

C A S I N O ....um, thanks for letting us know. Lose that. Also, I'd like to thank Morgan Creek Productions for the "Rivers" symbol. I know, theirs is blue, yours is gold...and it's a river not a creek...and it's kind of an R...not a squiggle representing a meandering body of water.

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