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We have a drawing for Following Food week. (Because of course.) And the prize pack is rather fab. The winner will receive:

+ Two tickets for the Capital District Food Tour this Saturday on the Giddy Up. The tour will be making tasting stops at Umana, Barcelona, New World Bistro Bar, Druthers, and Ama Cocina.

+ A $100 gift card to the Honest Weight Food Co-op.

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

If you had to pick one food item to represent the Capital Region, what would it be?

You can interpret this question a lot of ways. It could a dish, or a specific dish at a specific place, or a certain crop, or whatever. We'll draw one winner at random.

The Capital District Food Tour on the Giddy Up is this Saturday, November 21 from noon-5 pm. It departs from the parking lot at Colonie Center. Tickets are $60 per person and available online.

And, as you know, the Honest Weight Food Co-op is now at 100 Watervliet Ave in Albany, and offers a wide of selection of produce, natural foods, and specialty goods.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 8 pm Thursday, November 19, 2015 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via 11:59 pm Thursday and must respond by noon on Friday, November 20.

Honest Weight advertises on AOA.

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apples we have great orchards!

If I had to represent the Capital Region with only one food item, it would have to be a gingerbread cookie; a bit dry, not for everyone, but oh so sweet!

Cider Belly's Thursday flavor of the day lemon doughnut.

Cider donuts!


Mini hot dogs.

that's easy - Freihofer's Chocolate Chip Cookies - the ones they use to make when the company actually existed

Easily mini hot dogs! From Famous Lunch to Charlie's to Gus', there's nothing like 'em! One of the biggest suprises when I moved up here

Fish fry.

Apple cider donuts

Nine Pin Cider!

I'll second the cider belly cider donuts notion!

If someone came here from out of town & wanted some unique, local food item, I'd definitely take them for an armful of mini hotdogs.

Ciderbelly donuts!

Cider doughnuts all the way. They're becoming a main staple of not just apple orchards but locally owned stores.

Definitely cider donuts. I have yet to see another area with such strong allegiances to specific cider doughnut retailers, plus a doughnut shop CALLED Cider Belly. I am sure fights have broken out on many an occasion over the best doughnut.



White tomato broccoli pizza!

I’m a transplant to the area and this has most surprisingly good foods I’ve had out here. And I don’t think it exists in any edible form outside of the capital region. We get it any time visitors come in from out west.

Apple cider donuts!

How about a couple of pulled pork sliders from Slidin' Dirty washed down with a Nine Pin Cider?

if someone came to this area they would think we are all about upscale cheeseburgers.

It's been said already, but definitely Cider Donuts!

Cider donuts!

I'm new to the area, but I would say cider donuts! What a great treat and something I've never experienced before coming here.

Loaded Mac and Cheese

I'd pick the blackened green beans from New World. They are becoming a favorite they out the Greater NY Region, and increasingly copied by other restaurants.

Stewart's Ice Cream!

One food ? Hmmm burgers !

Mozzarella cheese sticks with Melba sauce!

I would also have to agree and say Apples because they are so versatile. Cider doughts, hot cider, cold cider, apple pie, apples in salads, apples with meats/cheeses, and the endless other sides and beverages that you can pair with apple. After all it is the NYS fruit!

Teeny Weenies!

Apples. Apple pie.

Nine pin cider! Hands down the best local cider and local apples are everywhere this time of year!

Freshly picked apples!

'tis the time for garden arugula

Local apples from the many orchards peppered throughout the Capital District / Hudson Valley!


Golden Harvest apple cider donuts.

I have to agree with the cider donut folks -- apples, cider, and donut shops are everywhere and I love it!

Tough call - We have so many regional specialties. I'd go with Mini Hot Dogs.

2nd place would be cider doughnuts, 3rd place would be fish fy. :-)

Steak tips from primal

Got to go with cider doughnuts.


Apples!!!! Apple pie, apple bread, apple cider donuts, apple muffins, hard cider, apple cider - the list is endless :)

Beer! It can be a meal.

Not to sound like a broken record, but definitely an orchard fresh apple or a hot cider doughnut.

A Gus's mini hot dog with the works.

Ted's Fish Fry

Locally made sausages

A cheese plate w/locally sourced cheese, crackers, fig jam, cured meats, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, etc...pairs nicely with a NYS wine and can be enjoyed year round!

A sandwich from the former great deli, JOE"S on Madison Ave.

Indian Ladder cider doughnuts

Melba Sauce-- It can be paired with anything. ANYTHING!

Cider doughnuts, preferably from Saratoga Apple.

mini hot dogs seem to be a regional specialty

Those cider donuts!

The lovely honey crisp apple.

My grandma would say Krause's Homemade Candy!

If I had to pick one it would be apple cider donuts, but if I had free reign I would add mozz sticks with melba sauce, and freihoffer's cookies.

Nine Pin Cider

Cider doughnuts from any independent shops or orchards in the region.

Tiny hot dogs. Not only a regional specialty, but symbolically, Albany really is a small dog.

Cider Doughnuts

Apple Cider Doughnuts

Since no one else has mentioned it yet...

Fried mozz with melba sauce.

I choose what I think is a huge omission this many comments deep: Crumbs Along the Mohawk ice cream.

Cider doughnuts... never heard of them before coming here

I'm going with the Jackburger from Jumpin' Jacks. Although cider donuts are a close second. Thanks, guys, now I'm craving fresh cider donuts!

Upstate holiday pudding. Lay flat a fresh cider doughnut (preferably from Golden Harvest) and make diagonal incisions 1/4" deep and about 1/2" apart. Then heat up a few tablespoons of Harvest Spirits Cornelius Applejack in a saucepan, when hot ignite and and spoon over the top of doughnut. Let flaming spirits caramelize sugar and when extinguished enjoy!

Since this is the holiday season: the Saratoga Peppermint Pig

Cider donuts, no question!

A cheese plate from The Cheese Traveler accompanied by a Nine Pin Cider. Locally prepared food and drinks made by awesome people!

mini hot dogs with the works!

Cider donuts, of course!

Cider donuts!

Cassie Visco sauce...

Cider donuts.

Albany Cakes [or Dutch Pudding] from The Cook and Housewife's Manual by Mrs. Margaret Dods, 1828


"Thai Italian Love" bolognese from New World Bistro

Apples. Definitely apples.

Really good seitan in grocery stores - like whatever New World Bistro is using for their incredible seitan wings.

Another vote for Stewart's ice cream :)

Hot dogs from Chesters Smoke House

Definitely the capital region style of fish fry on a hot dog bun.

Definitely a bag of cider belly donuts with a nine pin cider to wash them down!

Cider Donuts from Indian Ladder Farms! Best in the area and surrounded by beautiful Heldebergs and Thatcher Park.

Mozzarella sticks in jam!

I would pick apple cider donuts from Golden Harvest! I moved to the area from the Midwest and had never heard of cider donuts before arriving. They exceeded my expectations!

Cider donuts. But more specifically a cider glazed cider donut from Cider belly.

All things apple!!

Cider donuts

South Troy Burger from the Brown Bag

Fresh Apples.

Indian Ladder Farm's apples!

Apple cider donuts!

Apple Cider Donuts from Indian Ladder Farms

Stewarts ice cream. Any flavor. It's the best ice cream I've ever had and it's always consistently good. I've lived all over the US and nothing is as good as their Peanut Butter Pandemonium.

How could the answer be anything but apples? They are our most economically important and recognizable agricultural product. They feed us and they feed the wildlife we love. Their beautiful flowers feed bees in Spring, deer in Autumn, and humans all year long.

Anything apple related: apple cider, apple cider donuts, etc.


Vegan Eggplant Parm sandwich from Little Anthony's!!

If I had to represent the capital region with one food it would
Be a dough boy from Saratoga!! It's is amazing and unqiue to the area

Hands down: 9 Pin Cider.

If you're looking for something unique, that an be tough, but given our local orchards, I'd have to say cider donuts. My preference is Indian Ladder, but Cider Belly has a great downtown business as well!

Gotta go with the majority - apple cider donuts!

Any type of locally brewed beer

Chicken & Waffles from City Beer Hall!

Mozzarella sticks & melba sauce. Not the classiest choice, but the truest choice. (Classy choice that is less regionally specific: yeah, apple cider donuts.)

peanut butter and jelly

Sicilian Style Pizza.

While I first thought of apples, and New World Bistro, I'm going with the Veggie Burger from the Albany Pump Station. Hearty, affordable, and great with sweet potato fries and a pint of local beer.

Crisan cookies, because they are delicious and simple 😸🍪

Apple cider donuts from Indian Ladder Farms!!! It's what I missed most when I lived in VA

Cider dog nuts

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