Christmas tree price answers gathered up

undecorated ESP Christmas tree 2015Prompted by a question from Hollie earlier this week we asked about where you got your real/live Christmas tree this year and how much it cost. A bunch of people answered in the comments -- thank you!

We figured it'd be useful to boil down all the answers for a few bits of info:

+ The average price people reported paying was $39.50. (That was for a range of tree sizes.)

+ The high price was $55 -- for an 8-foot precut tree Chris got at Calhoun's Farm Stand in Brunswick ("Great trees (all Frasier firs), super nice people."), and for a tree Spoon got at Olsen's in Slingerlands ("We go there because they have the set-up to drill a hole for our tree stand. And they are the only place I know that does.")

+ The low price was $15 for a tree from Bob's Trees in Galway. MaryElise reported they had "piles of trees" in different price ranges based on height, type, and fullness. "We found a 6' to 7' slender tree in the $15 section. It might not be everyone else's dream tree but we have a small apartment and wanted a tall slender tree. So yeah we got an awesome tree for $15."

Here are the local answers in a quick-scan table.

This wasn't a systematic survey, of course. So your mileage will no doubt vary. But the answers were pretty closely clustered. So it's probably fair to say you'll pay about $40. Bigger tends to cost more than smaller, as does pre-cut compared to cut-your-own. And look for oddball trees that might not appeal to everyone, but might work for you -- they could be a deal.


Call before you go to any farm. Found this update for Van Etten Tree Farm for 2016: We are closed due to conditions of Mother Nature that caused an abundance of tree needle browning and death of trees under 5' tall. Will reassess next year, but this year we are closed for sales of Christmas Trees.

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