Recommendations for dog boarding with some room to roam?

otto capital hills 2015-11-20C emails:

I was hoping to get some recommendations from AOA readers on a reasonably priced kennel for our sweet 9 year old golden. He's a big boy, at about 100 lbs, but super mellow and easy going. ...
We'd like to find a place that's not going to cage him all day. Some place where he can socialize with other dogs and have a little vacation, just like us!

A similar question came two years ago, but things change. And C mentions that one of the places they're interested in -- Camp Bow Wow ("makes me laugh just to type it!") -- appears to have opened since then.

The part of C's question that caught our eye was the bit about finding a place that will allow dogs to get out and socialize and maybe roam around during the day.

So, got a suggestion? Please share! And a sentence or two about why you're recommending a certain place can be a big help.


This one is easy! Hounds on the Hudson. Great people who take great care of our doggie when we are away.

Hounds on the Hudson!

Hounds on the Hudson is it. Can't say enough great things about them. I tried out Camp Bow Wow for awhile as well but it just didn't work out for my pup. He couldn't stay there for more than a night without having major anxiety.

Hounds on the Hudson, Dylan Boyce for lyfeeeee!

Nassau Vet does a wonderful job! They take the dogs outside to play three times each day at no extra charge and, after seven days, a bath is included. I always liked having my dog groomed during his vacation as well!

Agree on Hounds on the Hudson 100% but they are .org not .com if you want the amazing folks in Albany. Otherwise you're in NJ! is the correct site -- .com goes to a NJ business.

Empire K9

Another vote for Dylan from Hounds on the Hudson! I board my dog with him every summer, and get treated with emails with videos of her running around the dog park all week. It's great :)

Camp Bow Wow is located in Colonie just minutes away from the airport with convenient access to I-87 and I-90. Doggy daycare and overnight camping with HD web cams and caring camp counselors to keep play yards safe for all day play.

When our dog goes to Dylan's house, it's like sending him to doggie summer camp. We are sent periodic photos of his fun and he has plenty of playmates, and Dylan's friendship.

Another vote for Hounds on the Hudson.

Thanks for all the Hounds on the Hudson love!

You guys ARE behind the times! I am lucky to have found a new doggie and full pet service, located right in my own neighborhood, Center Square in downtown Albany....

With "Hallowed Hounds" I get full service for whatever occasion, boarding and housecare for trips away, or just an extra walk during busy weekdays.

Boarding is done IN A REAL HOME, with all the extra attention that it brings, and includes several walks a day and any special treatments like meds....and, like daily walks, can include special 3+ hour "adventures" to such lovely places as Thatcher Park, Hannacroix creek, Poestenkill park, etc.

You don't have to board to sign up your pup for the adventures, they are usually held 3-4 times a week so you can choose the level of exercise your dog needs...and these are in addition to regular walks around the neighborhood and several dog parks.

Liam (my one year old) is SOOO excited when he gets home from a 4 1/2 hour adventure he can't stop "sheltie talking" for the first 10 minutes, and needless to say, he sleeps soundly that night. My older dog Sarah so enjoys her walks she acts like a younger dog as soon as she knows Erin or Jamie are outside the door. Talk about Pavlov!

Which brings us to cats - my 3 indoor guys ADORE Erin, and constantly mob her when she arrives to feed and play with them. Hallowed Hounds will do cat care in your own home, to your own specifications. Marvelous!

My pet plate is certainly full, but I have great support from my new friends at Hallowed Hounds -- both daily and when I'm away from home -- and never have to worry that my pets' physical or emotional (yes, emotional!) needs are being met.

And the best part is - I don't to travel to pick up my dogs when travel is done: they "pick up and deliver" ... or for me, I can just walk around the corner if I want.....

Oh, and I should mention that they are extremely good in an emergency (my emergency).... I can call at the last minute and get the help I need if I have something come up unexpectedly.

Peace of mind is like money: it can't buy you everything, but it sure steadies the nerves! And my animals are happy......

I HIGHLY RECOM]MEND this budding business, Hallowed Hounds (779-9942, tell them Mary sent you) located right off Lark St in Albany's Center Square.

Be well, friends, and GO LOCAL!

I too have a sweet Golden and he spends every Wednesday with Jamie of Hallowed Hounds and I could not be happier!! Ditto to all that Mary had to say in her post, they are the best. They truly love what they do and it shows in the way way the treat our four legged children. I would not leave Owen with anyone else and never have until I met Erin and Jamie.

Thank you Hallowed Hounds
Maureen and of course Owen, see you on Wednesday🐾.

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