Drawing: Tickets for contemporary circus clown show at Rev Hall + a Brown's gift card

Aaron Marquise clown

Aaron Marquise

Drawing's closed! Winner's been emailed!

Marquise Productions -- the contemporary circus company based in Troy (and a finalist in this year's AOA Startup Grant competition) -- has a show lined up for Revolution Hall next Wednesday, October 26. And we have four tickets to give away.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE: The winner will also get a $50 gift card to Brown's Brewing (which, as you know, Brown's is next door to Rev Hall).

To enter the drawing, please answer this question in the comments:

What's something that made you smile recently?

Could be a joke or story. Could be something you spotted. Could be whatever. We'll draw one winner at random -- that person gets the package of four tickets (so you can bring some friends) and the Brown's gift card.

The show at Rev Hall is called "This is Not a Test," and it's a one-man clown show by Aaron Marquise. (He's a graduate of the National Circus School in Montreal and has performed around the world.) Show blurbage:

A mix between theater and a French-style of clowning, "This is Not a Test" is about an isolated clown who finds shelter in a desolate theater. With only inanimate objects as his friends, he attempts to live out the end of times, trapped between the music of yesterday and the disaster of tomorrow.
This show was created through an artist-in-residency program, provided by The Arts Center of the Capital Region and is sponsored by Brown's Brewing Company. The performance contains some mature content and runs approximately one hour with no intermission. Marquise says he aims to show the audience that clowning is an art form. He is not just going for laughs.
"I did not want to have a show that was just all jokes and only focused on laughter but also a show that had some heart and could challenge the audience to think," Marquise said. "My clown is living alone in this sort of post apocalyptic war world, living on a stage in a theater but he's still hearing sounds of bombs dropping and planes flying overhead. He is very lonely."

The show starts at 7 pm on October 26. Tickets are $12 and available online.

Important: All comments must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Friday, October 21, 2016 to be entered in the drawing. You must answer the question to be part of the drawing. (Normal commenting guidelines apply.) One entry per person, please. You must enter a valid email address (that you check regularly) with your comment. The winner will be notified via email by noon am on Monday and must respond by noon on Tuesday, October 25.

photo: Renald Laurin


Something that made me smile: pumpkin carving and playing with pumpkin guts last night!

My kid learned to climb up playground stairs and go down the slide on his own. He's so proud of himself and I cannot stop smiling about it!

Something that made me smile recently...last weekend at the Drink Albany festival. Had some friends up and we had a great time.

At work we get a lot of email alerts about system problems, most of which are way over most people's heads. Yesterday we got an alert about the "CORS Spider" being down. Someone got fed up with cryptic emails and sent a reply asking if the spider bites and is it venomous, which generated s string of solar replies.

A small moment o humor in a technical sea.

When my newborn looks at me and smiles huge, iv never been able to keep from smiling back

my kids!

The moment of perfect relaxation I felt at the top Beebe Hill Fire Tower yesterday afternoon. The brilliant colors and perfect weather brought a huge smile to my face.

The weather on Tuesday.

Human Race's most recent podcast about a blind runner. His description of going to his first party of blind people made me laugh out loud :)

Midnight, the cat that has adopted my family, following me around the yard like a dog while I do my chores.

My co-worker re-lighting the fire extinguisher demo several times after fellow co-workers thought they had "put the fire out." Think trick candles on a birthday cake, only with more fire, and more laughs!

Capturing beautiful fall photos while leaf peeping in Troy yesterday.

News of The Beer Diviner coming to Troy.

This video of a koala being petted. https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2016/apr/12/footage-of-orphaned-koala-that-loves-to-cuddle-goes-viral-video

Louis CK at The Palace last night!

So last Monday, I went to view a new apartment for myself in Troy. The guy that was supposed to show it to me was not there when I got there, which I had to make phone calls and track him down and yada yada. Anyway, while I was waiting for him to arrive, this little boy, maybe 8 years old, was keeping himself busy in the small amount of play area he had on the sidewalk. At first glance he was just playing with sticks, but 5 minutes later I look over again and this little boy managed to build himself a completely functional bow and arrow! It was so awesome to see his imagination and creativity at work while so young, really made me smile!

Time in the mountains.

The beautiful fall weather we had last weekend and earlier this week!!! I have really enjoyed it and it made me smile!

Celebrating my birthday with a hike up Goodnow mountain and the view from the firetower.

I smiled thinking about my visit with a longtime friend and the new possibilities available to us after reconnecting.

Thursdays are my day off that I get to spend with my (almost)4yo daughter. We call it "MamaStellaDay!"
This morning, she woke up, got dressed and shouted to me, "It's my favorite day, MamaStellaDay!"

Seeing my son and his grandmother swap faces on the MSQD app!

a recent hike in the ADK

Louis CK at the palace

My 8 year old son and his redbone coonhound!

In Washington Park a puppy doing Epic Battle with Leaves.

Pure fun!

Puppets. Wait... no puppet! The absence of puppets.

Kanye returning to the TU Center!

I smiled recently when I saw my son in law dressed up as a clown

Weekend visit to Brooklyn to hang out with my son

Reading these comments.

Reading the comments of a dashcam video after a BMW driver sort of gets what he deserves in Albany.

I'm in charge of a fall photo contest that is state-wide and seeing all the beauty in this state during the magical autumn season makes me very happy. I'm from the deep south and have never seen colors like this until I moved upstate three years ago.

Getting BOGO Burritos at Chipotle made me smile yesterday.

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