Messages from the "Inaugurate Resistance" march and rally in Albany

inaugurate resistance march Albany messages composite

Thousands of people marched in Albany Saturday as part of the "Inaugurate Resistance" event, one of many similar marches around the country coinciding with the Women's March in DC.

We wandered through the crowd to ask a bunch of marchers why they were participating -- and what message they hoped to send by being there.

Inaugurate Resistance 1 Kathy.jpg
"I came here for women. There's power in numbers. We certainly helped to start a movement and be part of a movement all over the country."

Inagurate Resistance 3 Nathalie.jpg
Nathalie - from Troy
"I'm demonstrating solidarity with everyone in the United States that did not vote for this president. I hope it tempers the Republicans generally -- not just Trump specifically -- to understand that there is a large group of people who have different points of view and it would be wonderful to include that diversity of ideas and thought."

Inagurate Resistance 4 Virginia.jpg
Virginia - RN and childbirth educator
"I'm hoping that this will impress upon Donald Trump that we are dissatisfied with his message of carnage. This is not carnage, this is freedom and liberty and we are telling him what we want."

Inagurate Resistance 5 Iggy & Claudia.jpg
Iggy and Claudia - from Albany
Claudia: "We are here in the name of decency."
Iggy: "I have four daughters. I had to be here."

Inaugurate Resistance 6 Mike.jpg
Mike - MSW student
"Momentum. I hope today isn't the last day that all these people are going to do something. That they are going to keep going."

Inagurate Resistance 7 Ivy.jpg
Ivy - from Albany
"For me, it's following a tradition of me being able to be here among everyone else. People marched so that I would have the freedom to do so. I work in a lot of community organizations. Here in Albany even though they are small we have a big group of activists and they are very dedicated. So this is only ramping it up now, to make sure that all the things we want -- equality across the board -- that we are going to get it."

Inaugurate Resistance 9 - Lisa.jpg
Lisa - from Waterford
"I'm hoping that Trump realizes that us women aren't going anywhere -- we matter. And to protect our health care and Planned Parenthood and protect our rights and let him know that we are not letting him take them away from us. And we are going to fight for our children and our grandchildren. I'm walking with my daughters and granddaughter and we are standing here and I'm hoping that Trump realizes that us women are not going away we matter. We all matter."

Inaugurate Resistance 10  Sharon.jpg
Sharon - from Troy
"I hope that people will remain vigilant and just keep their eye on what is happening in Washington because I think it's critical to our nation. "

Inaugurate Resistance 11 Jennifer.jpg
"I feel like this whole process has been so polarizing -- if you're not with us you're against us -- it's us and it's them. And i just think there are so many issues that are not black and white, they are gray. And we need to have conversations across our differences and that is what my sign says. I can't be classified as one thing. The issues are too big for that. So I'm here just to say I'm not ok with what happened on Friday and we have to find a way to talk about issues that are so multifaceted that they deserve our attention."

Inaugurate Resistance 12 Christina.jpg
Christina - from Gloversville
"To enlighten people and educate people and just to let them know that we are all united and we stand united."

Inaugurate Resistance 13 Caroline.jpg
Caroline - from Schenectady
"I just hope that everyone can stand together -- I think it's beautiful that everyone comes together -- both women and men. I'm so happy to be here as a female immigrant from Germany, standing with so many others."

Inaugurate Resistance 14 Jane .jpg
"I'm teaching my daughters that if they don't agree they should speak out."

Inaugurate Resistance 16 Keith _7753.jpg
Keith - professor in School of Social Welfare at UAlbany
"I hope that people are going to come out here and really try to make a difference -- make a change instead of just sitting back. I think just writing letters to policy makers, maybe helping a neighbor -- saying we have to do better."

Insaugurate Resistance 17 Kay.jpg
Kay - Sister of Saint Joseph
"I hope we will be more united and he will listen to other voices as a president."

Inaugurate Resistance 19  Elsie.jpg
Elsie - student
"My mom was the first female in my town to run for mayor. She lost but it was a hell of a campaign. I'm here because I believe in the idea of building rather than destroying. We are not trying to tear something down, we are here to build something up. We are trying to build up a resistance. Even though the country might be divided there's still a core of people who stand together for certain ideals."

Inaugurate Resistance  20Julia .jpg
Julia - from Long Island
"I think that a lot of people have been very despondent recently -- sort of disengaged and upset and I think this is an opportunity to get re-engaged and invigorated. Hopefully we can get people to sign up for activist activities and getting people on email lists so we can bring action."

Inaugurate Resistance 21 Carrie.jpg
Carrie - from West Sand Lake
"I think we are just hoping that the powers that be will pay attention and listen to us -- that it's not OK to take away our rights. That it's not OK to do things that harm our citizens."

Inaugurate Resistance 22 Shelby .jpg
Shelby - student
"I just think it's really important for Washington to know how the people around America actually feel about this election. It's been very clear throughout this entire time that maybe the Electoral College vote didn't accurately reflect the opinion of the public. And I think all the signs out here today are a good way to let Washington know how we really feel."

Inaugurate Resistance 23 Mercedes.jpg
Mercedes - student
"Personally, I'm fighting as a black woman in the LGBTQ community and I'm fighting for my children and the children of the future. I also plan on being a teacher and I feel like this person in power is not the person for our future. I hope this will just create a voice and hopefully that voice will be heard."

Inaugurate Resistance 24 Kate.jpg
"I have been very sad and disillusioned since President-Elect Trump mocked the disabled reporter and very bewildered and betwixt by all of this. So I feel like I'm not alone when I am here and that there is the beginning of hope. I think democracy is a full contact sport."

Inaugurate Resistence 25 Paula .jpg
Paula - from Saratoga
"I'm hoping it can send the right message to President Trump that everybody matters, he is here for everybody and to be more positive."

Inaugurate Resistance 26 Lourd .jpg
Lourd - student
"I hope that it raises awareness for the problems that we have in the country and we won't accept this new solution, that this prejudice and this hate and this bigotry is not the way to go."

Inaugurate Resistance 27 Laura.jpg
"I am hoping to realize that I am not alone. And I appreciate knowing that there are all of these other people that feel my frustration and nervousness. I hope that the spirit of camaraderie and this togetherness will push forward through the next four years."

Inaugurate Resistance 28 Nural.jpg
Nurul - international student from Indonesian
"Showing solidarity. This is really great -- it shows a wake up of what people stand for. There are a lot of issues I am close to -- health care, immigration. This is a start. This is not the only way people show resistance and solidarity. This should not be the only thing."

Inaugurate Resistance 30 Joe.jpg
"I came here to show my daughter what thousands of people speaking with one voice sound like -- and I think she's getting the picture."

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I can't be more proud of everyone showing there support, and voicing their concerns...every ones opinion matters both women and men of every race, color, creed,...we all have one thing in common and that's our hearts...I just feel that what Mr Trump has said during his election was wrong and being a black woman I strongly feel he has no right to take away our civil rights...every souls voice needs to be heard and I truly agree its so much more than black and white issues there's so many problems in this world that needs to be addressed and I really hope he is ready to address these problems head on...and a nation divided is definitely not the solution it is the problem!!!

As a father in my late-30s, it broke my heart to see the look of genuine and legitimate fear in all the 7-13 year old girls eyes. They are children. They shouldn't have to fear their president. Nonetheless, I feel like a whole generation of women leaders were baptized Saturday. Thirty or forty years from now there will be inauguration speeches referencing January 21, 2017. For now, our job is to keep the fire burning.

I couldn't be more proud of my neighbors- all ages, all races, all types marching powerfully and peacefully with a voice and an energized purposes. We are Woke. We are Charged. And We are talking back the country.

THESE PHOTOS ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE THE PEOPLE- EACH 0NE AND COLLECTIVELY----are beautiful!!!From Albany to NYC to Washington D.C. to global ! This a beginning-please sustain your energy to Resist, Resist, and resist some more . Love to all,Mabel

How can we find out about future events?

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