All the other sunsets

New York State sunset chart NYSDEC

Because we're on a spinning oblate spheroid revolving around a distant light source...

Check out this sunrise/sunset chart the state Department of Environmental Conversation posted on Twitter this week. (DEC shared the chart as part of a reminder to hunters about sunrise-sundown rules for shooting.)

It's like seeing New York State sliced into a bunch of time zones.

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Hard to say what they actually mean..
They show east-west difference, but not north-south. But length of the day changes north-south as well.
Today, 1/12, sunrise to sunset is 9.03 in Plattsburgh NY, but 9.28 in NYC. So you want to add/subtract 12 minutes to NYC numbers to get Plattsburg numbers..
Maybe these are statutory DEC sunset times, independent on actual sun position?

This chart could also prove instructive in the occasional debate over whether New York should drop Daylight Saving Time and/or switch to the Atlantic Time Zone. Something that might make sense in Albany might not make sense in Buffalo, and vice versa.

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