AG calls for reform after death of man in Schenectady police custody, focus on working conditions of EMTs, Albany family forced from home by demolition, the pet finder

Review of man's 2017 death in Schenectady police custody
The state Attorney General's office reported Friday that a grand jury had declined to hand up charges in the 2017 death of Andrew Kearse in Schenectady police custody. Kearse died of a heart problem, and in its report the AG's office says it consulted with a cardiologist who determined that there had been "a limited window of time in which appropriate medical intervention could have saved his life." [NYS OAG]
+ From a released statement by AG Barabara Underwood: "Regardless of the grand jury's decision, Mr. Kearse's death was a tragedy that never should have happened, and reforms must be made to prevent similar future tragedies."
+ The AG's office also released video associated with the case. [Daily Gazette]
+ Kearse's widow said she was disappointed there was no indictment, but hoped his death would inspire reform. [Daily Gazette]

EMT working conditions
A look at the hours, strain, and pay that EMTs face as their union pushes for higher pay and changes in working conditions with Mohawk Ambulance. [TU]


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Pedestrian death on Route 7
State Police are looking for witnesses or information in the death of an 86-year-old pedestrian along Route 7 in Brunswick Friday night. State Police say it's possible she could have been struck by more than one vehicle. [TU] [NYSP]

Man's body found in the Mohawk
Rotterdam police say the body found in the Mohawk Saturday is that of a Glenville man and it appears he somehow accidentally fell into the water while fishing. [Daily Gazette]

Arrest in Troy stabbing
Troy police say they've arrested a man for allegedly stabbing a woman last week on Fifteenth Street. [Troy Record]

Albany family forced from home by demolition
An Albany family was forced from their home on Orange Street over the weekend when a wall collapsed during the demolition of an adjacent building. [News10]

Schoharie limousine crash
+ The autopsy conclusions: all 20 victims died of severe traumatic blunt force injuries. [Daily Gazette]
+ The call for stricter federal limo regulations dates back to at least 2015 when a crash on Long Island prompted a push for new regulations. [TU]

Oil train safety
Chuck Schumer is criticizing a Trump admin rollback of braking regulations for oil trains. [Daily Gazette]

Gubernatorial (non) debate
+ Update: Cuomo and Molinaro are set for a debate Tuesday. [TU]
+ Chris Churchill on Andrew Cuomo's ongoing efforts to avoid a debate with Marc Molinaro and the gubernatorial challengers: "So we are in one of the nation's most populated and important states -- the Empire State! -- and Cuomo treats the race as if he's running to be the dog catcher in East Pumpkinville. It's outrageous. And insulting." [TU]
+ Mark Mahoney: "By not giving citizens the opportunity to observe [Cuomo] defending his record against the candidates who share a public ballot with him, he's demonstrating not only his disdain and disrespect for his opponents, but disdain and disrespect for the electoral process and voters." [Daily Gazette]

Gillibrand-Farley debate
After Kirsten Gillibrand pulled out of a planned Spectrum News debate with Republican challenger Chele Farley at Skidmore because of a labor dispute between Charter and an electrical workers union, there's a new 30-minute debate scheduled for Thursday afternoon. [TU]

+ The main topics of Friday's debate between John Faso and Antonio Delgado for the NY-19: health care and taxes. [WMHT] [TU]
+ The projected election result is within the margin of error, according to a Siena poll out this morning. Enrollment in the district is pretty evenly divided, so turnout could be the key factor. [SRI] [TU]

Schenectady police body cameras
The Schenectady police department says it hopes to start deploying officer body cameras in January. [Daily Gazette]

Pension plan termination
The pension plan for the former St. Clare's Hospital, which was merged with Ellis a decade ago, is being terminated next year -- and it was exempted from the regulation that would have qualified it for at least a partial guarantee by the federal government. [WNYT] [Daily Gazette]

Loose slots
Sara Foss learns about loose slots and casino payouts. [Daily Gazette]

Lost and found
A 15-year-old dog missing in Loudonville was found at the bottom of a ravine with the help of a Clifton Park man who volunteers his time to help find lost pets. [CBS6] [WNYT]

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